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Electrical Ball Valve – Solution

This is the story of a British customer who got involved with Plumberstar. Atli found our official website through Google in 2019. He said our website was impressive if. We could offer electric valves and what is the quality?

After receiving the customer’s email, we thought about several dimensions.

  1. The customer’s application scenario
  1. What kind of electric valve meets the customer’s needs
  1. After-sales service and quality
  2. whether some other products or services can help the customer

ball valves actuator 

ball valves actuator

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We found that the customer uses Digital Temperature Control With a Superheating plumbing system. After investigation and communication,

Simple digital water mixing temperature control has a control center with two-way outlets. On the one hand, that shows the actual temperature from The power closed the infusion. When desired. It is reached and reopens when the temperature has dropped according to the selected value, usually 1-2 degrees. The control is connected to a superheat product that blocks the flow of the infusion temperature becomes too high.

The customer is based in the UK and radiates around markets such as Ireland, Iceland, etc., so we recommend the core product JX-0312.

Electrical Ball valve with DN20, 230V/AC, and others.

It is suitable for HVAC and status control of the water system.

ISO5211 standard platform, the actuators use a synchronous machine which

He drives the gears steady.

The new product is to be met the requirement of customers with compact size,

The new motorized ball valve is to be met the requirement, which includes compact size, ample torque, simple operation, and free maintenance. It’s convenient for installation.

In addition, the actuator is equipped with a manual handle to open or close the valve in case of a power cut or other.

Driving mode: Electric/Manual, with Position indicator

motorized electric ball valve 

motorized electric ball valve


Specifications of the actuator valve

PN Class: PN16

Valve characteristic:90°Rotary(ON-OFF Type)

Power supply: AC230V /24V AC

Torque:12 Nm

Running time:33~36 seconds

Valve platform: ISO5211(F03)

Valve material: Brass Ball Valve (Nickel Plated)

Shell material: ABS

Cable length: 1.0 M x 4 wires.

Type of command: 3 points of control

Because this electric valve has been widely used and proven in the European and Australian markets, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

And we can provide express service, even door-to-door service.

We first provided samples for testing for about a week, and It’s important to step for function confirmation. The customer received the electric valve and completed the test quickly.

details of the motorized valve details of the motorized valve

Electrical ball Valve solution

We then provided a quote and advised that we would be responsible for any problems within two years and resolve them, even with a new electric valve.

The customer gave us the first PO and paid the deposit. Their QA was quite satisfied, especially with providing an inner box for each product while the shipment was received,

We have done the mixing valve, thermostatic valve, and other products to regulate water temperature control with Atli after it. The first stage is to go through the grinding of Dorian, and then we continue to provide and improve the program until we finally reach the goal.

heating system works Heating system works

Regarding the Thermostatic mixing valve project, some details have to take care of, such as the volume and direction of water output and the outlet filtration. These details need more concern about the plumbing demand for this problem; we improved many times, but the work does not disappoint. We finally won the customer’s trust and helped them stabilize and expand their market.


General Applications For Electric Valve

One of the essential equipment in many industries is the ball valve. The actuator valves regulate and control the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe. A common problem with traditional ball valves is that they can be challenging, especially in tight spaces. Motorized and electrical ball valves solve this problem by providing an easy way to open and close the valve using electricity.
Fluid power valves are devices that control the flow of fluid through pipes. There are many different liquid power valves, each with its own unique set of applications. We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of these valves and provide some tips for choosing the correct valve for your application. Let’s check with Plumberstar.

Factory Self-Nomination, Why Choose Plumberstar?

Experience superior actuator valve quality for your mechanical equipment with Plumberstar. Our range of high-performance, customizable actuator valves ensures optimal efficiency and durability in various applications. Our products are designed to meet the highest industry standards and undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. Trust Plumberstar’s expertise to provide you with reliable, long-lasting solutions, exceptional customer service, and timely delivery to keep your projects running smoothly and efficiently.

