Top 11 Brands of Kitchen Sinks In USA

In this blog post, you’ll read:Finding a reliable kitchen sink manufacturer can be challenging, but we've done the hard work for you. Discover top brands like Houzer, Elkay, and Plumberstar, known for quality, innovation, and durability. These brands offer various styles and materials, ensuring you find the perfect sink for your needs. Check their reputation, warranty, and customer reviews for the best choice.
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Selection of top and reliable kitchen sink manufacturers requires a lot of research and hard work, but this will not be a daunting task anymore, as we have already done this for you. 

Finding a trusted name in this industry is important so that you are investing in the right brand. After a lot of market research and surveys, we have listed the top 10 brands manufacturing kitchen sinks. 

However, if you want to do your research, the listed factors will help you choose your brand per your preferences and requirements. The following brands are picked up according to their ratings, popularity, and top quality.

1. Houzer:


Houzer is a trusted and reliable name in kitchen sink manufacturers and has served in this field for over 3 decades. They are suitable for any budget and offer a lifetime warranty with some of their products. They deal in all materials, including fireclay, stone, porcelain enamel, granite, cast iron, and stainless steel. 

Their innovative designs provide additional counter space. They deal in high-quality stainless steel material, offering several color choices for porcelain and composite materials. Their attention to detail in aesthetics and combination of the highest quality materials make them one of the best kitchen sink manufacturers. They are easily available at retailers.

2. Elkay:


Elkay works on the vision of Leopold Katz and his son Louis and has been manufacturing sinks since 1920. They proudly claim to be America’s No. 1 brand selling kitchen sinks.

Their manufacturing material includes copper, fireclay, ceramic, and quartz. Whichever material you choose will exceed your expectations in form and function. Amongst all the materials, stainless steel sinks are their top-selling products. Their designs fit all styles and are engineered for their customers’ convenience. 

They also offer a lifetime warranty on some of their products. Their products are readily available in all designs, including the farmhouse, undermount, and top mount styles. They are easily available at major retailers and offer the best stainless steel material.

3. Mr. Direct Sinks and Faucets:

mr. direct
MR. direct

If you are looking for the best quality products at lower prices, then choose no other than Mr. Direct, a manufacturer of sinks and faucets. They supply high-quality products at affordable prices, offering a perfect combination of durability and style that matches any homeowner’s decor.

They supply their products in all the basic styles. Dealing with their products is labor-saving as you can purchase easily from their website. They offer several models designed for undermount installation with a lifetime warranty on all sinks.

4. Plumberstar :


Plumberstar is a top residential and commercial plumbing fixtures manufacturer, serving its happy customers since 2006. They are based in China but supply their products globally. Their faucets and fixtures are versatile and popular due to their top quality.

Plumberstar’s goal is to bring innovative styles while focusing on robust construction. They deliver user-friendly products worldwide. Their top quality with exceptional craftsmanship is their trademark. They also offer customization options with reliable performance and competitive pricing.

5. Kraus:


Kraus became a plumbing fixture market in 2007, headquartered in New York. They had a goal of keeping affordability with high-quality modern designs. While majorly known for their under-mount kitchen sinks, they also offer top-mount and farmhouse styles. Their versatile models come in more than one configuration. Their sinks are like functional workstations that come with disposers and other accessories. They deal from spacious single-bowl sinks to multitasking double-bowl sinks, which work best for smaller spaces. Their products offer a lifetime warranty, while a year-long warranty is available for some dual-mount models. 

6. Kohler: 


Kohler is a big name that manufactures various products, offering 160 kitchen sink variations. 

They have been serving in this field since 1873. They manufacture products related to kitchens, baths, and lightning.

You can get all the materials for kitchen sinks, from stainless steel to enameled cast iron, including the Neoroc composite material sinks. Still, they focus primarily on stainless steel and enameled cast iron. Some popular kitchen sinks are Whitehaven, prolific, and Cairn sinks. Their sinks add beauty and style to any kitchen and are available in different styles and variations. They also offer a limited-time warranty for their residential sinks.

7. Allora USA:


allora usa
Allora USA

If you are looking for unique sink designs, you will love Allora with all the basic sink designs, including top mount and farmhouse-style sinks. They offer top-quality stainless steel sinks with various color options.  They offer stylish and helpful kitchen sinks that provide a comfortable culinary space. They offer convenient, customizable options to their customers for easy selection suiting specific requirements. Allora products are equally famous in the USA and around the globe, and they have a lifetime warranty. They are easily available and can be bought online. Their products are ADA-approved.

