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We at Plumberstar met Tony at the fair in Frankfurt in 2007

At that time, he watched the angle valve for a few minutes at the booth. Since there are many styles, he discussed them with the customer. Ton said that the styles we displayed were all common styles.

1. Get Angle Valve Inquiry

We at Plumberstar met Tony at the fair in Frankfurt in 2007

At that time, he watched the angle valve for a few minutes at the booth. Since there are many styles, he discussed them with the customer. Ton said that the styles we displayed were all common styles. Can you customize them? We directly say OEM&ODM can be.

He took out two samples of angle valve from the suitcase. The one is a 2-way dishwasher cistern tap with 1/2′, but it requested that it needs to be redesigned. The cartridge and handle should be changed from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. And the surface should be polished and chrome-plated instead of a nickel plating finish. And the finish has to pass the neutral 72-hour salt spray test and meet the standard of AS2845.

3 way angle valve

3 way angle valve

2. Types of 2 way Angle Stop Valve

2nd, The other one is a 3-way Swivel Dishwasher Tap. which also needs to change the valve cartridge and handle. And the style of the handle also needs to be changed, including surface treatment.

3rd, We confirmed that we could be provided for the whole project according to the information. And we had technical engineers at the exhibition. After returning to the company as our engineers, it needs to redesign the drawings. So our quotations and solutions will be provided to them about a week later.

4th, Our engineer sketched and marked the approximate dimensions during the discussion. But He finally agreed to leave the samples to us. Tony probably thinks our answers and technical are pretty professional,

2 way angle valve 

2-way angle valve

3. Technical Challenge and Solutions

5th, We determined the plan and found a 90-degree replacement valve cartridge and new handle. And our drawings and details of all accessories came out soon after returning to the company. When I sent out the whole plan to the customer and provided a quotation. Tony is very happy to receive our proposal, but our discussion has several problems. Such as the 2D drawings cannot be understood. The other one is that the price needs to be furthermore discussed. Because it is higher than they expected. And the third is how to ensure 100% no water leakage. Furthermore, how to improve the protective surface of the box

6th, We adjusted the plan in response to Tony’s demands, 1. We added three-dimensional 3D drawings and exploded diagrams for dismantling instructions. We provide more details of the cost and provide 2 offer options for selection. These include raw materials, tool molds, parts procurement costs, management fees, and taxes. We plan to achieve a 200% water pressure test, and Each product will test twice. Then will make ensure 100% waterproof. The finish of the angle valves is polished and electroplated to a high standard. We will put a thickened plastic bag for each corner valve, a three-layer inner box for every 10 products, and a brown outer box on the outside. So to better protect the surface, and must pass a drop test.

7th, We resubmitted it to the client after adjusting the plan; Tony was delighted and confirmed that the project would continue.

handle screw 
handle screw

In the stage of no sample confirmation, the customer directly placed a batch order of 10,000 pieces each. Although we are pleased, we are also a little uneasy. Before mass production, we should send samples to confirm.

The sample was completed and passed the test. It takes about 30 days after mold exploration, knife measuring tool, and sample making. Tony expressed praise for the overall performance and surface. But found a problem that the lock nut Tightening screws are easy to loosen. And there will be a “click” sound after receiving the handle sample and the valve cartridge. We have produced and tested 50 products exactly as described by the customer. We found the crux of the cause. It turned out that the stainless steel screw was short, and there was no loosening and anti-skid wire function at the root of the thread. We also carefully checked the handle and spool, and there were no problems. So we spent a few days finding the right locking screw and testing it without problems.

In this way, we finally completed the shipment of the first batch of goods. And the customer was pleased after receiving our angle valve. I feel that doing a thing well must start from the details.

package of angle valve
package of angle valve

General Applications For Angle Valve

The most common way to use an angle valve is for fixtures on a sink in the plumbing system. These valves work by allowing water to flow out of one pipe and into another, but only when the two pipes are at an angle. They also allow you to shut off the water more easily than other valves because they can be turned on or off by hand without using any tools. Angle valves are typically used for bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets, and showers–but they can also be found in some irrigation systems and air conditioning units that need coolant fluid.

