Trusted in 45+ Countries

As you seek out a global plumbing manufacturer with additional specialties in heating and drainage, you can take confidence in our international partnerships throughout North America, Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia.

Rated Five Stars Internationally

As a custom valve manufacturer in Asia, we go above and beyond all expectations by conforming to international regulations, including EN331 and EN10217-7 standards and testing. In turn, our five-star rated solutions are trusted for safety and performance. Whether you order our wholesale brass valves, gas valves, pipe fittings, manifolds, or any of the other quality custom metal products we supply, you can expect precision and quality regardless of your order volume. That’s our Plumberstar promise to you.

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All-In-One Service

You’re not just looking for a valve manufacturer that ships globally. You’re looking for a dependable partner with tailored solutions that ensure your project’s success. From initial samples to the final delivery, our pipe fitting and valve manufacturing solutions live at the crossroads of convenience, speed, and precision. As a result, you can focus on your daily operations while we handle the design and manufacturing legwork.

Where Excellence Is Our Standard

Our reputation is grounded in over two decades of proven manufacturing excellence, including precise designs, meticulous testing, seamless production, high safety standards, and trusted packaging. Here’s what you can expect.

Our industry-leading 3-year warranty. Rigorous material inspections and in-process testing. Thorough final inspections and pre-shipment inspections. Emergency support with five-day or less solutions

Two-year tracing for valves and accessories

Transparent Global Sales

Our Regional Market Share

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, here are the global markets we support.

Markets Revenue Primary Product(s)
South Europe 45.00% Manifold, Brass valve, Fittings, Thermostat,Electric valve
North America 30.00% Stainless steel drain, Brass valve, Bibcock,Ni-bronze drain
South America 10.00% Ball valve, Fittings, Tap,cleanout,metal hose
Eastern Europe 10.00% Motorized valve, Brass valves, Bibcock
Mid East 5.00% PVC valve, Floating valve, Pipe fitting,spout,Garden tap

Our Shipping Process

Step 1:

We move all stainless steel flexible hoses and valves to our warehouse, utilizing white interior packaging. 


Step 2;

Before sealing each package, our QA and QC team conducts random inspections to ensure consistent quality.

products in warehouse

Step 3;

Prior to loading each shipping container, our inspectors carry out an additional visual check for structural integrity and leakage.

loading container

Step 4;

We send our shipping containers to the Ningbo seaport within four hours or the Shanghai seaport within six hours by truck logistics.


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