3 Way Valve

Parameters of 3 Way Valve

When an angle valve is used as a shut-off valve for residential plumbing fixtures, it is called an angle stop valve, or simply an angle stop.

Additional information


Polishing and Chrome plated, Sand blasted and Nickel plated


C37700, CW602N, CW617N, H58-3


1/2", 3/4"



Thread connection


Working pressure

150 PSI, 16 bar


Zinc alloy



Life time:

200000 times On-Off, 300000 times On-Off

Details about 3 Way Valve

3 Way Valve


  • Zinc alloy handle angle valve
  • Size: 3/4″ X1/2″,1/2″ X 1/2″
  • Name:  Brass Angle Valve
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Brass COMBO Dishwasher Faucet Diverter Valve with Aerator, Sink to Garden Hose Diverter Faucet Adapter, for Bathroom/Kitchen Sink Faucet Connection Portable Washing Machine/Dishwasher (G1/2,3/4″, Chrome)

A 3-way valve has a steady flow rate that can change the flow direction or mix different flow types. Because it has three holes that can be joined to tubes to let liquid or gas flow, it’s also called a multiport valve. Three-way valves have these holes: two inlets, one exit, one input, and two outlets. This is up to the program that links.

Even though it is a multiport valve, the flow rate in each valve stays the same. Though the liquid or gas will be split into two different holes, the flow rate stays the same wherever the valve is used.

How Does 3-Way Valve Work?

A 3-way valve allows a fluid or gas to flow through it in three different ways. Each way can be managed to either stop or start the flow. Usually, the valve has a body in the middle with three ports: one for entering and two for leaving. The primary flow path links one of the outlet ports to the input port, and the secondary flow path links one of the outlet ports to the primary flow path.

When the valve is closed, there is no flow through it. This means that neither the main flow path nor the secondary flow path can move. When the valve opens, one exit port is linked to the input port through the main flow line. On the other hand, the secondary flow line connects the other exit port to the input port.

The valve’s location can change the fluid or gas flow between the two exit ports or stop the flow completely. A three-way valve can mix two streams of gas or liquids by partly opening both exit holes and letting them mix in the main flow line.

What is the Main Features of 3-Way Valve?

3 way flow types
3 way flow types

Here are some of the best 3-way valve features.


With these valves, the third port doesn’t need its pipes or links. The 3-way valve takes care of all of these extra problems and controls more than one valve simultaneously.


The best thing about 3-way valves is their versatility. They can easily manage flow in three ways and offer many tuning choices. Thus, they can be used in several different situations.

Multiple Control Options:

Three-way valves are designed to maximize a single product’s performance. They offer different ways to control fluids, including processing media coming from the entrance by mixing, redirecting, or stopping it. They also maintain the flow very precisely. When flow accuracy is the primary goal, these are the best tools for the task.

Less Expensive:

If you need more than one valve, you can use a 3-way valve. Instead of buying and installing different switches to control each media type, they do it for us. Also, they eliminate the need for a divider or blender. The best part is that 3-way valve prices are also very low.


The three-way valve’s construction can be changed and made to last. If the valve seat starts to wear away, it sets off a self-cleaning device. Higher-pressure fluids moving through the fluid wash away all kinds of buildups, improving the covering, which was worse because of the loss.

Low Resistance to Flowing Media:

The structure of these valves can change to fit the flow of media. A disc or plug keeps the pressure of the liquid steady at the entry and exit points, which means that the media has the least resistance and pressure drops.

3 way valve

What Are The Types Of 3-Way Valves?

The T-port and L-port valves are called three-way valves because their bodies are shaped like a T and have three parts. Both change the flow to and from the different parts. Still, the L port valve lets you do one thing, while the T port valve enables you to do something else. These are the main kinds of three-way valves:

T-port valve

This valve has a T-shaped opening that lets flow go in three different ways. You can mix, redirect, or skip fluid flows with this valve. A T-port three-way valve has a flow path or hole shaped like a T. The valve can mix, redirect, or avoid fluid flows because it lets flow through it in three ways.

They are the entrance port, the exit port, and the standard port. The hole with the common port is linked to the T-shaped bore, which controls fluid or gas flow.

There are a few distinct methods in which T-port three-way valves can be constructed to function. A disk or plug located inside the valve rotates or slides in response to the opening or closing of the valve, directing the flow to the appropriate port.

The T-port valve is typically utilized to deliver flow in both directions toward the outlet. The presence of fluid is constantly required in a variety of settings. This is accomplished by passing between the valve body and the side port at a pressure that is almost lower.