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Customization: We produce customized home valve and pipe fitting products, ensuring a perfect fit for your client’s unique requirements. High-Quality Products: Our metal valves, brass parts, and stainless steel accessories are manufactured with the highest quality standards, ensuring durability and performance. Extensive Order Capability: We efficiently handle large orders while maintaining product quality and customization.

The FAQs About Electric Actuator Valves

What is a brass electric ball valve? A brass electric ball valve is an important and functional piece of equipment. It controls the flow of water or other liquids in pipes, tanks, and boilers. A brass electric ball valve can maintain pressure or regulate flow rates. 

 The first thing you need to know about the electric ball valve is that it uses a solenoid to control the flow of fluid through a pipe, for example. This means that there are no moving parts in the valve itself. Instead, electricity passes through two coils of wire inside the solenoid which generate magnetic fields on either side of the coil's core--the interaction between these fields causes metal balls suspended by springs to move up or down with respect to one another, opening or closing off selected ports in order to regulate flow.

The electric ball valve is a type of control valve that alters the flow of fluid in one direction. It also has two ports, an input port and an output port. This design enables it to be used as either a shutoff or regulating device. The ball valve is operated with the use of an actuator which can be electrically or pneumatically powered.

Motorized ball valves are typically made up of a number of raw materials. In order to create a motorized ball valve, these raw materials must be machined and assembled together. The most common raw materials used in the manufacturing of a motorized ball valve include brass, steel, and plastic. While each material has its own unique benefits, choosing the right material for your application is important. 

The plumberstar's MOQ is 100 units by usual.

Electric ball valves come in different sizes and have a variety of functions. Depending on the size and type of electric ball valve, the MOQ (minimum order quantity) may vary. is a website that provides plumbing supplies and related services to residential and commercial customers. They offer a variety of products such as: bathroom sinks, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, faucets, water heaters and many more. Plumbing star has an online store. You can order with just one click the button"Get An Quote"! Moreover if you have any questions about your orders or delivery status, they will be happy to help via their customer service email address or phone number. - get your Plumberstar today!

As the name suggests, an electric ball valve is a valve operated by an electric motor. Unlike other valves which use mechanical linkages to open and close them, electric ball valves are remotely controlled by a solenoid. This makes them ideal for use in difficult-to-reach or hazardous locations. They are also very fast and efficient, making them perfect for use in high-flow applications. So we can provide 3 years warranty. Plumberstar is your one-stop solution for all your plumbing needs! We have a wide selection of electric ball valves from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, so you can be sure you're getting the best quality product possible. With our 100% satisfaction?

There are typically three electric ball valves; ½ inch, ¾ inch,1 inch, and11/4, 1½ inches. The size you need will depend on the project you are working on. For instance, if you're installing an outdoor faucet with a hose bib, then the size will most likely be around ½-inch or ¾-inch. If your project involves plumbing for a bathroom sink that has two sinks, then it's more than likely that you'll require a 1-inch valve because there's always water running in both pipes at any given time...
Electric valves are a vital part of any electrical system. They control the current flow, allowing it to be turned off or on at will. However, not all ball valves are created equal. So it is important to know what you need before making a purchase decision.

When it comes to automation and electricity, there are many different voltages to choose from. So, what's the difference between 24v dc and 230v ac? And which one should you use for your electric ball valve? Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of each voltage type:

24V DC is a common voltage for small-scale applications, like residential irrigation systems or small machine tools. It can offer reduced power consumption and cost when compared to AC voltages. However, it can also be more susceptible to electrical noise and requires a more complex circuit design.230V AC is the most common commercial voltage in North America. It offers high power capacity and relatively low susceptibility to noise. But it can be costly

There are many reasons why you might need to purchase electric valves from Plumberstar. We can provide a factory price and one-stop solution; perhaps you have a project requiring new valves and want to ensure you get the best quality products possible. Or maybe your valves' marketing is starting to wear out, and you need replacements for your plumbing markets. Whatever the reason, Plumberstar is here to help! We carry a wide range of electric valves from brands you trust, so we're confident we can find the perfect product for your needs. Plus, our team is always available to answer any questions or help with choosing the right valve for your project. So don't wait – contact us today! Order now!

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