The FAQs About Angle Valves

Please note that are common questions from most customers. Could you please feel free to contact us if any further questions or are confused about angle valves

Do you need help opening up your home to the joys of smelly, rotten plumbing? Sure you do! Don't suffer any longer with clogs, leaks overflow... Learn how to maintain piping so that no one will even know it's there. Be ready for anything-- you can use Plumberstar to combat drain backup or keep pipes dry during bad weather. Pretty soon, people will be asking which plumbers your friends are because they won't want you to have access to just anyone who comes into their house.

When it comes to designing and installing pipes for both residential and commercial use, you need a product that's durable enough to withstand the test of time. Luckily, we've found an excellent way for plumbers everywhere to equip themselves with a superior material - stainless steel and copper. They're made from 100% steel-core cast brass alloy that will last for over 30 years without any harm inflicted by rust or cracks caused by recurring freezing temperatures. It also features a better design than cast iron valves because it won't leak due to freeze damage even if left outside in winter!

An angle valve is a type of valve that can be used to control the flow of water, gas, or other fluids. It is sometimes called a quarter-turn valve because it only needs to be turned one-quarter turn in order for the direction of flow to change. They are typically found on faucets and showerheads as well as other plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and dishwashers. Angle valves should not be confused with Y-shaped valves which use two handles instead of one and also have different design features like shutoff cleats.

An angle valve is a plumbing fitting that uses two 90 degree angles to control the flow of water. It works by controlling the direction and velocity of water as it enters or exits piping. Angle valves are usually found in commercial settings where they help achieve accurate pressure and flow requirements for industrial processes like foodservice, chemical manufacturing, and power generation. However, angle valves can also be used in residential applications such as washing machine hoses and dishwasher lines. 

Our Plumberstar full turn angle valve is perfect for when you need to shut off the water supply quickly. Plus, it's easy to use - turn the lever a quarter turn, and the water is off!

 Plumberstar! Our full turn angle valve and quarter turn one make it easy to fix any faucet in minutes. Plus, our high-quality construction means you can trust Plumberstar to last. Don't wait - get your Plumberstar today!

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Ever want to fix an angle valve but don't know the size? That's what Plumberstar was made for. It has different sizes from 1/4" pipe, 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8", and so on down to 3/4 inch threaded connection. BSP(EN331) thread and NPT thread are available.

If you're looking for the perfect star-shaped angle valve, Plumberstar is now available for purchase with an 8-inch radius and up to 1/2 diameter pipe size. Made out of extra-durable stainless steel, it won't rust or corrode so you can install one without having to worry about it falling apart years after installation! Guaranteed straight-through pin hole ensures that there are no drip leaks whatsoever! And best of all? It comes in gold (the color most wanted), silver (a classic metal), copper (to complement luxurious kitchens), or bronze (for those who appreciate chic design). flow in residential plumbing

A wipe-clean, drip-free angle valve that's both affordable and reliable. We've made it easy for you to choose the perfect finish by giving you options in polished nickel, brushed nickel, chrome-plated iron, antique brass plating, or trivalent chromate

Unlike standard plumbing fixtures, Plumberstar has a sleek finish that will please your designer heart. It is available in antique brass, polished copper, and nickel finish to fit the bulbous curves of any sink or bath.

conversion coating finishes. systems.

You know how when you use a sink in the kitchen and then try and use it to rinse water in the bathroom, that cold water hurts your hand? That's because there's no way for hot and cold to crossover. With Plumberstar products, this problem is solved because we've engineered our angle valves so that both sides let out warm or cool air. They provide an even temperature throughout the house, but they also save on energy costs by 43%. Order now!

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