What is a Thermostatic Valve?

In this blog post, you’ll read:The thermostatic valve is a piece of radiator technology. It’s getting more popular day by day for its accessible functions and benefits. Here in this article, you’re going to know different types of hot selling thermostatic valves
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Introduce of Thermostatic Valve

The thermostatic valve is a piece of radiator technology. It’s getting more popular daily for its accessible functions and benefits. In this article, you’ll learn about different types of hot-selling thermostatic valves—their functions, problems, benefits, and other related things. So, let’s dig in…

Means of Thermostatic valve

A thermostatic valve is a valve that combines hot water and cold water to ensure the appropriate temperature in the resulting water. In other words, a thermostatic valve takes both cold and hot water to mix them inside… and sends hot water to your shower or tub at a comfortable temperature. Also, it prevents scaling to protect you and your family.

Main Parts of a Thermostatic Valve 

The thermostatic valves are made of several components. Some of them are given below:

  • Piston

This is a vital element in a thermostatic valve. It’s a rod-type thing that lies inside of the valve. The Piston takes signals from the thermostatic element and moves up and down accordingly. 

  • Adjuster

From the name, you can assume what it does. It lies under the lockshield of the valve and controls the temperature inside. Generally, the Adjuster controls the Piston’s movement inside of the valve. Therefore, the valve maintains the proper quantity of cold and hot water to produce an acceptable temperature.

Thermostatic mixing automatic water valve
Thermostatic mixing automatic water valve

· Valve Seats

There are two empty chambers inside the valve. One side is for the hot water, and the other is for the cold water. These are known as valve seats. The hot valve seat lies on the downside, and the cold seat is on the upside. 

· Thermostatic Element

The thermostatic element is a temperature sensor. When there’s a need for a change in water temperature, it sends a signal to the system. Also, it shuts the system off in case of water fails.

· Return spring

It’s a spring installed on the valve’s inner side. This brings the Piston back to its normal position. 

How to Do Thermostatic Valve Works

Thermostatic valves are generally taken in hot water and cold water. Then, mix them and set the appropriate temperature for output. That’s all a thermostatic valve does, but there’s a critical mechanism working behind it.

It takes hot water from your hot water source and cold water from your regular water supply. Then, the thermostatic element measures the temperature. If the temperature is too high for use, then the Adjuster pushes the Piston down and blocks the hot valve seat. As a result, the hot water inlet stops. Similarly, the Piston closes the cold water inlet to lower the temperature. When the work is done, the spring pulls back the Piston to its normal position.

The system controls the movement of the Piston as much as necessary. There is a greater chance of scalding in a sudden cold water failure. In this case, the thermostatic valve shuts off the hot water supply through the output line, so your house and plumbing system are safe from danger.

Hot Selling Thermostatic Valves

Many types of thermostatic valves are available in the market, but not all sell well. So, we’ve got some valves people like buying in 2021. And REMEMBER, you can get all these from Plumberstar.

3-Way Thermostatic Valve

3-way thermostatic valve has two inlets and one outlet. One inlet receives hot water from the boiler or water heater… and the other takes cold water. Therefore, it mixes inside and sends warm water through the outlet.

This valve can take 5-29oc cold water and 50-100oc hot water. Moreover, it can mix up to 35-45oc with an adjustment accuracy of ±2oc. The material is pure brass with ≥ 8μm Nickel plating. It also has an ABS handle and a stainless steel spring. 

In addition, its unique ability is dual-purpose mixing or diverting. When the cold water supply is interrupted, flow reduction occurs in seconds.

Mixed Water Thermostatic Valve

The mixed water thermostatic valve is the most popular. It is best for the HVAC system and status control of the water system. 

This valve has a 2-way body with a 90-degree rotary handle to control temperature and on-off. Also, it has a robust construction with raw brass for high temperatures and long life. Moreover, the actuator is equipped with a manual handle. So, it can turn-open or turn-close the valve in case of a power cut or other emergency.

thermostatic valve works
Thermostatic valve works

Thermostatic Radiator TRV

The thermostatic radiator TRV valve has two parts. The head part consists of an actuator and other thermostatic components. And the best part is the valve body. The material of the body part is copper and plastic for the head part.

This valve has a connection mode for the inner wire/outer wire. The applicable pressure is <1.6MPa, and the temperature – 20 ~150℃. One good feature of this valve is its smooth inner wall, which is durable, strong, and safe.

Rotary Actuator Mixing Diverting Valve

The structure and looks of the rotary actuator mixing diverting valve are similar to the radiator TRV. Also, it’s suitable for HVAC systems and water system status control. The actuator of this valve uses an asynchronous machine that drives the gears steady.

It has a rotation angle of 90 degrees and a rotation time of 60-120 seconds. Also, the operating temperature is -5, +50oc.

Feature and Benefits

Some features and benefits of the thermostatic valve are given below:

· Comes in different shapes and designs.

· Insensitive to dirt and water pressure.

· Operates automatically.

· Best fit for any position.

· Easy to install and use.

· Affordable price.

Common Problems

The first common problem with the thermostatic valve is that it sticks or catches. This means it’s either stuck open or closed. It happens when the setting is not moved for a long time. 

The second problem is the thermostat doesn’t work correctly. The solution has to replace it properly if there is no hope of fixing it.


In conclusion, thermostatic valves are working for human comfort, and they do it perfectly. That’s why people love to add them to their plumbing list. Here, we present some of the best-selling thermostatic valves and their functions. 

As you have read, you can get all these valves from the Plumberstar supplier. Not only this, but Plumberstar also has other types of thermostatic and brass valves. So, check the products and buy your happiness now.

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