Floating Ball Valve Vs. Trunnion Ball Valve: What is Their Difference

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There are 2 main types of ball valve designs: floating and trunnion. It is most famous for industrial plumbing systems that use floating ball valves. When the seats on these valves start to wear down, the pressure from the fluid moves through the valve. It pushes the ball against the downstream seat to keep the seal tight. This article will explain the floating ball valve vs the trunnion ball valve. Let’s get started.

How to Install Threaded Ball Valves

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Every plumbing system, whether it is related to industrial setups or residential places, involves the use of valves. Among multiple valve options, the most common are threaded ball valves that allow smooth flow and blockage with their holes and handles.

However, the installation process is the most critical. At Plumberstar, we will guide you through all the steps to install them. We will also point out important factors to consider for suitable valve selection for water or gas pipelines. So, stay with us.

What is Flow CV? How do we apply Flow Cv for better Valve Functionality?

flow cv play its vital role specs

Flow Cv, otherwise called the valve stream coefficient, is a significant idea that measures the limit of a valve to permit liquids to go through. This term is basic for valve manufacturers, experts, and different workers in the business who work with control valves and funneling frameworks.

Different Types of Water Valves

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This guide will discuss the different water valve types. Most water valves function to restrict water passage through pipes completely or partially. Numerous forms of water valves are available.

Placement and function determine the majority of differences. The designers create a specific faucet valve type to restrict water flow through the faucet. A butterfly valve is a complex device used on large-scale pipelines, not in residential buildings.

However, it is hard to distinguish different water valve types. This in-depth knowledge of the functions and aesthetics of different plumbing valve types can be acquired.

Guide to Determining When a Valve is Open or Closed

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There are many kinds of valves available and each one has its own specific purpose. They are used in industries like chemical processing, water treatment, gas and HVAC, and more. All these valves are important in many systems where they perform the action to regulate the flow of materials like gases or liquids. Moreover, it’s important to know the status of the valve to operate and maintain a system properly.

Copper Vs. Pex Pipe: How To Choose

copper and pex pipe

When repairing, renovating, or upgrading, homeowners encounter a certain query. That question is, which pipe material is best — Copper or Pex pipe?

Copper has been in the industry for a long time. It is often preferred by homeowners and contractors, too. This is mainly because copper pipes have a longer lifespan and higher durability. Copper also has higher heat resistance and hence seems more reliable. While on the other hand, a newer option is Pex. It has become quite popular recently.

Gate Valve Vs. Globe Valve: In-depth

gate valve vs globe valve

After reading this post, gate valve vs. globe valve, we explain the complete difference between globe valves. We concluded that Globe valves are typically employed for flow regulation, whereas gate valves are more suitable for ON/OFF applications. Globe valves are more complicated and costly than gate valves, but their efficiency is superior. When selecting between the two, it is crucial to consider the application’s specific requirements.

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