How to Fix a Leaky Showerhead? A Comprehensive Guide. 

fixing a leaky showerhead

Dripping off the showerhead is something that gets on your nerves. It results on water wastage and also causes disturbance for the users. A leaky showerhead is a common household malfunction. You can fix it on your own with a little knowledge of handling tools. Here is a comprehensive guide on fixing a leaky showerhead.

Some Common Plumbing Problems and How to Repair?

how to solve

Hard water has calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. How hard it is based on how much contaminants are in the water. Most water already has these and other minerals in it. But suppose your water has more than 120 mg of hardness per liter (or more than 7 grains per gallon). In that case, it can start to cause problems, such as buildup or residue that can stop water from flowing through your pipes could result in costly maintenance.

What Is a Balancing Valve?

balance valve applications

A balancing valve is a type of control valve used to balance the flow of liquid or gas in the system. By regulating the size of its opening, the system’s operation can be adjusted through even the distribution of fluid pressure.

How Does an Electric Valve Actuator Work?

24v electric solenoid valve

A valve actuator is a device used to operate a valve by moving every part of the valve in feedback to a control signal. These components may include the plug, the gate, or the ball. It is a motorized system that can automatically or remotely open or close a valve in its most basic form

Are You Familiar with the Different Types of Strainers in Pipelines?

y drain strainer

A strainer is a type of device used to separate or filter out solid particles from a fluid or gas in a system. It is commonly used in pipelines and plumbing systems. The strainer typically consists of a mesh or perforated metal sheet to block the solid particles while allowing the fluid or gas to pass through.

A Complete Guide to 3 Way Valves: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Pipeline faucet, pipe and valve for natural gas, close up, Industrial steel piping system. 3d

A 3-way valve is a versatile and efficient solution for controlling fluid flow in various applications. It allows for the mixing or diverting of fluid, making it a popular choice in industries such as HVAC, plumbing, and chemical processing. Let’s dive into the world of valves and uncover their key features, types, and applications.

Household Valves and Industrial Valves

Focus at red gate valves with pipelines of main water pressure control in engine room of vessel

Valves are essential components in the industrial field, primarily used to control the flow of liquids or gases. The valve industry has a huge market size due to its critical role in various important sectors such as petroleum, natural gas, food processing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment,

What Are Toilet Spare Parts?

toilet spare parts

Toilets are such a standard part of bathrooms. Before you can solve a problem with the toilet, it is essential to know the name of each component,

What Is a Water Heater Tank Booster?

electric water heater

A water heater tank booster is a device that can be installed on a traditional tank-style water heater. It enhances the amount of hot water available for use. The device works by mixing hot water from the tank with cold water.

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