What’s The Chrome Water Tap?

In this blog post, you’ll read:The Chrome Water Tap looks very stylish and modern. It sometimes has ceramic disc cartridges that work with a quarter-turn and last a long time. Taps with lever handles are simple but elegant, and it's easy to tell which is hot and which is cold.
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The Chrome Water Tap looks very stylish and modern. It sometimes has ceramic disc cartridges that work with a quarter-turn and last long. Taps with lever handles are simple but elegant, and it’s easy to tell which is hot and which is cold.

To turn on or off, you only have to turn each handle a quarter of a turn. It is straightforward to use. The ceramic disc cartridges ensure the tap will never leak for as long as it lasts. A high-quality chrome finish covers the solid brass body.

Features of Chrome Water Tap

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• polished Chrome finish

• Ceramic disc technology lasts a long time and doesn’t leak.

• Sometimes, there are flexible tails and a fitting kit.

• The hot water tap system has a safety button and a spring.

• The hot water tap system has an accurate thermostat to within 0.5 degrees.

• Sensors, elements, and dry burn float are stainless steel.

• System for automatically recognizing filters

Standard Dimension of a Chrome Water Tap

Flow Rate9 Litre/Min (Average)
Number of Handles1 or 2
Maximum Water Inlet80 Kelvin
Hole Diameter1.5 cm
Overall height174 mm
Spout exit height151 mm
Tap hole size35mm
Working Pressure16bar (232 psi)                                    
Working Temperature-10 ℃ to +120 ℃ (from 14℉ to 248℉)

Construction of Chrome Water Tap

Brass Valve Body: High-density forging, no bubbles, no air holes, and no leaks in the brass valve body. It is made with exact CNC machines.

Professional finish: Polishing the chrome plating is a professional finish that meets the grade 9 electroplating standard. The top looks as shiny as glass.

Valve Stem: The valve stem is made from a hot-rolled copper bar, which is very hard and keeps the valve from breaking or bending when it is turned.

Spool: It has a smooth surface, is made of high-quality brass, and seals well.

Handle: The handle is well made and has a good shape that makes it easy to hold and open.

Seal ring: Together, the seal ring and the spool stop leaks.

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Installation of Chrome Water Tap

Connecting wires: Ensure all the electrical wiring and connections are up to code. Every water connection should be up to code.

Electric outlet: The hot water tap needs a standard 220/240v grounded 13 amp switched outlet under the sink to get power. The plug must always be able to power the appliance. Plug the fused 13-amp plug into the power outlet.

Open-vented system: When it’s not in use, the pressure on the instant hot water appliance is 1.0 bar, which means it has an open-vented system. The pressure ranges from 1.5 bar up to 5 bar.

Water Filter: The water filter must be connected to an electronic device that instantly makes hot water.

If a water tap isn’t put in right, it could hurt someone, so only a professional should do it.

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How does chrome plating work?

Chrome plating is the process of covering the outside of a metal or plastic object with a thin layer of chrome. Chrome water taps are made of steel alloy coated with chrome.

The process of chrome plating is a complicated industrial one. The chrome layer is never just “painted on” or put on by hand. The steel water tap and chromium sheet are floating in a metal salt solution and are connected to a battery. When an electric circuit is made, positively charged chromium ions are pushed away from the chromium sheet and drawn to the negatively charged water tap body. This process builds up a smooth chrome layer on the water tap in a short time.

Chrome plating is used in many fields, from motorsports to interior design to jewelry, because it keeps things from rusting and gives them a smooth, hard, and shiny finish.

Different types of chrome plating on Water Tap

Chrome plating can be broken down into two types: hard chrome plating and decorative chrome plating.

Hard chrome plating: A thick layer of chromium, about a thousandth of an inch, is used to coat the item. It helps the thing pass hardness tests. Hard chrome plating is only used for practical purposes and is rarely used for decoration. Some examples include components in plumbing, cars, motorbikes, and factory machinery.

Woman washing hands with tap water under faucet at stainless steel sink.
Woman washing hands with tap water under the faucet at stainless steel sink.

Decorative chrome plating: It is more common and is the type of chrome plating that is used on plumbing and sanitary ware. The chrome layer is about a millionth of an inch thick, which is very thin. It protects against corrosion and makes the surface smooth and shiny. Most of the time, other metals are plated on before chrome plating is done for decoration. Most of the time, nickel is used, and sometimes a layer of copper is added. Some examples are a car’s body, kitchen and bathroom appliances, and jewelry.

The amount and quality of chrome plating on any given item will depend on several factors that come into play during making the thing. Factors include the number of layers, the type of metal used in the coatings below the chromium, the type of salt solution used, and how clean the parts in the electrolysis cell are.

 The consumer is hurt because the industry doesn’t have a standard set of words to describe the different levels of chrome plating. The price, warranty, and reviews are the best ways to determine how good the chrome plating is on your bathroom or kitchen appliances.

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What’s the difference between Chrome and Stainless Steel (SS)?

Chrome and stainless steel are more alike than you might think. Your chrome-plated and stainless steel water tap are made of the same materials. Stainless steel is an alloy that mixes chromium with iron, nickel, silicon, and other metals. The way chromium is used is the main difference between chrome and stainless steel. Chrome-plated water taps have a thin layer of chrome on the outside. This chrome layer protects the tap from corrosion and surface damage. On the other hand, water taps made of stainless steel have chrome mixed in all the way through.

Both chrome-plated and stainless steel water taps have their pros and cons. The main benefit of stainless steel is that it lasts a long time. Stainless steel is less likely to chip or scratch than chrome-plated items. Objects with chrome plating can lose some of their layers over time. This depends on how well the chrome plating was done and how many layers were used. But, as you might guess, this isn’t as much of a problem with water taps as with car parts or factory machinery.

Chrome can shine brighter than stainless steel, but it’s easier to polish stainless steel. It can be challenging for even an expert to tell the difference between polished stainless steel and chrome with many layers.

But stainless steel and chrome are very different in one important way: the price. Because electrolysis is a cheaper way to make things than making suitable stainless alloys, chrome water taps are almost always cheaper than stainless steel water taps.

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