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Opt for Plumberstar’s customizable PEX manifold solutions. Enjoy efficient heat distribution, stainless steel construction, secure connections, and easy installation. Experience optimal flow control and energy savings with our tailored, reliable products.

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We received an inquiry from Made in China In July 2019,

It was very clear from the email that he was more interested in our manifold. And Nicolas was looking for a strong and competitive long-term business relationship for the central fold under the floor. Nicolas was not satisfied with the price and quality of their current suppliers. They wanted to establish a new supplier. They are influential and well-known in the Swiss market for underfloor heating products.

We have more experience and knowledge of the local HVAC system in Switzerland. And we resourced the client’s background, website, and some details from Google.

Because the manifold is from 2 to 12 loops, different accessories are installed together. Fittings, exhaust valves, pressure gauges, ball valves, and pressure relief valves. The customer needs a different stainless steel body, not the traditional style.

Mr. Nicolas is very concerned about the price and the minimum order quantity. Of course, he asked for a 3-year warranty, and we usually have a 2-year warranty.


Manifold Inquiry

1″ union nut (input/output)

3/4G eurokonus

Flexible drain valve as in your picture

Taconova brand flowmeters

Actuators inlet M30 x 1.5

Due to the customer’s need for flowmeters from a significant German brand TACNOVA. We have several flowmeters that are 95% Copy with 5% design elements. We first give the program to determine the sample and drawings, change the program, and then provide a quote. Both sides agree and then produce trial orders.

Custom and provide free samples. Especially for the main 3-way and 4-way manifold, which are hot sales. Which takes 15-20 working days because of this individual in particular. Find out all the existing flow meters we produce, and send 3 of each with the body.

Sample of  Manifold Solution

After the samples were sent, the customer proposed sending another set. One set was tested in Switzerland, and the other group needs to be sent to the German laboratory for bursting life and further test details. We also asked if we could provide this manifold’s actuators (M30 x 1.5, 230V, and 24V).

It took us about a week to send the second set of samples, including the controller. The first set of samples had already been received, and the customer put them into the lab for the first time. Nicolas asked us to provide several different Eurokonus pipe adapters. Because this one had 1/2 “X16 and 3/4X20, we first provided some pictures for his confirmation. Repacked 6 samples and sent them to Switzerland free of charge by courier.

Due to color or other details, we had to change and send the free samples at least six times, and it took 6 months to confirm the quality and price.

We thought this was the end of the process, and then we came to the next problem, how do we deal with defective products? Although our defective rate reached 0.458%, there are still a few defective manifolds. We provide the solution as free replacement parts. Such as flow meters, air vents, valves, fittings, and other accessories. Because the whole set of the manifold is heavy and the cost is very high,


Electrical Actuator 

However, the customer was not satisfied with our conventional solution. After discussion, we felt that to give the customer a free replacement of the whole set, 1. we are very confident in the quality of the product, 2. the overall cost of the defective cost is about 1%, we can bear the loss.

advantages of manifold advantages of manifold

230v actuator

heating system works

When everything was ready, the customer side came to a new request. We patiently to the customer asked the SGS agency auditor to carry out quality and quality control testing. The customer’s side would pay the inspection cost. However, we had already passed the BSCI inspection. We need to spend some energy in this area (we need to spend about 7-10 work to do the preparation work). So we agreed quickly because we were confident we could immediately pass. So it took us eight months to get the project; as always, we are optimistic, patient, and satisfied that we can bring enough benefits to our customers!


General Applications For Manifold

Discover the versatility of underfloor heating manifolds for your projects. Our energy-efficient systems are ideal for residential and commercial applications and provide even, comfortable warmth in homes, offices, retail spaces, and more. With Plumberstar’s high-quality, customizable manifolds, enjoy optimal temperature control and reliable performance. Easy to install and maintain, our underfloor heating solutions seamlessly integrate with various flooring types, enhancing comfort and value. Choose Plumberstar for dependable underfloor heating manifold systems that elevate your spaces and satisfy your clients.

Factory Self-Nomination, Why Choose Plumberstar?

Choose Plumberstar for your PEX heating manifold needs, and experience the benefits of partnering with an industry leader. Our commitment to quality and customization ensures our manifolds meet your specific requirements. Manufactured with precision and care, our PEX heating manifolds deliver efficient heat distribution and optimal performance. Benefit from easy installation, reliable connections, and exceptional energy savings. Trust Plumberstar’s expertise, customer-centric approach, and dedication to excellence for all your PEX heating manifold projects.

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Pex heating manifold is a type of boiler which can be used in the place of copper to provide hot water and heat. A pex heating manifold is usually made up of two pipes, an inner pipe and outer pipe. Hot water flows through the inner pipe while cold water flows through the outer one, these two are heated by steam or other hot fluid that enters at one end. As they flow together, they transfer their heat to each other and make it possible for both to get very hot without either becoming too hot on its own.

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The FAQs About Heating Radiator Valves

One of the most common issues homeowners face is a faulty radiator valve. If your radiator isn’t heating up properly, it could be because of a problem with the valve. 

A radiator valve is a part of the heating system that regulates the flow of hot water through your house. It can be found on top of your boiler and will look like two valves side by side with one handle in the middle. Radiator valves are designed to control how fast or slow water flows into your home, which means you can turn it up or down depending on if you want to keep warm or cool during the day! This blog post will go over some tips for what to do when you're dealing with a faulty radiator valve.

TRV valves are a type of component used in water heaters. They regulate the flow of hot and cold water as well as pressure between the tank and the tap. These valves can become defective or worn out which will lead to an increase in your utility bills because they're not functioning properly. If you notice that your TRV valve is becoming faulty, it's important to have it replaced quickly before further damage occurs.

TRV valve is a reverse-acting temperature and pressure relief device that opens automatically when the system reaches its setpoint. It's easy to test TRV valves with these steps.
Steps: 1) Check for any visible damage 2) If there are no visible damages, then check if it can open by applying pressure 3) If it cannot open, then replace the TRV valve 4) If it does not have any visible damages or can open, then you should consider replacing your thermostat because the thermostat might be bad

What is the radiator valve and how do you use it? A radiator valve is a part of your car’s cooling system that regulates the flow of coolant. It also helps to maintain the proper operating temperature for your engine and heater system. The radiator valve can be found on either side of your engine, usually under or near one of your vehicle’s battery cells. To operate the radiator valves, simply turn them clockwise with a flathead screwdriver until they stop at their desired setting (usually halfway open). Turn them counterclockwise if you want to release some pressure from inside the radiators.

The MOQ is 1000-3000pcs.

Our Plumberstar's radiator valve is an important component of any heating system. It helps to control the flow of water and regulate the temperature.

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Radiator valves are a major component in the heating and air conditioning system of your home. They regulate how much pressure is released from the radiator to control cooling, heating, and ventilation. It can be difficult to know what you need when it comes to purchasing these parts for replacement or repair because there are so many different types of models on the market today. All of the models are with 3 years warranty from Plumberstar

conversion coating finishes. systems.

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