OEM Valves Vs. ODM Valves: What’s the difference?

In this blog post, you’ll read: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) valves are customized to clients' specifications, offering unique branding and higher costs. ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) valves, on the other hand, are pre-designed, allowing limited customization and cost savings. OEMs provide more control and branding options, while ODMs are faster to produce and ideal for bulk orders. Choose based on your branding and budget needs.
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Too many people are confusing OEM valves with ODM valves. This is mostly because of a lack of knowledge between these two valves. These differences between OEM and ODM valves will make it easier to decide which valve wholesaler to use.

oem and odm
oem and odm

Understand OEM valves

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means that a valve distributor is designing and making plumbing parts according to your specifications. It is known that an OEM produces large-scale products. OEM valves are for companies that want to stand out and have a unique brand of product that will set them apart from other businesses.

Businesses send them their designs and ideas and an OEM valve manufacturer creates the product according to those specifications. These custom products costs generally more than ODM valves. OEM valve companies offer different services for any valve distributor.

  • Large-scale production of products according to the company’s brand specs.
  • OEM also manufactures and assembles products as needed. Businesses don’t have to worry about making their new equipment.
  • Products will be tested by quality control. Giving only high-quality and tested products to clients.
  • Shipping and logistic services are included in the OEM service.
  • Clients can also expect customer and after-sales support.
brass valves works on pipeline
Brass valves work on pipeline.

ODM valves are different from OEM valves. ODM stands for original design manufacturer. These companies are known for private labeling also known as white labeling. The client can take the manufacturer’s basic design and it can be changed to make it more unique. Only a certain number of changes can be made, to sell it under the client’s brand.

ODM valve services are cheaper than OEM, but there are limits on what can be changed on the existing design. Businesses can’t create their own design that the ODM can manufacture. The ODM is designing the product. services include:

  • You can use their design and development of products. Letting the client save money
  • They are doing prototyping and testing products for quality control
  • The product can be customized to the client’s brand. There is a limitation on what a client can change with ODM.

The main differences between OEM valves and ODM valves

There are a couple of differences between the OEM valve and the ODM valve, even if they are sold both by valve corps.

Brass ball valve pex type
Brass ball valve pex type

Manufacturing difference

ODM valves are known as the ready-to-go valves. Valves that are standard without any company’s specifications. OED valves are valves from ODM that are modified and changed according to the buyer’s specifications. It normally is when OED valves are modified with a company’s name.

Manufacturing control difference

OED valve distributors don’t have much control over the valve itself. They only modify the ODM valves with the name design and production, different companies require. ODM has more control over the manufacturing of the valves. However, they don’t do branding.  ODB valves are made in bulk and get sent to the OEM for branding if necessary.

Cost difference between OED and ODM valves

Ordering OED valves will be more expensive than ordering ODM valves. ODM is just making the standard valve, without any personalization and added features. OED is taking the ODM valves and modifying them to the client’s requirements. Normally it can be just adding a brand.  The added feature is making the OED valve more expensive.

Manufacturing time differences between the valves

ODM valves will take a lot faster to manufacture and dispatch to clients from the valve corp. The moment the valve is manufactured, it is ready to be sold. With OEM valves, after the production of the valves, it will go to the OED valve distributor for adding the branding and other features. Taking longer to reach clients.

original desgin manufacturer
original desgin manufacturer

Benefits difference between OEM and ODM valves

The main benefit difference between OEM and ODM valves is the time for manufacturing. ODC valves don’t require anything outside the “normal” design and they are manufacturing valves in high quantity. OED valves take a lot longer to manufacture. They need to wait for the ODM products to reach their service to add any personalization and branding requirements.

Which valve is the better option OED or ODM?

This is the most important difference between OED and ODM valves. For mass production, the better option is ODM valves. For more expensive and branding options, OED valves are a better option. Those who have more money to spend can consider OED valves, while cheaper products will be normal ODM valves. Companies that are selling personalized valves will need to use OED products, while other companies that don’t care about branding normally choose ODM products.

The differences in quality checks between OED and ODM

With ODM quality checks are done more thoroughly. The main reason is that they are responsible for the manufacturing of valves before they can go to the valve distributor. Any design problems will need to be addressed and repaired before it can be shipped out.

OED doesn’t have to worry about quality control of the valve itself. They are responsible for the branding of the valves. The only quality control they need to do is the branding itself. To ensure that it’s exactly as the client’s requirements.

OED valves and OBD valves are different. OED valves are valves with branded names on them, while the OBD is the main manufacturing of the valves. They have more control over the quantity and quality of the valves. It is also cheaper to buy these valves over OED products.

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