What is PVC Ball Valves?

pvc type valves

PVC ball valves are a perfect selection in different ranges of plumbing applications. It is obtainable in stainless steel and brass. Therefore, there is a ball valve for every application where water flow must prevent.

What is a Brass Stop Cock Valve?

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It mainly uses a residential plumbing system to close the water supply to fixtures like toilets or sinks. The stop valve is also applicable in commercial and industrial applications to shut off the flow of gases and liquids in the pipeline.

How to Use a Flow Meter on Heating Manifold?

Top Flowmeter

Accuracy is another important factor. Sometimes, liquid chemicals or gases are in reacting form in chambers. In such cases, fluid flow measurement can either bring promising results or loss.

What are Tankless Water Heater Valve Kits

tankless water heater installation kits

Tankless water heater valve kits simplify installation, fitting, maintenance, and operation. They substitute a huge arrangement of tankless installation. In usual tankless installations,

What is Modern Angle Valve?

An angle valve comprises an outer and inner port. These ports are at 90 degrees from one another. Yet, the angle valve comes in the classification of manual valves. This valve is generally applied to control or stop the liquid stream in a line.

 What is the Ball Type of Faucet?

depth frost proof hydrant (copy)

Ball-type faucets are very usual in kitchen sinks and were the first kind of washer-less faucet. They are recognizable by their only handle that moves over a round ball-design cap right beyond the base of the spigot spout.

What is the Brass Drain Valve?

The brass brain valve aids avoid harm to your irrigation system due to freezing by instinct draining sprinkler lines when the water is switched off. The Drain Valves are fit at the lowest point of each sprinkler zone for actual working.