How to Import Ball Valves from China?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Importing ball valves from China is a bit of a difficult task. However, following the proper guidelines will make it easier for you. The purpose of this article is to give you the right direction. So that you can buy and import ball valves from China without facing any problem. Stay tuned...
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Guideline on Import Valves from China

Importing ball valves from China is a bit of a difficult task. However, following the proper guidelines will make it easier for you. The purpose of this article is to give you the right direction. So that you can buy and import ball valves from China without facing any problems. Stay tuned…

What is a Ball Valve?

A ball valve is a mechanical device that shuts off and controls the flow (direction and pressure) of stuff like gas, liquids, and air. It is operated with the help of a lever. And a ball with a bore at its center. As the lever rotates, so does the ball inside the valve. Thus, it controls the flow and direction of substances. 

aluminum level handle ball valve
aluminum lever handle ball valve

Different Types of Ball Valves

There are many types of ball valves available in the market. However, those types depend on the number of ports, design, seat type, body assembly, ball access, bore size, etc… Here are some popular ball valves for your better understanding.

butterfly ball valve
butterfly ball valve

Floating Ball Valves

The ball is free to float inside the valve body. The compression of the two elastomeric seats against the ball keeps the ball in place. The valve stem is attached to a channel at the top of the ball. This controls the ball’s rotation and allows it to rotate up to 90 degrees.

The valve shaft enables a small amount of lateral movement of the ball. This movement creates a load on the ball, which is okay for pressing the ball against the downstream seat.

3-way ball valve

Trunnion Ball Valves

Floating ball valves have limitations, such as not tolerating high pressure. Trunnion ball valve offers a solution to overcome this problem. 

There is a pin in place for trunnion ball valves. It ensures the ball is in place and prevents its movements in this valve; the steam, the supporting trunnion, and the ball work together as one unit. Trunnion ball valves have a low overall cost because of lower operating torque

Three-Way Ball Valve

A valve has two ports; one is an inlet, and the other is the outlet. But three-way ball valves have 3 ports instead of 2. This type of valve allows you to perform multiple tasks.

 Let’s say the ports have names as port 1, port 2, and port 3:

  1. If you set port 1 as inlet, you can divert the substance to port 2, and at the same time, you can set port 3 as close.
  2. You can do the same for ports 1 and 3 (port 2 closed).
  3. You can select any of the two ports as inlets the last as an outlet, and the reverse.

3-way ball valves are available in Floating and Trunnion designs.

3 way solenoid valves
3-way solenoid valves

Top Entry and Side Entry Ball Valve

“Side Entry” and “Top Entry” describe which way you can get access to the ball and other internal parts of the valve. Side entry means you can access the valve from the side, and Top entrance means from the top.

You can repair a top entry ball valve by removing the bonnet cover… without removing it from the drain. On the other hand, the side entry valve has two or three body parts… which cause difficulties during maintenance.

Guide to Import Ball Valves from China

Till now, you have gathered good knowledge of different types of ball valves. You can now choose the suitable one for you and are ready to import ball valves abroad. Here you go.

Select Right Manufacturer

First, you must select the right valve manufacturer to import ball valves from China. You can find many of them from Google, Amazon, or references. 

You don’t need many suppliers, and you need one. So, investigate their company, products, and reputation. Ensure which Chinese valve supplier can provide you with exactly what you want. Don’t forget to check their website, social media presence, and other activities. And finally, select the best valve manufacturer for your business. 

For detailed instructions, read our valve manufacturer choosing guide.

Check Ball Valve Quality

Valve quality is very important. No one wants to have poor-quality products in return for their precious money. However, you’ll see both good and bad quality products in China

Every reputed Chinese valve company has its own website, which includes its valve product page. You can check the products from there. Moreover, physical checking is more effective.

The best way to manually check the valve quality is to “Buy” a sample from your selected vendor. Before going for the big deal, buy a sample and check everything perfectly. If it’s good, then go for it.

Valve Inspection
Valve Inspection

Make the Deal

If you selected the supplier and liked their product quality, you’re just one step away from the deal. And that is the price. Check the manufacturer’s brochure and compare the price. If the price is affordable and worth the product, then you can proceed. Don’t forget to ask the vendor for a discount.

Since this will be international trade, the deal should be on international commercial terms. Also, sign the contract after making everything (payment system, the quantity of product, delivery model, etc.) crystal clear. Above all, claim all your legal documents from the supplier to avoid fraudulence.


You’re about to import ball valves from China. There are two excellent ways to bring your product home from China. You can use either the Ocean Way or the Airway.

1. Ocean: China is situated on the Pacific coast of Southeast Asia. The marine service of China and communication with other nations is excellent. Consequently, you can easily import your ball valves from China through the sea.

2. Air: This is another good option. China has well-developed airway transport and good relations with other countries. By airlines, you can import your product faster than the ocean ways. 

To Conclude

In short, importing ball valves from China is a wise decision. You can get high-quality ball valves at a reasonable price from Chinese manufacturers. All you have to do is take every step carefully to avoid problems. I hope this guide will help you a lot.

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