About Plumberstar

With a specialty in metal products OEM and ODM, we empower wholesalers, retailers, and factories to thrive.

Our Background

Since our inception in 2006, we have dedicated ourselves to solving plumbing, heating, and drainage challenges for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities alike. Throughout the years, we have solidified our reputation as the best custom valve manufacturer. As our capabilities have grown, we have earned our place as the top manufacturer of manifolds, fittings, valves, and drains. All the while, we uphold our CE, RoHS, and cUPC certifications for every product we manufacture. For design, technical drawings, machining, testing, installation, quality assurance, packing, and even customs clearance, Plumberstar is your one-stop shop.

Our Team

Our ever-expanding 220-person team is committed to serving as reliable partners for clients worldwide.

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Our Expertise

For some of our clients, we’re a dependable copper fitting vendor. For others, we’re a top-tier ball valve manufacturer. No matter what you need, we leverage our time-tested expertise to pair you with a tailored solution you can depend on. Our capabilities cover the full spectrum of your plumbing, heating, and drainage needs. Backed by our high-capacity factory, we support orders large and small with uncompromising quality standards. In turn, we enable you to scale with confidence. Whether you trust us as your safe and compliant gas valve manufacturer, your high-efficiency heating manifold manufacturer, or beyond, you can count on consistent results every time.


Our Story

From humble beginnings in 2006, Plumberstar grew from a small workshop in China to a global leader in valve and pipe fitting manufacturing. Through consistent quality, premium customer service, and precise customization, we built enduring relationships with clients while earning referrals throughout the United States, Germany, France, Australia, and many more. What started with our role as an innovative pipe fitting and valve manufacturer quickly expanded into more complex projects. Soon, we found ourselves partnering with wholesale clients in need of a specialized gas valve manufacturer, radiator valve manufacturer, and beyond. No matter how complex the project, we always adapted to answer the call.

Over the past few decades, technologies, processes, and materials have evolved. As they have, our dedicated researchers have kept Plumberstar on the cutting edge. As we embrace the next generation of custom valves, we stay true to the same consistency and craftsmanship that our growing client base trusts and expects.

Having served in a mosaic of capacities, including as a bronze valve manufacturer, gate valve manufacturer, and much more, we understand the importance of precision firsthand. By meeting and exceeding the goals of the wholesalers, retailers, and factories we support, we are widely considered the best plumbing manufacturer in China.

Whether you have a specific project in mind that requires custom valves or are seeking a second opinion from our seasoned design team, we invite you to reach out. With friendly support, vetted expertise, and streamlined turnaround times, we transform even your most ambitious project aspirations into action.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to supply custom valve and pipe fitting solutions with impeccable precision, durability, and quality. Through attentive, personalized service, we get to know your project goals on a detailed level. From there, we leverage our robust factory to quickly support everything from initial samples to high-volume production. Backed by our CE, CSA, ISO9001, and BSCI certifications, we conduct rigorous quality assurance and testing on every product to ensure your absolute satisfaction while building meaningful partnerships for the long haul.

We proudly uphold the following core values:

  • Lean cost-efficiency
  • Expedited turnaround times
  • End-to-end project support
  • Reliable quality standards
  • Scalable solutions for wholesalers

OEM Metal Products

Rooted in Precision

For as much or as little design support as you need, our OEM solutions bring ideas to fruition. Whether you have specific drawings and measurements or need help from the get-go, we are experts in fluid control parts, pipe fittings, smart valves, heating manifolds, and much more. By choosing Plumberstar, you can avoid the hassle of contracting a separate designer and parts manufacturer. That’s because we handle everything in-house.

Custom Valves and Fittings

Aligned with Your Needs

Our Plumberstar team understands firsthand that no two custom metal manufacturing projects are exactly alike. Through detail-oriented communication where we listen carefully to your unique project goals and preferences, we ensure the success of every project. As you seek out a manufacturer in China, you can trust us for premium faucets, filters, fittings, and so much more. Your results are always our priority.

Our High Standards

Speedy Turnarounds without Sacrificing Quality

Precise Tolerances

We use state-of-the-art German CNC machines to fabricate standard dimensions for threads and tolerances with ±0.01mm. Meanwhile, we meet cUPC and ISO 2768 (m/f) standards for our metal parts while meeting CE, ANSI/ ASME standards for our eco-friendly materials and threads.

Thorough Inspections

Transparency and Plumberstar go hand in hand. That’s why we offer free inspections with detailed reports with each purchase order as well as Raw Material Certificates and Test Reports by request for bulk orders. We also conduct random QA checks on our CNC machining.

Pristine Finishing

Our versatile surface treatment processes include CP, PB, PVD, SN, AN, BI, VB, ORB, and WI options, as well as original and special finishes. To meet your needs, we leverage our partnerships with licensed electroplating factories.


