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pre filter strainer

What is A Brass Pre-Filter?

Brass pre-filters remove useless and unwanted particles from fluids. Brass pre-filters perform the same function, but there is a slight difference. This difference makes pre-filters more suitable than other filtration products. Let’s check what a brass pre-filter is and what it does?

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mini ball vale

How Does a Mini Ball Valve Work?

Mini ball valves are perfect for use in small, narrowed spaces. These are suitable for a home. The natural and bottled gas and compressed air systems are also usable for these brass valves. Mini Ball Valves have a great way of isolating flow in a system.

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thermostatic valve works

What is a Thermostatic Radiator Valve

Thermostatic radiator valves are responsible for maintaining a constant temperature in a room. These are known as TRVs which can sense the room air temperature. We can get the expected ambient temperature by this. After that, these valves adapt the heat output of the radiator.

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downspout nozzle

What’s Downspout Nozzle

A downspout nozzle is used on the side of buildings or at the top. Sometimes at the bottom of the house. It keeps the roof dry. The purpose is to take the excess water off your roof. It has a beautiful design to divert this surplus water away from the building. It eliminates wall stains.

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brass pipe fittings

What is the Difference Between Brass Fittings and Copper Fittings?

The plumbing industry deals with huge types of materials and products. Fittings are one of those products. They are extremely important for connecting pipelines. Fittings perform a variety of functions. They vary in shape and size before comparing. Brass and copper fittings are widely used in plumbing and various other industries. They share similarities but also have key differences. Here’s a comparison of brass fittings and copper fittings:

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brass plumbing fittings

Different Types of Brass Pipe Fittings 101

Brass is an excellent metallic alloy. It contains copper and zinc thus combining the effect of the two. It’s a favorite metal in plumbing pipe fittings. Different types of brass pipe fittings are available with a lot of specs.

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float valve

What is the Floating Valve?

It is the valve used to control the water level in the chamber. This valve can open and close itself as the water level changes. A float uses mechanically work this valve.

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frostproof faucet works

What is a Frost Proof Yard Hydrant? 

Water is the essential element for our survival. The freezing point of water is 0°C. When the temperature reaches this particular point, water will turn into ice. However, there are many regions where the temperature falls to minus or below 0°C.

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