What are the various types of Strainers for houses? 

double cup strainers

A strainer is a pipe fitting that liquid flows through to clean, filter, or separate it from solids. It can also strain the liquid or any device that acts as a sieve or filter to keep solids from mixing with a liquid stream or flowline

What is Thermostatic Mixer Shower?


A thermostatic mixer keeps the precise water temperature for the extent of your shower. The shower temperature will stay the same even if anybody cleans the bathroom or activates the kitchen tap.

What is a Closet Spud?

toilet spud

There are many moving parts in a toilet, and the closet spud constitutes one of these components. There are a few other names, including spud washer, closet spud gasket, and spud gasket.

What is Drain Cleaner?

drain clean process

Drain cleaner is a compound product that aids in unblocking. Yet, it also helps in unclogging sewerage pipes and kitchen pipes. It also helps unclog wastewater drains, bathroom pipes, and other sanitation fixtures.

What is the Brass Pressure Reducing Valve?

A brass pressure-reducing valve is a valve that reduces the external high pressure of water into lower. They fix the primary water line next to the shut-off valve. The water moves via the valve; it passes via the diaphragm linked to the spring

What are the types of valves for house supply?

Brass Valves In Plumbling System

Valves are mechanical parts that can open, close, or stop the flow of water in some way. They are used to control, direct, and manage how water flows. You can make them out of bronze, PVC, brass, and other things.

Best Whole House Water Filters in 2022

quality pre filter

Water filters for the whole house ensure the filtered water gets in your home. Life is nothing without water. Yet, millions of people on this planet drink unclean and unsafe water.