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About Me ?

Hi, this is Kevin Zhou. You can call me Kevin. – the Sales Director of Plumberstar

We are a company fabricating house supply products related to water plumbing, TRV, and gas systems.

kevin zhou

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About Kevin

Kevin from Plumberstar, and in charge of sales.

Furthermore, I am writing down my years of experience in water solutions and heating systems and sharing professional information and guidance.

Beginning in 2006, I started selling water mixers and sanitary ware, and The reason was straightforward: I like to share information and help some people interested in these parts. I am growing into an expert in most sanitary ware parts, like sharing information and knowledge constantly, and I hope I can help someone get the correct information from our post.

After that, Plumberstar can provide the whole project and solutions for water and heating for the housing supply. Analysis of the plumbing structure of water flow, 

Some other metal parts.

Our parts applications places including these places

  • Hospitals, 
  • Schools, 
  • Resistance, 
  • Commercial office, 
  • Commercial apartment
  • Heating system 
  • Plumbing system
  • Industrial plants

I am enjoying learning and recording to share this process.


About Plumberstar

Plumberstar, since 2006, The fabricator aims to solve water solutions and heating solutions for house supply. Motorized valves are related to the design, exploration, and production of the manifold, fittings, and valves; they benefit your house’s plumbing system and heating projects; The electrically motorized valve and radiant manifold are top-rated. These products are CE, RoHS, and Cupc approved. Our package services include design, drawings making, CNC machine, water testing, Installation, Packing, QC&QA, clearance customs documents making to the after-sales service and tracking. We can give our customers outstanding products and the superior service they want.


Our standard lead time is 30 days. As for free samples, the lead time can be controlled within 7-15 days, including new tooling development. Lower MOQ, The free inspection report will be provided to customers by each order; Salt Spray test approved with acid 24 hours. Our defect rate reached 0.459% in 2019; OEM&ODM both are available. As a result of our high-quality projects and outstanding one-stop solution service. Our metal parts include brass valves, stainless steel fitting, steel items, and Aluminum parts. We have gained 138 countries a global sales network reaching the USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Russia, etc.;


Our Story

Mr. Zhou(Mr. Kevin’s father) founded a factory for waterworks plumbing services about 20 years ago, and the background is that he discovered that plumbing products have been in a poor quality position with plastic and zinc alloy materials due to the following issues:

· The price was considered by people who would like to buy economy house supply parts.

· The equipment and technology were insufficient to support new tech with stainless steel, carbon steel, and brass for machines. It will be caused high labor costs and low-efficiency capacity.

· It can not meet quality plumber demand in the market because it’s related to house supply water and drinking water.

· Poor quality materials exceed the standard for lead and other trace elements, which can cause health problems with long-term use

He designed freehand sketches and provided many related water valves and heating distribution items in the beginning time

In 1998, Mr. Kevin’s father founded a factory with 5 workers in Qinggang town, Yuhuan county, Taizhou.

Mr.Zhou took over the business and settled a new factory in Qinggang industrial in 2006.

Kevin was a technician staff and was in Charge of drawing before 2009; then, he started in factory management and named-Plumberstar; our workers were about 70 employees, with around 60 sets of machines at that time.

Kevin’s primary duty has been managing overseas business with a Marketing Manager.

Nowadays, around 200 workers and the turnover is about twenty million dollars until 2018.

There are 5 engineers, a QC&QA team with 9 workers, One laboratory, two sales departments, one branch in Shanghai, and one in HK. Our core business is valves, heating systems, pipe fitting, bibcock, plumbing works, thermostatic, stainless steel 304, and SUS316 products, which are related to water works for plumbing supply and used water drainage systems.

Up to now; raw materials, forging and casting, machine, assembling, testing, analysis, packing, loading, logistic,

and sales service are under a mature quality control system

The leading marketing is domestic, Australia, Germany, Russia, France, America, and Brazil,…


We are also trying to benefit you if you get a chance; A professional and reliable vendor is significant for purchasing as you know a skillful buyer like you.

Our Mission

Plumberstar, a fluid control solution and heating system solution manufacturer and exporter, will help valves and fittings importers increase their market share and profit and Increase Brand Awareness.

Plumberstar has been dedicated to designing products you can rely on for a lifetime. Complete your entire home with a vast collection of products you can trust, from kitchen fittings, valves, and bathroom parts, to bath accessories and innovative home technology.

Our core values for the design match your applications. The needs and insights of our customers drive the development of delightful, innovative technologies that help people sleep well without any problems with the plumbing and basin waste system, such as motion-sensing technology in the plumbing system and temperature-controlled actuators.

