Ball Valve 101 and Top Ball Valve Manufacturers in Global

In this blog post, you’ll read:A ball valve is called a shut-off valve that retains a liquid or gas flow by a rotary ball having a bore. Yet, by turning the ball a quarter turn (90 degrees) about its axis, the passage of the medium is either permitted or blocked. Even if the valve is not used for an extended period, they have a long service life. It provides a reliable seal throughout the life span.
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What Is the Ball Valve?

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that retains a liquid or gas flow by a rotary ball with a bore. Yet, by turning the ball a quarter turn (90 degrees) about its axis, the passage of the medium is either permitted or blocked. Even if the valve is not used for an extended period, they have a long service life. It provides a reliable seal throughout the life span.

600 wog brass ball valve
600 wog brass ball valve
  • Ball Valve End Connections

Two standard methods exist for connecting a ball valve to a piping system:

  • Threaded

Male or female end connections may be threaded. A ball valve’s female-threaded end connection is compatible with a male-threaded conduit. Also, ball valves are available with both female and male end connections.

  • Flanged

Flanged ball valves have bolt openings on the end connectors to attach to pipes with matching flanges.

How to Choice Ball Valves?

  • Method of Control

The closure element of a ball valve is a disc in the form of a ball. The actuator is turned a quarter turn to open the valve. The turn aligns the ball’s opening with the flow so the media can flow through the valve. When the valve is shut, the ball is turned so the opening is perpendicular to the flow. It prevents media from passing through. Segmented characterizable balls do not use the entire sphere to obstruct flow. They only use enough of the sphere to block the port.

  • Valve Operation

Ball valves are ideal for applications requiring rapid stop/start action. They are regarded as quarter-turn valves. Yet, the handle must be turned 90 degrees to turn the valve. The quarter turn reduces valve operation time and the chance of wear-related leakage.

Ball valves can be used for throttling applications if high accuracy is not required. It has high velocity and pressure of the fluid during acceleration; the partially open seat erodes due to throttling. The wear will eventually result in valve leakage. Leakage can be relieved if the manual ball valve is automated and can move more rapidly in response to a signal indicating a change in position.

  • Media

Ball valves are highly effective with both gaseous and liquid media. This form of valve is suitable for difficult chemicals such as dry chlorine, hydrofluoric or hydrochloric acid, and oxygen. Transporting slurry is not recommended due to the slurry’s tendency to solidify in the cavities surrounding the ball and seats. This increases the operating torque and could cause the valve to rupture. Most manufacturers advise against exceeding 3% trace substances in the medium.

  • Types

There are two types of ball valves: movable ball and trunnion mounted. The variety indicates how the ball is positioned within the valve.

  • Valve Components

A ball valve consists essentially of an outer shell, a ball with an opening, and an actuator such as a handle. Several body designs are available for ball valves, including reduced bore, full bore, and V-notch. Depending on the needs of the provided application, each of these ball valve configurations offers distinct benefits.

The valve’s body comprises several components, including the bonnet and trim. Ball valves are available in various designs to ensure proper system operation.

Top Ball Valve Manufacturers in Global

1. NIBCO Inc.

nibco inc
Nibco inc

NIBCO, founded in 1904, is an experienced company that has withstood the passage of time, just like the other businesses on this list. Therefore, you can ensure that their products will gratify their customers.

  • Brass ball valve
  • Bronze ball valve
  • Carbon steel ball valve
  • Stainless steel ball valve
  • Plastic ball valve

2. Neles Corporation Finland

Neles was founded in 1956 and has become one of the industry’s leading companies. Like most other companies on this list, the company’s primary focus is not ball valves. There are numerous options available that can be used for a variety of purposes. It does not specialize in a single industry, serving clients from multiple industries.

  • Ball-seated metal valves
  • Flexible inserted ball valves
  • programmable ball valves
  • Manual ball valves

3. Velan Inc.

This company, founded by A.K. Velan in 1950, began with a slow growth rate that accelerated over time. Now, it has attained the pinnacle of its industry and is one of the leading companies on the global market. It can manufacture various valves that can serve multiple industries and purposes.

Each Velan ball valve serves a specific function. It is your responsibility to examine and select the one that meets the requirements of your systems. Memory seal, secure seal, and Coker ball valves are the most prevalent types of ball valves the business produces.

4. Corporation KITZ.

corporation kitz
corporation Kitz

The Japanese corporation KITZ was founded in 1951. Nonetheless, the corporation expanded globally over time. In the present day, it not only manufactures some of the finest valves on the market but also offers various beneficial services to its customers. This demonstrates that its success was not due to chance.


  • Copper alloy ball valve
  • Stainless steel ball valve
  • Low alloy steel & carbon steel
  • forged iron ball valve

Top Ball Valve Manufacturers in China Market


plumberstar manufacturer
Plumberstar manufacturer

Address: No. 7 Qinggang Industrial Zone Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, China

Among the high-quality residential valve manufacturing companies in China, Plumberstar must be enlisted. Plumberstar has been providing plumbing and thermal choices for home supplies since 2006. Plumberstar also customized valve and pipe fitting solutions tailored to your business needs developed when innovation meets excellent craftsmanship. Passionate employees work relentlessly to understand the customer’s needs, delivering products that meet standards and distinguish you from the competition. This company manufactures the valves with good quality material and supplies their products internationally.

Prime Products:

  • Brass ball valve
  • Electric ball valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Heating manifolds
  • Radiator valve
  • Brass check valve
  • Brass gate valve
  • 2-way and 3-way ball valve

How does Ball Valves Work?

Ball valves may feature multiple ports, which are the valve’s openings. Two-way ball valves are used for conventional on/off control. Moreover, it has two openings. Multi-port valves (3-way, 4-way, etc.) are used in applications requiring multiple media sources. It needs to divert media in different directions.

