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Plumberstar’s Triumph at the 2015 ISH Show

ISH is the world’s leading trade fair focusing on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings. It sets trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating, and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems.

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pre filter with gauge

Guide Safety Relief Valve&Pre-filter Strainer?

The Pre-filter strainer is of Household filter and cleaning for Using, Washing and drinking Water Indoor & Outdoor, Filter the impurity and more large dirt, sand, and rust particles before they reach the rest of your plumbing system

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radiant floor heating

Guide pex heating manifold?

Heating manifolds are used to distribute heat-transfer fluid inside a system.
They can be used in traditional radiator systems, and innovative under-floor radiant systems.
Stainless steel manifolds are particularly suitable for heating systems: they avoid any unnecessary waste.

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How To Produce Brass Ball Valve

Explore the world of brass ball valves and discover the production process, types, specifications, pressure, size, DN, PN, raw materials, installation, maintenance, and supplier selection from China.

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Design Valves For House

How to Choose a Valve Manufacturer?

Choosing the right valve manufacturer is essential for a successful business. This decision is one of the pillars of your victory. Many people get perplexed while deciding, and it is normal. We will give you a proper guideline through this article.

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What does a mixing valve do?

A Mixing Valve is a great invention in the world of valves. From the name, you can assume that it does multiple jobs. The purpose of this article is to explain what mixing valves do. But we’d also like to share its build-in structure, uses, advantages, etc… So, let’s start.

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Ball Valve Install

How to Import Ball Valves from China?

Importing ball valves from China is a bit of a difficult task. However, following the proper guidelines will make it easier for you. The purpose of this article is to give you the right direction. So that you can buy and import ball valves from China without facing any problem. Stay tuned…

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