  • The right and cost-effective metal products help you win higher quality and lower cost plumber parts.
  • The whole project design and reasonable solutions provide
  • Economy and best solutions for you, and maximize your profit.
  • We aim to meet the demand of your market and maximize your profit.

Plumberstar is the best choice for plumbing products for your house.

It’s our honor to let your dreams come true as our providing.

OEM Metal Parts

Our continuous innovation of flow products are working for house water control

Plumberstar is able to serve you with OEM… It’s based on your drawing or samples and requested to make a copy with your brand. And your artwork, so many compelling reasons to get a better solution about fluid control parts, fittings, intelligent water valves, and heating manifold; one-stop solution and project are widely welcomed by customers and provide a comfortable experience.

Personalized Customization

Efficient Product Design and Sampling

If we get an idea from you, We will provide a whole project solution for your satisfaction. Plumberstar focuses on creating ideas for design valves, TRV, thermostatic, HVAC, tap, manifold, and pipe fitting for matching heating systems, kitchen, and bathrooms that meet customer needs. Whether for commercial buildings or public facilities, from designing a whole project to fabricating it and QC&QA are our packet service. Plumberstar will use advanced technology to grow your brand and market.

Plumberstar Standard

Focus on Quality,Focus Guaranteed


German CNC machines to fabricate standard dimensions for threads and tolerances with ±0.01mm. It can meet Cupc standards and ISO 2768 (m/f) for all metal parts, CE, ANSI/ASME for environment-friendly materials and threads.


We provide the inspection report for free by each PO, and the documents are the same as the 3rd party made—brass and other metal Raw Material Certificate/Test Report on request by each bulk. And random quality check record for CNC machining is kept for 3 years.

Finishing & Surface

We have many different surface treatment and finish for choosing, and There are strict technical requirements for completion. The usual finish such as CP, PB, PVD, SN, AN, BI, Original, VB, ORB, and WI, as well as another special one


All products are inspected 3 times according to the AQL standard from SGS. Spare parts in the warehouse must get the QC department approved in advance. The final quality check before loading or shipping. Our quality management system is reached ISO 9001, CE, CSA, BSCI, Cupc, and WaterMark standards.

Professional Fabricator

Ball Valve, Adaptor, Flowmeter, and Manifold Top Brass Valves Manufacturer from China.

12 ball valve

Plumberstar Advantages

Plumberstar History

Since 2006, explored excellent Motorized electrical valve and thermostatic mix valve Manufacturers. These water shut-off valves are working for Civil plumbing repair or installation.

Plumberstar Vision

Create a perfect fluid control for residents house and heating plumbing circuit and even use for fire protection hydrant system; Our brass and stainless steel metals valves and manifold make a better world

Focused Solution

Plumberstar water solutions are reached EN331 drinking water standard and ISO 9001. Raw materials reach ACSM CUPC, NSF/ANSI 61/9, NSF372, and CW602N/DZR for Watermark.

Plumberstar Capacity

Plumberstar have 200 sets of CNC Machines; 85 sets Automatic machines,3 machine centers 16 Sets forged machines and 7 Valve Assembly Lines.15 Million Pieces brass inserts and valves monthly output.

Play Video about torsion data

How to make a water control solution?

Plumberstar team feedback will be provided within 24 Hours, including non-working time 7/24.

Feel Free to Contact Us Anytime with any customized inquiry

What is Motorized Electrical Actuator Ball Valve?

Plumberstar electrical ball valve made with high-quality brass, the motorized ball valve is durable and reliable. Built-in actuator de-energizes the brass valve when closed, which is safe and energy-saving. The 3 ways ball valve can be installed on the wall if any requirements Through perfect and reliable electrical ball valve has a precision structure that is tight close and has without any leakage. It's able used in 3D printing machines and air conditioner coils, and water control systems.Model: DN20 DN25,DN32 with 3 Wire 2 Control Brass, Special Rubber Driver Operating Voltage: AC230V,DC12V,24V AC,DC24V Suitable Environment Temperature: 0-60,OEM or customized type are available

motorized ball valve with 3 way functions
2 way motorized ball valve

Why Purchase Electrical Ball Valve from The Plumberstar?

Electric ball valves are a standard plumbing fixture used in residential and commercial applications. They come in many sizes, shapes, and materials to suit your needs. At Plumberstar, we sell quality electric ball valve products at affordable prices with a free sample. With our fast and free shipping options, you can be sure that we will get your product right to you quickly! Whether you need an economical relief valve for your home or an industrial-duty ball valve for a large project - we have the perfect solution for any job! Contact us today so one of our team members can help find the best option for you!

