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From smart valves to efficient pipe fittings, our engineers design premier products at the pinnacle of modern manufacturing.

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Continuing a legacy of excellence and innovation.

Since our origins as a quality-first valve manufacturer, we have built a 20-person team of engineers with QA and QC professionals for quality plumbing, heating, and drainage solutions.


Average turnaround for free samples

To showcase the quality of our work, we proudly send free samples based on your unique project requirements.


Maximum turnaround for designs

From packaging to technical drawings, our expert designers offer fast, reliable turnaround times you can count on.


Industry-leading product warranty

From the day you receive your parts, spare parts, and fittings, our warranty covers any manufacturing defects.

Our Production Capacity

As a high-capacity metal part production factory, we strive to elevate our clients’ scalability while complying with all ISO9001 standards and SGS audit requirements.


Setting Ourselves Apart

Exceptional Savings

Unlike high-cost arrangements with other radiator valve manufacturers and custom valve factories, we offer outstanding value with fair prices for clients.

One-Stop Shop

Instead of seeking out separate partners for tasks like valve design, manufacturing, and customs clearance, we handle everything in-house for door-to-door support.

Customer Service

No matter where in the world you’re located, we pride ourselves on clear communication and top-notch customer service with a dedicated point-of-contact for your company.

Consistent Quality

Through our in-house and third-party quality assurance inspections and reports (for bulk orders), we ensure peace of mind for the wholesalers, retailers, and factories we work with.

Our Commitment to Continuous Improvement

As a full-service manufacturer of valves and pipe fittings, our Plumberstar team is known for making ongoing improvements. Whether that’s using customer feedback to improve our product designs or advanced tests to facilitate further optimizations, we are always seeking out ways to elevate our competitive edge. Our automatic instrument lathes and lab machinery meet even the highest standards of Taiwan and Japan, achieving precision machining of ±0.01mm tolerances even with our high volume of 10 monthly shipping containers. Meanwhile, our inspection lab includes tests for raw materials, chemicals, mechanics performance, fatigue, non-destruction, and more.

QA and QC in Action

brass valve
handle test
torsion data
water pressure testing
water pressure test
destructive test
testing of radiator valve
trv test
radiator spare parts

Additional Solutions

High-Quality Fittings: Our pipe fittings are designed for maximum water distribution efficiency while integrating seamlessly with your systems.

Energy-Efficient Plumbing: With your cost savings at heart, our eco-friendly, sustainable plumbing solutions help advance your ESG goals.

Leak-Proof Connections: Our robust sealing technology prevents leaks from derailing your systems’ dependability.

High Quality Manifold

Your Trusted Brass Valve Manufacturer

Throughout residential, commercial, and industrial facilities worldwide, dependable brass valves serve the full spectrum of plumbing and HVAC use cases. Here’s how our brass valve manufacturing process works.


Careful Inspections

By conducting a thorough raw materials components analysis, our QC team seeks out non-compliance with our stringent leakage and breakage standards. This includes ensuring the correct materials are used, whether that’s lead-free brass, bronze, nickel bronze, CW617N brass alloy, H59-1 lead brass, or beyond.

Meticulous Analysis

From a functional standpoint, we run a variety of tests as part of our role as an end-to-end stop valve, brass valve, heating manifold, copper fitting, and gate valve manufacturer. In turn, we ensure the impenetrability and temperature consistency of our solutions. Our analysis includes pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical, opening torque, and screw torque tests.

brass body test

Seamless Functionality  

For our custom valves, including brass ball valves, we ensure the intended use case is fulfilled with uncompromising operability. For example, we take meticulous measurements while using precise machinery to prevent water leakage from rendering our products useless. In the case of brass ball valves that control the flow of liquids and gases, tight sealing is key.

Effective Manifolds

Our role as a heating manifold manufacturing factory means understanding the intricacies of your use cases on a deep level. Here, residential temperatures are achieved by converting hot and cold water while using a flow meter gauge to prevent issues. We support manifolds with up to 12 loops for exceptional in-home comfort.

cnc machine manifold
automatic machine

Automatic CNC Machine

 Our factory includes an automatic CNC machine workshop that requires just two to three workers for 80 sets of machines, achieving a three times greater capacity than traditional solutions. That’s all while precisely aligning with your requirements for brass inserts, air vent valves, radiator valves, and more.

High-Stress Torsion Tests

For brass and stainless steel materials, our torsion tests ensure that any threaded parts can withstand certain stressors. Here, we identify the specifics surrounding torsional shear stress, maximum torque, shear modulus, and breaking angle. By comparing these measurements with your requirements, we manufacture more durable threaded parts.

torsion test of body

Our Certifications

If you’re wondering how to find a quality valve and pipe fitting manufacturer in China, we recommend our proven reliability. Our Plumberstar team is backed by the following certifications.

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