8. Nantucket Sinks:

nantucket sinks
Nantucket sinks

If you want innovation and creativity, Nantucket will be your best choice. By beautifully designing their products, they convey how simple and elegant products can add grace and beauty to any kitchen. It is a one-roof option for all your favorite designs, be it top mount, under mount, farmhouse, classic or modern, or single or multiple bowl sinks. Their products are designed and manufactured in Italy and are available in the USA in retail and on their website. They are famous for their new, unique, and innovative designs, available in several styles with good color options. They also offer a handsome warranty over all their products, ranging from 5 years to a lifetime.

9. American Standard;

american standard
American Standard

American Standard was established in 1875 and has been part of every kitchen kind since then. They are famous for their simple but eye-catching designs. 

American Standard is a trusted and famous name in the market. Their simple and trendy designs offer a vast range of materials and plenty of options. They are best for both residential and commercial uses. American Standard deals with cast iron, fireclay, and stainless steel, offering different warranties for different materials. Their stainless steel sinks come with a lifetime warranty. They have all the basic styles, which include under mount, top mount, and farmhouse styles.

10. Zuhne:



Zuhne is based in Houston, Texas, and has served in this field since 2013. They offer diverse functions and product ranges and are also in a surprisingly affordable price range. Their sinks add style and charm to your kitchen area and are a convenient and valuable option for a more excellent workspace. 

They provide a lifetime warranty with every product. They also manufacture bath and bar sinks with ADA approval. They deal both physically and online through their website.

11. Ruvati:


Ruvati existed in 2011 to offer an affordable product range competing with high-quality products. Their headquarters is in Austin, Texas. Offering exceptional value without compromising quality and performance, Ruvati meets the needs of homeowners and builders worldwide. Ruvati deals in stainless steel, fireclay, and granite composite. There are helpful design options but with a limited range of materials.

They have been manufacturing kitchen sinks since 2009 and have earned A+ ratings around the globe. All the basic styles are available in Ruvati, carrying a lifetime warranty, and are widely available at every small and big retailer.

Selecting the Best Kitchen Sink


kitchen sink size
Kitchen sink size


Size is an important factor when selecting the best kitchen sink. They are available in all sizes, but the key is to pick one that fits your requirements, depending on your kitchen and counter space area. However, if you opt for a standard size, go for a 27″ long, 19″ wide, and 7″ deep sink.

Style :


kitchen style
kitchen style

Depending on your needs and choices, having a specific sink style in mind will make the process easy and hassle-free. Most trendy kitchen sink styles are single and double bowls. Single bowls are ideal as they provide a spacious workstation fitting all your pots and pans.

The double bowl sinks are an excellent option to wash and rinse areas separately. Double bowl sinks are available in equal or different-sized basins, whereas a triple sink will be a convenient and luxurious option if you have a large counter space and kitchen.

Material :

Selecting the appropriate material is vital for the selection of a kitchen sink. There are a number of options available for kitchen sink materials on the market, including cast iron, stainless steel, granite, copper, and fireclay. The most durable, however, is stainless steel due to its resistance to scratches and versatility.

Installation :

Simple and convenient installation is also essential to consider. For example, if you want easy installation, go for drop-in sinks, as they only include placement in the countertop hole. Undermount sinks give a flat and neat appearance as they are placed below the countertop. Meanwhile, farmhouse sinks are an option in which their front is exposed. This also can be opted for an innovative, classy look.

Price :

A kitchen sink is an integral part of a kitchen where a majority of tasks are completed, so it can not be ignored, but this part should not be overly priced.  Select a kitchen sink that is not too pricey but should be budget-friendly or reasonably priced.

Brand Reputation and Warranty: 

Kitchen sinks and fixtures are the types of installation that are not done frequently and are only done once in a while. 

So selecting the right brand and manufacturer is vital as they should be reliable, and checking their reputation is crucial if you are trying any new brand after checking their ratings and reviews. The warranty they are giving with their products cannot be ignored.

Final Words :

Picking the best brand for manufacturing your kitchen sink, therefore, depends on your specific needs and requirements. Still, we have listed out the top 10 best kitchen sinks in the USA. 

All the names mentioned above are based on trust and reliability, although preference could be given to any desirable style, kitchen space, budget, and installation. 

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