Plumberstar Workshops Profile


CNC Machines Workshop

Plumberstar has 4 workshops for CNC machining. And 50% of machines are imported from Taiwan and Germany. The machining accuracy reaches 0.02mm for brass parts fabricating, Brass insert and stainless steel 304 insert, and other customized air vent valves, tube fitting, angle valves, non-return valve, and HVAC heating valves are matched high-quality requirements.

Raw Materials Analysis

Plumberstar has produced many different metal parts with various brass raw materials, such as lead-free brass, CW617N, CW602N/DZR, Bronze, Nickel bronze, and H59-1. These are components that have to analysis and checked by each bulk order and report. because different valves and pipe fitting are with density and features.

brass bar testing

Valve Accessories

Plumberstar has produced many spare parts, that including washer rubber and PTFE-Teflon sealing parts. Which are essential for sealing the steam valve, ball valve, and heating manifold and ensuring no leakage; some accessories are sourced from outside, such as brass stem, ball, level handle, and butterfly hand switch.

Forging and Semi-finished

Brass parts are made from forged by the usual, and some complicated parts only can make from casting and die pressed casting; the worker is amending extra flat edge after forging. And make properly to fit the fixed stationary fit tooling for CNC machines. the stainless steel parts only can make from casting and can’t forging due to different raw materials features


Dimensions Inspection

QC&QA team checks dimensions and structure of gas valves in the office, Plumberstar income materials, spare parts inspection, CNC processing check, assembly check, artwork check,water&air pressure check, and the final examination are with a record which includes random check.

Water Pressure Test

Plumberstar valve water pressure from 120PSI to 200WOG,400WOG, and 600WOG are available, Chrome-plated brass ball. Works temperature: -10℃ to 115℃. It suits some liquids and gas media as well—fast turn open or closed operation. 2PC valve can make water can go either direction with a full port. Each valve individually tested Blowout-proof stem. BSP&NPT Threaded ends. heavy-duty plated steel handle

leakage test
bush checks

Pipe Fitting Inspection

There are many types of copper fitting, elbow, nipple, adaptor, and coupling working for a flow plumbing system; here is to check the quality of brass adaptor with a hexagonal nut. Plumberstar is inspecting exactly according to standard AQL, which is going to Europe.

Project Solutions Discussion

The plumberstar team has about 20 workers, including structure engineers, inspection managers, technician workers, and tooling mold experts behind you. Water leakage solution including PPR pex pipe fitting, insert, valve, TRV, HVAC heating parts, sanitary ware, and stainless steel flexible hose work for your kitchen room and washroom. Residents, commercial buildings, and industrial areas have matched the application.

project discussion
forging process

Brass Forging Tech

This is forging technology with  10 loops manifold forged, the forging machine with 1000 ton punching, the bespoke brass manifold is the application on heating projects and fire protection system. Manifolds include a pressure gauge, ball valve accessories kit, air vent valve, boiler valve, and 1/2 inch adaptor fitting.

Manifold Quality Test

In the SS304 body manifold flow testing, as the picture show, all of our manufacturing manifold and flowmeter will be checked by each loop after assembly. A manifold is a Sustainable solution with superior energy performance. It makes perfect comfort for the homeowner.

waterflow test machine
project design

Plumberstar Design

The Plumberstar design team needs an idea from the customer, then can make a one-stop solution. From a house water supply, water flow system to valves choose, materials selection, structure design, producing, artwork design, export paperwork preparation, even booking. Loading is with the service of our plumbing work.

Focus On Quality

For the production process, we have full-service teams ready to guarantee identical specs for the quality control. Each project and order have the leading manager in charge of it.Application engineers for DFM cost.optimizations. CNC worker Self- Inspection and six times random inspection with 8 hours by our QC team. A better quality help make sure everything runs smoothly

quality checking

Plumberstar Documents

product quantity certificate 01
data sheet
export import license
Drawing Of Safety Valve

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Customers Reviews

"Thank you for your support, Kevin, brass valves are with a reliable quality always, you are a good partner and friend since 2010, It's lucky found you in China"
kevin with customer
Adam Sendler
"I got the shipment on time, and the new designing thermostatic valve is popular; no idea how to say to thank you, Kevin; I can sleep well if you are here."
customer 3
Mila Kunis
"The 3rd container was reached last week, and manifolds are approved by our QA already; the pressure gauge is very nice as well; I will treat you a Tsingtao Beer."
customer one
Mike Sendler

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