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In this blog post, you’ll read:The circumference of the ball valve is much more significant as it comes in many different types and shapes. The Pex Ball Valve is one of the variants of ball valves. Today in this article, we will share the most detailed and helpful guide of pex ball valves with you.
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The circumference of the ball valve is much more significant as it comes in many different types and shapes. The Pex Ball Valve is one of the variants of ball valves. Today in this article, we will share the most detailed and helpful guide on pex ball valves. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

What Is A Pex Ball Valve?

The Pex Ball Valve is an edition of a ball valve used to control the water flow in pex pipes. In other words, it is a ball valve with two threatened hands for the pex pipes that control the water flow in your pex plumbing system. It is also known as a water shut-off valve. And some people call the name “compression ball valve”.

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Inside Out

Most of the pex ball valve components are similar to a regular ball valve. They are only a few differences apart.

Firstly, you will see a metal handle with a plastic cover at the top. The handle joins the valve nut or steam by tightening a hex nut from above. The steam or valve nut connects the handle with the ball inside the valve body to execute the ball’s rotation. Also, there is a barrier in front of the handle that prevents the handle from rotating more than 90 degrees.

You will notice a stainless steel ball with a big hole at its center if you look inside the valve. This is what the steam is connected to. The ball sits in the middle of the valve’s body and is surrounded by two valve rings or seats on either side. 

Lastly, consider the rest part you can see from the outside under the handle is the valve body. The body has two small threaded pipes on either side that look like two hands. In addition, there is a nut on one side of the valve body with the threaded pipe. This nut will allow you to access the interior by opening or unscrewing it.

How a Pex Ball Valve Works

The pex ball valve connects with the pex pipes using threaded ends to regulate the water flow. But it works with the help of the handle and the rotary ball inside.

If the handle is perpendicular to the valve body, the valve is closed now. On the contrary, the valve is open and allows water to flow when the handle is in line with the valve. 

It is a quarter turn method. So, you can rotate the handle up to 90 degrees, and the handle barrier will not let you go further. If you want to open the valve, slide the handle clockwise since the handle is connected to the ball through the steam to rotate the ball. Therefore, the ball hole will align with the flow path and let the water flow. 

Further, if you want to close it, rotate the handle counterclockwise. So, the ball will turn back and seal the drain. It is as simple as that.

size check
size check

Pex Ball Valves Uses

As the name implies, the pex ball valves are suitable for the pex pipes in your pex manifold system. However, this valve comes with a full bore that increases the water flow rate. Also, it allows you to shut off the water flow and reopen it when you want. So, you can use them anywhere you want a high water flow rate and a shut-off. 

How To Install A Pex Ball Valve

Installing a pex ball valve in a pex pipe is quite easy. You can do it without any professional help. Just follow these steps to do that.

Make sure you have these before starting

1. The Pex Ball Valve

2. A marker or Pencil

3. Pex Pipe Cutter

4. 2 Pipe Clamping Rings

5. Clamping Ring Tightening Tool

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1. Cut the Pex Pipe

The first step in installing the valve with the pex pipe is to cut the pipe. To do that, firstly, turn off the water supply of that line. After that, hold the valve close to the tube to take measurements. Would you please pick up the marker and mark how much you need to cut it? Remember; do not mark the full length of the valveMark the pipe only for the valve body. Do not include the valve hands or the small threaded pipes in this. 

Now, cut the pipe on the marks using the pipe cutter. Make sure to place a bucket or a bowl under the cutting area. This is because there is a possibility of stagnant water coming out.

Vertical Ball Valve
Vertical Ball Valve

2. Attach The Valve With The Pipe

After cutting the pipe, there are two pipe entrances now. To attach the valve with the pipe:

  1. Insert a clamping ring in one tube.
  2. Push one hand on the valve inside of that same pipe.
  3. Do the same thing in the other pipe.

So, the valve takes the place of the cut pipe and joins the pipes again.

3. Tighten The Clamping Rings

 Now, move the rings close to the valve. So that, if you tighten it, it can hold both the pipe and the valve hand together. Please pick up the ring tightening tools and tighten the rings well to work. However, if your clamping rings have a nut and bolt, you will need a screwdriver

Congrats, your Pex ball valve is now finely installed. You can turn on the water supply and test it.

Features and Benefits

Here are some excellent features and benefits of pex ball valves:

· Available in stainless steel and brass material.

· Best suit for Potable water applications because of Lead-free material.

Pex Al Pex Compression Fitting
Pex Al Pex Compression Fitting

· Compatible with any Pex tubing.

· Full bore design allows a reasonable flow rate.

· Working pressure is 400 – 600WOG and Temperature endurance is anywhere from -10 degrees to 120 degrees. So, useful for heavy-duty.

· Ensures a long and efficient service life.

· Very easy to install, operate, and low maintenance.

To conclude, union ball valves can amazingly take care of our potable water pipeline without doing anything wrong. However, they are loyal but make sure to check them regularly for the best performance. 

Lastly, if you want to buy some high-quality Pex ball valves, we, Plumberstar, can help you. In addition, we can provide you with any valve at a low price. All you have to do is make contact with us.

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