The orifice of a ball valve can be manually or automatically opened or closed to maintain media flow. Manual control of the valve requires handles and an operator. The valve’s electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic actuation does not require an operator. Actuation is ideal for remote or complex control systems that are tough for an operator to use.

Ball Valve Specification

¼ inch0.232.992.20
3/8 inch0.322.992.20
½ inch0.514.022.20
¾ inch0.754.252.72
1 inch0.994.533.50
1 ½ inch1.505.244.49
2 inch1.896.064.72
Ball Valve Specification

Applications of Ball Valve

The ball valves are used for a variety of domestic and industrial applications. The following are the most used for ball valves.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing:

Ball valves are used in various residential and commercial plumbing applications to regulate the passage of water and gas.

Oil and Gas Industry:

Ball valves regulate the passage of natural gas, crude oil, and other fluids. This valve can withstand corrosive environments, high temperatures, and pressures. These valves are utilized in refineries, pipelines, and petrochemical facilities.

Water Treatment Facilities:

These valves regulate water flow and other treatment chemicals in water treatment facilities.

Food Processing and Beverage Industries:

It controls the flow of various liquids and slurries in food processing industries.

HVAC Systems:

HVAC systems control the passage of gases or liquids, including steam, refrigerants, and water.

Zhejiang Valogin Technology Company, Limited.

zhejiang valogin technology
Zhejiang valogin technology

This company specializes in producing brass and bronze valves. The company’s primary concentration is on brass despite the limited number of industries that could utilize its products. However, the quantity required is still substantial. As one of China’s earliest ball valve manufacturers, Valogin, founded in 1985, has numerous advantages over its competitors. Check their V & G ball valves and other Valogin valves to see if you can locate the ones you require.

Jiangsu YDF Valve Company, Limited.

The company was founded in 1978 and has a long history as one of China’s leading valve manufacturers. Diverse varieties of flow-control valves are produced by this company, which specializes in flow-control valves. You should also investigate this business. Your systems may require a YDF ball valve. Due to the limited variety of ball valves manufactured, evaluating their selection shouldn’t take too long.

The Watts Water Equipment Manufacturing Company (Ningbo)

watts water equipment manufacturing
watts water equipment manufacturing

Watts is a well-known, historic brand. It was established in Massachusetts, United States, in 1857. Since 1994, Watts has emphasized the China valve market more, establishing Watts Shanghai management and Watts Water Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Ningbo. Watts is a global leader in residential, industrial, municipal, and commercial water treatment solutions. Watts is principally concerned with Drainage, HVAC and hot water, Plumbing & Flow Control, Water Supply, etc.

How to Choose the Best Ball Valve Supplier?

Variety of Valves

Suppliers frequently tailor ball valves to the requirements of their clients. Consequently, you will have access to a ball valve with an application suitable for your industry. Before selecting a provider, you must evaluate the ball valves they have previously designed.

Services of Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is main to extending the life of all apparatus, including the ball valve. Therefore, you must ensure that your supplier provides maintenance advice and offers assistance when necessary. With their help, you will maintain your Ball valves in pristine condition and optimize your results. As a result of the rapid advancement of technology, numerous suppliers now offer management software that alerts the proprietor of valve issues and maintenance requirements and shares vital information with them.


The suppliers must not ignore the safety of the on-site employees. It is one of the most essential factors to consider when selecting a Ball valve supplier. You must ensure the technicians can install the valves and other systems without causing property damage or injuring your employees. Suppose the supplier has a history of ignoring safety measures and overlooking vital components. In that case, they may not be your ideal business partner. Consult online reviews and inquire about the provider’s safety procedures.


To maximize the benefits of Ball valves, you must ensure their appropriate installation. Thus, you will require a partner with a robust system and precise installation. Since the proper installation depends on the client’s needs and location, the supplier must have the required resources and a dedicated team for precise installation. Ensure you show them the installation site and communicate your specifications for a seamless installation of your Ball valves. It will increase efficiency and reinforce durability.

Regulation and Compliance

Finding a partner who does is even more important if you do not have the highest level of compliance. Therefore, choose a supplier that manufactures all Ball valves by government-mandated specifications and all other applicable government-issued guidelines. In this manner, you can ensure consistent product quality within your industry.

Customer Support

Customer and after-sale service are crucial when selecting a ball valve supplier. Since you cannot control the system, you may require assistance when encountering problems. You must choose a provider with exceptional customer service and support. Be sure to peruse reviews and testimonials to determine their after-sales and customer service.

Succeeding in their mission as a team. Shot of a group of businesspeople cheering in an office.
They are succeeding in their mission as a team.

FAQs About Ball Valve

Ball Valve Vs. Gate Valve: Which One is Better?

Ball valves offer a tighter seal and are more dependable and resilient than gate valves. Nevertheless, they are more expensive than gate valves. Typically, ball valves are used to seal and control applications. The prompt closing and opening of the ball valve make it more susceptible to water pressure than the gate valve.

How Does One Determine Whether a Ball Valve Is Open or Closed?

Ball valves provide a straightforward method for determining whether they are open or closed. The valve is open when the handle is aligned with the valve. However, when the handle is perpendicular to the valve, it indicates it is closed.

How Many Rotations Are Required to Close a Ball Valve?

A quarter-turn (90 degrees) of the handle is typically necessary to shut off a ball valve. This rapid operation makes ball valves efficient for fluid flow on/off control.

Why Is Water Leaking Through My Closed Ball Valve?

There are numerous reasons why water leaks from ball valves. A prevalent cause is improper valve closure due to debris or a broken seal or valve. Internal leakage resulting from damage or improper transportation of the ball valve significantly contributes to water leakage.

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