L-port three-way valve:

It is also known as the 90-degree ball. In this valve, liquids or gases can move from one inlet to one of two different exits. The name “diverter valve” comes from the way it works in the L-port 3-way ball valve. Unlike the T-port valve, the L-port 3-way ball valve only changes the flow in one direction.

Unlike the T-port valve, it can start the flow again, slow it down, or stop it completely. The valve handle is measured in 90-degree ranges, for example, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and so on, up to 360 degrees. But the direction is always the same, no matter what angle it is at.

The L-port ball valve is very useful when gas or liquid is brought into another pipe from more than one source.

One type is the double L-port ball valve, a four-way valve that checks flow with four pipes hooked up. Furthermore, there are flanged valves whose ends are flanged so that they can be welded or bolted onto any pipe.

Valve manufacturers indicate that the 3-way valve is one of the most popular types because it can be used in various situations and can handle different types of flow in a pipeline or other system.

How to Choose the Right 3-Way Valve?

There are several things to consider when choosing a suitable 3-way valve for a given job.

 Pressure and Temperature Ratings: 

Find out what pressure and temperature range your system can handle. Select a three-way valve that can handle the temperature and pressure needed. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the 3-way valve.

 Identify the Application: 

Identify the Application: Look at what the valve does in a particular situation. Determine whether you need a valve to change the flow, mix it, or stop it completely. If you know the program, it will be easier to cut down the choices.

 Size of the Valve:

Consider the size of the valves in your system. Choose a valve that is the same size as the pipes’ width. It is important to use the correct valve size. This will ensure that the system has no limits or issues.

 Valve Actuation:

Choose how the valve will be adjusted. One can be done by hand with a button or handle. The other is mechanical and has an electric or gas lift. In addition, a remote-controlled valve is provided. Pick the control method based on your system’s needs and resources.

Expert Advice:

Talk to experts if you want to know more about how the choosing process works. These could be pros, companies that make valves, or providers. They can give you good advice and help you make a smart choice.

Manufacturer and Quality:

Look for 3-way valves made by reputable companies that you can trust. Consider reading reviews from past customers and ask for suggestions if you can. Suitable valves last longer and don’t need much upkeep.


One of the most important types of ball valves is the three-way ball valve, which has many uses in different industrial systems. They play important roles at different places in a pipe and tube system for gas or liquid flow.

With a mechanism that works with many different system needs, this valve can do different things in different systems simultaneously, proving that it is both cost-effective and flexible. There are many business processes, but the 3-way ball valve can handle all of them. To find out more, consult a proficient valve manufacturer.

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Metals Vavles Works on Plumbing System

Plumberstar valve fabricator in China. Our main parts for heating pipelines and intelligent water control can supply you with a one-stop basket solution to get your ideas and demands. From design to packaging and logistics are our duty—brass valves and fittings applied in-house, in industry, and commercial construction, in residential. There are related to water pipe control solution, and we have rich experience for outdoor frostproof hydrant and pex heating water manifold indoor.

The Top Standard Valves

Plumberstar ball Valve is with CW617N and Lead-free original brass. And water flows with 2pc full Port 400WOG and 600WOG standard to design it with heavy-duty. EPDM and NBR sealing washers are environmentally friendly, with Three years warranty with traceability.

Woman's hand closes the valve. Saving Water Consumption Concept
  •  Plumberstar Valve Made from brass and stainless steel 304, and sourcing HPVC ball valve
  • Connected from the thread with BSP(G) and NPT by the normal.
  • Size with MaleXFemale 1/4inch,3/8 inch,1/2inch,3/4,1inch,1 inch,1-1/4 inch,1-1/2 inch,2inch,2-1/2inch,3inch and 4inch.
  • The actuator of electric valve voltage 24V DC and 230V AC
  • Shut-off needle valve can manufacture based on requirements
  • Heating floor manifold with 1-inch gauge and flowmeter
  • Brass nipple, elbow, extension, compression fitting, adapter available

Plumberstar Valves Applications

y drain strainer

Y-filter Strainer Drain Valve

Plumberstar Y filter strainer Keeps Working, and dirty Out Strainer screen catches debris and sediment to reduce maintenance. Protect your water plumbing. Y Type Strainer works in conjunction with your backflow preventer and regulators.

water tanker safety valve

Safety Water Solution

Plumberstar works in residential, irrigation, and commercial application. The relief safety valves are used in various applications, such as water heaters, air compressors, its automatic release of the excess pressure or vacuum from a heating system.

thermostatic valve pump mix water control

Temperature Mixing Valve

Mixing water valve automatic ensure temperature and water pressure stable. It is suitable for household hot water devices equipped and floor heating, so the 3-way valve meets requirements of temperature range and the water flow

radiant pex manifold 12 connector adaptortubing

PEX Heating Manifold

Plumberstar radiant pex manifolds are usual for residential water distribution in a household, and it's top rated in the home building industry. Manifold plumbing systems control hot and cold water that feeds flexible PEX supply lines to individual fixtures.

