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Upgrade to Plumberstar’s advanced toilet closet flange technology for secure, leak-proof installations. Experience unparalleled durability, easy maintenance, and a perfect fit with our innovative solutions. Transform your bathroom projects today!

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Closet Flange – Solution

I was lucky to receive an email from the NIBCO Buyer in 2018. which is ahead company of our industry; Jennifer is a friendly buyer. They needed toilet accessories and toilet flange for the US market.

We provided a quote with two classic flanges according to NIBCO’s request within 24 hours, with an updated electronic catalog and presentation. Our offer is based on experience in the US market.

We immediately provided drawings for reference. And she informed them that we would use C37700 brass raw materials instead of regular brass after they confirmed the quotation. She was very satisfied with us. After a week of communication,

toilet floor closet flange Toilet floor closet flange

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At this point, the customer needed samples and informed us of their DHL collect account. Of course, we were happy to provide free samples. Still, the two samples were made of copper, so they were pretty large and heavy, so it was fair for the customer to bear the courier cost. Still, there was a big problem: the customer needed 12 samples, 6 of each. We usually don’t have that many in stock, so we needed to make new samples. The production department has been very busy lately, working overtime almost every night.

Mr. Kevin quickly approached the production manager and scheduler to solve this problem. I asked and got the answer from them that the samples would take 20 days. This was not a good answer for the client, So Mr. Kevin directly approached the boss, told him the details, and analyzed the situation again. Finally, the new samples were ready within seven working days with the boss’ coordination and help.

The customer’s laboratory was very busy. It was full of projects within three months, So it was suspended when the samples approached the customer’s side. We talked about some details of the brass ring and the specific content elements of the copper material during the period. It took about 1000 hours or 45 days to pass various functional, life, torque, and pressure tests.

toilet flange drawing  

toilet flange drawing

Client’s Request and Solution

We got bad news from them, and one sample failed the test. And the previous efforts were not helpful. It’s frustrating because one of the products in the copper material contained excessive lead, which led to the project’s failure. We were discouraged from learning the news for the first time. Although when Jennifer asked us, “What to do next”?

We immediately confirmed that we would re-make samples and take care of all steps. And please let them give us one more chance.

We have been follow-up the project for about two years. Of course, there included engineers and third-party factory inspections, the details of how not to elaborate. We will do our best to serve customers all the time. And we stand up to customers’ views to think about the whole project—the spirit of not giving up until the purpose.

toilet floor closet flange Toilet floor closet flange



General Applications For Closet Flange

Explore the versatility of Plumberstar’s toilet closet flanges, designed to suit various applications and environments. Our cutting-edge flanges provide optimal support and stability for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, ensuring a secure, long-lasting connection for your plumbing systems. Whether tackling a DIY home improvement or working on a large-scale commercial project, our closet flanges deliver unmatched performance and ease of installation.

Our comprehensive selection of flanges is compatible with various pipe sizes and toilet models, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. Made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials, Plumberstar’s flanges offer an enduring solution that withstands the test of time, even in the most challenging conditions.

Factory Self-Nomination, Why Choose Plumberstar?

Experience the ultimate in plumbing solutions with Plumberstar’s toilet closet flange applications. Our meticulously engineered flanges are crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring longevity and reliability for all your bathroom projects. Boasting a watertight seal, our flanges prevent leaks and odors, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

You’ll find extensive flange designs to accommodate diverse pipe dimensions and toilet styles, simplifying the installation process. Our commitment to innovation ensures easy alignment and secure anchoring, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance. Choose Plumberstar’s toilet closet flange applications for a seamless blend of functionality, durability, and affordability. Invest in our advanced technology for a worry-free plumbing experience that sets the industry standard—Trust Plumberstar – where quality meets innovation.

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Designed with user-friendly installation and maintenance in mind, our flanges simplify the process and minimize potential issues. The innovative, leak-proof seal protects against water damage and ensures a hygienic, odor-free environment for your bathroom spaces.

Elevate your plumbing projects with Plumberstar’s advanced toilet closet flange technology. Trust in our expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality for a reliable, hassle-free solution that exceeds your expectations.

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