What is a Brass Y filter Strainer?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Every day lots of dirt and debris mixes in the water of our daily use and other applications, which is harmful. But you can stop these using Y strainers. In this article, you will learn about the functions, workings, cleaning, selection criteria... and more important information of a brass Y Strainer
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Every day lots of dirt and debris mixes in the water for our daily use and other applications, which is harmful. But you can stop these using Y strainers. In this article, you will learn about the functions, workings, cleaning, selection criteria… and more important information of a brass Y Strainer. So, let’s get started.

What Is A Brass Y Strainer?

The brass Y strainer (also known as Wye Strainer) is a mechanical filter device made of BrassBrass. It is used to remove solid debris or other particles from liquids and gases. In other words, it is a valve with a filter that prevents debris from entering your usable waterline… and other applications such as gas, steam, and liquids.

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Elements Of A Brass Y Strainer

The design of a brass Y strainer is pretty simple to understand. It maintains the Y shape according to its name. Anyways, the components of a brass Y strainer are:

The Y strainer has three ends: the inlet, the outlet, and the strainer leg

The strainer leg is attached to the valve body (inlet and outlet) at a 60-degree angle. This is the main part of this strainer. This section has a cap at its top to cover the strainer opening. The cap looks like a hexagonal nut from above, but it has threads at the bottom. In addition, right underneath the cap, there is a rubber gasket to make the joint at least watertight. 

After removing the cap, you will see a cylinder-shaped mesh strainer filter (also known as Screen) inside there. This mesh strainer filter is directly connected to the inlet with the same angle of 60 degrees. Moreover, you can easily remove and put it there by means of removing the cap.

Lastly, the two ports are remaining. You will notice an arrow on the filter strainer’s body. It indicates the media flow direction. So, the arrow pointed port is the outlet and the opposite port is the inlet. 

How It Works


The task of a brass Y filter strainer is to remove unwanted debris from moving air or liquid media in pipelines. Let’s see how it works.

As you already know, the mesh strainer filter is connected to the inlet. So, all incoming media will enter inside the mesh filter after entering from the inlet. All the dirt and debris will be stuck in the mesh and cannot go through the filter. But, since the air or liquid is flexible enough to run through any mesh, it will easily pass the mesh strainer filter. 

Thus, the dirt will continue to accumulate there, and the rest of the media will leave through the outlet. 

Brass Bibcock
Brass Bibcock

How And Where To Use

How: Using the brass Y filters is not a big deal. However, keep in mind that you can install them horizontally or vertically. But the strainer leg or the screen part must point downwards. Also, do not forget to clean the mesh filter regularly (at least once a month) to keep the filter strainer optimal. Don’t worry; we will discuss the cleaning later in this article.

Where: You can use the brass Y strainers anywhere from the water pipes in your house to the big industrial pipelines… where you need constant protection from contamination. They are suitable for Media like air, gas, steam, water, and other liquids. And applications such as chemical processing, water handling, heating, pumps, power generations, food and beverage, marine, and more.

Choosing The Proper Filter And Mesh Size

Take your time while choosing the mesh size and the filter. It is a very important term that can affect negatively if you take the wrong decision. Sizing is too small with lots of openings will cause a significant pressure drop… including additional maintenance due to too much debris collection. And too large will allow large particles to pass, which will reduce performance and affect the longevity of your equipment.

So, you need to consider the mediadebris size you want to remove, pressure and temperature, and the type of pipe. You can efficiently choose the right-sized filter screen for your application following these terms.

y drain strainer
y drain strainer

How To Clean A Brass Y Strainer

You can clean your brass Y filter strainers without any hassle. All you need is an adjustable wrench, a bristle brush, or such thing, and follow these six steps:

1. Turn off the inlet media supply line.

2. After the supply is off, loosen the strainer cap using the adjustable wrench and remove it.

3. Now, remove the mesh strainer filter followed by the gasket.

4. Next, clean the filter and the gasket using the brush.

5. After cleaning, you can put them back on and reattach the cap.

6. Turn on the supply to make the media run.

Note: Do not try to clean the filter strainer screen with any chemicals. Also, if it’s not cleanable or anyhow damaged, then replace it with a new one.

bronze y strainer china
bronze y strainer china

Things To Consider While Buying

There is no one-type-fits-all brass Y strainer available. So, understand your application needs and buy a proper Y strainer. Here how:

· Different making materials are available such as BrassBrass, bronze, iron, steel, and plastic. However, Forged Brass is always the best and most efficient material for Y strainers.

· The Mesh filter screen is the heart of this strainer. So, the Screen made of stainless steel is strongly recommended. Don’t forget about the proper filter size.

· Available strainer size ranges from 1/2″ to 4″. Check the different types and select one with the right size according to your application pipes.

· This filter strainer can work in -20℃ – 110℃ and can endure pressure up to 30bar. Consider whether it’s suitable for your system or not. 

· Common thread connections are BSPP and NPT, female/female. But if you want male threads or combine, ask your supplier.

· For better protection of the strainer body, choose a good finish like nickel plating or sandblasted. 

Above all, if all of these points match your requirements, you can buy brass Y strainers from us—we, Plumberstar guarantees that you will get top-quality filter strainers, including all the above specifications. In addition, if you want any customization or OEM, we can do that too.

In conclusion, the Brass Y strainer is a great tool to prevent contamination efficiently. Also, it fits almost all types of applications, offers easy installation and maintenance, and is, most importantly, cost-effective. So, start living a healthier life using the Brass Y filter strainer from now on.

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