Certification Upkeep Across our production process, we uphold all BSCI, CE, CSA, cUPC, ISO9001, and WaterMark standards. We also inspect each product three times to comply with AQL standards from SGS, implementing pre-storage, pre-loading, and pre-shipment QA and QC checks along the way.

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Explore our factory

For a firsthand look at our factory, we invite you to join us for a tour by watching this video. When the time is right for your custom metal product, reach out below for a free quote.

What to Expect


CNC Machining Capabilities

Our factory features four CNC machining workshops working in tandem with machines from both Taiwan and Germany. We proudly achieve ±0.02mm tolerances when fabricating a myriad of inserts, valves, fittings, and other custom parts. We routinely work with materials such as brass and stainless steel 304/316

Raw Material Analysis

We conduct a thorough raw material analysis to check the density and composition of our valves and pipe fittings for bulk orders. Through our reports, we assess a variety of materials including lead-free brass, bronze, nickel bronze, CW617N brass alloy, CW602N dezincification-resistant brass (DZR), H59-1 lead brass,Ductile iron,stainless steel,Aluminum alloy and more.

brass bar testing

Valve Accessories

Our position as one of the best ball valve manufacturers, gas valve manufacturers, and heating manifold manufacturers in China is directly correlated to our spare parts product capability. These include washer rubber, PTFE-Teflon sealing parts, and more to ensure the seamless operability and longevity of your systems.

Forging and Semi-Finished Processing

While brass parts are typically crafted through forging, more complex components often require casting or die-pressed casting. During our post-forging process, our experienced team refines the parts by removing any extra flat edges, ensuring the perfect fit with our CNC machines. Meanwhile, stainless steel parts exclusively use casting based on their unique characteristics.


Dimension Inspections

As a leading valve manufacturer, we include free in-house dimension inspections from our QA and QC team. In addition to random checkpoints, we inspect the materials, spare parts, CNC processing, assembly, artwork, and pressure (water and air). Our meticulous inspection process culminates with a thorough final examination before shipping.

Water Pressure Test

Our goal for every valve, whether with BSP or NPT threaded ends, is to ensure durability. Our water pressure testing includes 120PSI to 200WOG, 400WOG, and 600WOG. Meanwhile, our temperature testing includes -10℃ to 115℃ for liquid and gas, whether for open, closed, or 2PC valve operations. For added safety, our individual testing includes a blowout-proof stem.

leakage test
bush checks

Pipe Fitting Evaluation

In keeping with our reputation as the best plumbing manufacturer in China, we carry out end-to-end inspections across the entire plumbing system. These include copper fittings, elbows, nipples, adaptors, and couplings. Along the way, we ensure sufficient brass adaptor and hexagonal nut quality to meet Europe’s strict AQL standards.

Expert Project Solutions

With a 20-person team of structural engineers, tooling mold experts, technicians, and inspection managers, we align our valves with your residential, commercial, or industrial needs. These include water leakage solutions such as PPR and PEX pipe fittings, inserts, valves, TRVs, HVAC heating parts, sanitary ware, and stainless steel flexible hoses for kitchens and bathrooms.

project discussion
forging process

Top Forging Technology

Our powerful yet precise forging technology includes a 10-loop manifold and is capable of 1000-ton punching. As a leading heating manifold manufacturer in Asia, we machine brass manifolds for a variety of heating and fire protection applications. Each includes a pressure gauge, air vent, ball valve accessory kit, toilet valve, and 1/2 inch adaptor fitting.

Manifold Quality Test

We meticulously check each manifold loop and flowmeter with our SS304 body manifold flow testing process (as depicted). In turn, we ensure the suitability of our manifolds to deliver superior energy efficiency and comfort for homeowners, thereby increasing the reputability of the retailers and wholesalers we serve.

waterflow test machine
project design

Veteran Design Team

As a floor drain manufacturer, brass valve manufacturer, and everything in between, we pride ourselves on strategic designs. From material selection to production, our in-house design team makes client ideas feasible. We can even help with the export of documentation and shipping arrangements for a true end-to-end solution.

Uncompromising Quality

From self-inspections by our CNC operators to six random QC team inspections every eight hours, we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. Each project is headed by a lead manager with accompanying application engineers to optimize the cost-effectiveness of our DFM solutions. In turn, we guarantee alignment with your unique project specifications.


quality checking

Our Documentation

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Getting in Touch

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If you’re ready to work with a hassle-free valve and pipe-fitting manufacturer, we encourage you to reach out today.

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What Clients Are Saying

“We were thrilled with the brass valves we received from Plumberstar. Since 2010, they’ve gone out of their way as our trusted manufacturing partner in China.”
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Adam Sendler
“Plumberstar not only ensured an on-time shipment, but also designed a thermostatic valve that our customers rave about, You did a good job,Thanks for your support, Mr.Kevin.”
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Mila Kunis
“We just received our third order from Plumberstar. Our QA was impressed by the quality of the manifolds we received. The pressure gauge is an especially nice touch.”
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Mike Sendler

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