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Plumberstar has focused on fluid control, which covers metals, water control valves, and heating system. 15 technical engineers and QC&QA team behind you


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Samples are free, provided as your requirement. Free samples are available; you need to be consistently within 24 hours and 7 days.


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Free package artwork design and technical drawing design for projects will be ready within 9 days; It’s over 8 versions of artwork design that can benefit you as well


36 months warranty

The warranty periods apply from the first date of receiving parts and any claim under this period. It includes all of the spare parts and fittings. It covers defects finish.

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Our factory is related to fluid-control tech valves and stainless steel metal parts. That is strictly according to ISO9001 and with SGS audit quality standards.


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Experience Unbeatable Savings: Discover top-notch plumbing solutions at unbeatable prices. Opt for Plumberstar to benefit from outstanding quality, detailed craftsmanship

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This package service will include everything you'll need from design to the end, including door-to-door solutions, installation training, and on-site construction and fixing.

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To develop your brands and market research and analysis. Comprehensive technical services for plumbing glycol solutions) for gas heating, ventilation, and hot water systems

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Follow your order at each step, and we will provide the free 3rd party inspection report of each bulk order; all of our parts are with 3 years warranty, including accessories and spare parts.

Intelligent Metals Parts Works For Plumbing

The equipment, Automatic instrument lathes, and laboratory machines are reached on TAIWAN and Japanese standards. Quality and production efficiency with high precision machining of ±0.01mm and 10 containers each month. Equipped with the most comprehensive inspection lab, we can conduct raw materials tests, chemical tests, mechanics performance tests, nondestructive tests, fatigue tests,s and other special tests required by customers. Advanced inspection equipment has allowed us to optimize the design, manufacturing, development, and testing of the products; customer feedback has driven us to improve product design continuously.

QC&QA Works

brass valve
handle test
torsion data
water pressure testing
water pressure test
destructive test
testing of radiator valve
trv test
radiator spare parts

Extra Solutions

High-Quality Pipe Fittings: Elevate your water distribution efficiency with our superior fittings designed for seamless integration.

Energy-Efficient Plumbing Solutions: Maximize cost savings and minimize environmental impact with our sustainable, eco-conscious options.

Leak-Proof Connection Systems: Enjoy peace of mind with our reliable sealing technologies, ensuring lasting durability and dependability.

High Quality Manifold

Plumbing Pipeline Parts Fixtures

The brass valve is related to both household and construction. It is vastly used for plumbing and HVAC purposes. These kinds of valves are highly effective at tight seal formation.



Our QC is checking includes metals products in raw materials components analysis. Because it’s easy bona-breaking and leakage of the body if the brass bar isn’t standard or has a wrong copper rod, H59-1, Lead-free, CW617N, and bronze have different applications. It’s important for brass valves and parts.Brass valves are a common sight in many homes, as they are often used to control water flow. 

Analysis in Laboratory

This laboratory uses functional tests, Pneumatic and hydraulic tests, mechanical tests, opening torque tests, and screw torque tests.
The test contents include raw materials, brass valves, stop valves, gate valves, manifold, and fittings. These valves and fittings are more impermeable, so they do not allow any moisture. It also has the capability of maintaining water temperature differences.

brass body test

Purpose of Ball Valve

The primary purpose of the brass ball valve is to isolate the pipe sections from each other when it is in a closed state. However, any water leakage makes it useless. A ball valve is a type of valve that uses a sphere to control the flow of liquids and gases. It is opened by rotating the globe 90 degrees to clear the seat and allow fluid flow. When closed, the ball valve seals off the opening using the fluid pressure on both sides of the ball.

Manifold Features

The radiant floor Circuit heating manifold, It’s an HVAC temperature control for mixing water. Hot water is made cold water through different pipeline hoses and into the manifold balanced to ensure water temperature flow is distributed accordingly at a house. A flow meter gauge can check if any issues of the correct water flow are pumped into each hose to maintain a comfortable temperature at home; adapters connect the hose from 2-12 loops manifold 

cnc machine manifold
automatic machine

Automatic CNC Machine

The automatic CNC machine workshop is working for brass insertvalveair ventradiator valve, and pipe fitting, and only 2-3 workers are operating 80 sets of machines, and the output capacity is three times compared with a regular device, and the dimensions are reliable strictly comply with drawings and requirement; One worker even control more than 8 machines, as usual, welcome you visit our manufacturer

Torsion Test

Torsion testing is significant for the threaded parts because of its importance to the thread connection, which includes the twisting of a valve or fittings along an axis and getting the details of torsional shear stress, maximum torque, shear modulus, and breaking angle of a thread with brass materials and stainless steel raw materials as well; It’s able to provide reliable materials without a break to our customers

torsion test of body


Plumberstar manufactures the best water valves and TRV heating mixing pump sets. These certifications are approved with a fact with a reliable supplier.

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