Advantages of Plumberstar

Plumberstar products design based on simple structure aim to time-saving installation for consumers and aim to save the cost of customers for building construction.

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We boast 15 years of expertise in water and gas projects and long-term partnerships with top global clients.

We offer competitive pricing, tailored solutions, and flexible solutions. Quality is our cornerstone. We conduct three random inspections and a final QC check for each project, with detailed reports for clients and a 48-hour emergency response system.

Customize-Design Brass Copper Fitting

Copper Pipe fitting 1/2 inch 90-degree Elbow, nipple, bush, and reducer connects PEX Pipe in water distribution and hydronic heating systems.
Low-cost solution to connect copper Pipe Tubing, stainless steel insert, and adapter. The connection system is perfect for your next commercial or homeowner plumbing project.
Brass fittings are made of lead-free and CW602N for durability and corrosion-resistant quality and performance.

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Advantages for distributer, wholesaler, Supermarket and Trading

Plumberstar is looking for long-time cooperation with partners, our advantage will benefit each other, and growing together, our extra service including design, new tooling, discount and quality tracing system.

★ Moderate Pricing – Plumberstar can provide various projects with different economic basket services. Water control project drawing design and artwork works are free. 

MOQ and Delivery – Lower MOQ even reaches 100 units and sampling time within 15 working days, and the leading time is 30 working days of mass production,

Non-Disclosure Agreement – Plumberstar will not provide your competitors with the same valves and manifolds. And help you to get more market shares.

Quality and Service–Our defect rate reached 0.459% in the last two years from customers feedback, and the Inspection report can provide you with each order

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Discount and Quantity– Heavy quantity can increase production capacity with effectiveness. And the accessories and spare parts purchased with competitive cost of valves.

Plumberstar Extra Service

Our aim is not only to provide valves but we help customers to design products,design artwork,valve proposal, book shipment,Installation tutorial

Design Valves For House

Valve Project Designing

We are free design your valves according to your inquiry of your plumbing system,no extra cost.

project discussion

Plumbing Control Proposal

We can help you choose valves and heating manifold, and advice in house application

Fix ball Valve

Fluid Control Installation

We can provide an installation guide and tutorial about valves and underfloor heating manifold

loading container

Shippment Service Solution

We help customers to book a container, documents preparation, and clearance, even to warehouse

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are typical questions by customers asked with usual, please feel free contact us if any further confused.

Brass valves have many different types, such as ball valves, garden tap, check valve, strainer, angle valve, gate valve, foot valve, and drain valve. The radiator valve and thermostatic mixing valve are works for water temperature. All of these valves are work for water plumbing systems, plumbing repair, and installation. So have to let water shut-off and shut-on. Some heating systems are related to hot water and cold water mixing for temperature control and stability. Our intelligent valves are functional. There are applications in commercial, residential, and industrial areas.

Underfloor heating radiant pex manifolds are usual for residential water distribution in a household, and it's top-rated in the home building industry. Manifold plumbing systems control hot and cold water that feeds flexible PEX supply lines to individual fixtures. Then water temperature is warm and stable in each room. Meanwhile, the heating accessories-flow meter gauge will monitor water and temperature in each room.

The motorized ball valve works automatically open and closed; they work with 220v-230v AC and 24v DC; they are applications in the heating system, air conditioner,3D printer, and others. The solenoid valve is with similar features.

Would you please submit the form at the bottom of the page or send an email directly:info@plumberstar.com? My WhatsApp: +86 15968648802. Can you send us pressure demands, size package, and quantity if available?

It's able to provide free samples for your evaluation with 15 working days about.

Our MOQ is significantly lower from 100-5000 pcs are available. It depends on different items.
We can fabricate your specified requirements.

It's about 35 days if with regular proucts; New tooling and samples will take 15-20 days, Normal samples will take 7 days.

It means that you need to check the plumbing system at first, then realize your requirements, and get out different valves with different applications and functional with controlling; of course, may be no need to use brass valves due to the high cost. You can use plastic, iron, zinc alloy, and aluminum raw materials instead of brass, but brass and stainless steel are reliable with 3 years warranty. If you don't know how to choose, please call us or email us.

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Brass is a highly durable material for valves that can withstand temperatures and pressure. It is also corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for wet environments. Brass valves are also easy to clean, an important consideration for plumbing systems. We manufacture brass valves, which are two-piece brass ball valves with 600 and 400-WOG threaded ends that are not for use in potable water.

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