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aluminum level handle ball valve

How To Choose A Water Valve And A Gas Valve?

If you’re like most people, you may not know the difference between a water valve and a gas valve. Both valves are used to control the flow of liquid or gas, but they serve different purposes. Here’s a look at the differences between water valves and gas valves.

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Brass union ball valve works for plumbing

Lever Handle Ball Valve Vs. Butterfly Handle Ball Valve

They’re used in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. It regulates fluid flow at various temperatures and pressures. They’re quarter-turn rotary valves (closed to open at a 90-degree angle). Both types of valves are operatable with a pneumatic actuator (or manual)

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check heating manifold

Top 10 Brass Valves in 2022.

A valve is a product that we use to control or block the fluid passage. Pipelines and drain systems usually involve the operation of valves. A valve may allow a little fluid to pass through or block the entire path. It depends on the user’s preference and requirements. 

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Angle tap valves

Top 10 Rated Angle Valves in Residential Plumbing Systems

Are you curious to learn more about top-rated angle valves? If you seek the best valve to fulfill your requirements, hook up. You’ve got the right place to learn from scratch. 

Valves are the sanitary products that everyone has to come across. You still cannot make it without valves in the plumbing and sanitation industry. The reason is pretty apparent: valves have their applications for household use.

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220v actuator

What is 24V DC Actuator Valve?

An actuator valve is a valve that opens & closes by electric torque. The electric actuator produces the torque. The actuator conveys the torque to its output shaft. It rotates valves ball or disc. The actuator opens and closes the valve. It may allow intermediate positioning too. Some actuator valves have switches

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gas ball valves from plumberstar

What is the Gas Ball Valve?

A gas ball valve is a quarter-turn stream management device. This valve has better sealing features than the standard ball valves. Unlike high-temperature and water control, gas ball valves adopt a more minor. This gas ball valve has a lightweight valve body. It increases their flexibility, making them suitable for diverse applications.

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stainless steel heating pex manifold

Installation of Heating Manifold

Under Floor Heating Manifold can control the flow of water. It also spreads comfortable heat through the whole floor. It is like a meeting point of a heating system. It connects both the supply and returns lines of the system. A Manifold system into a solid floor with a screed is a good choice. Screed has direct contact with the heating pipes.

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Radiator Valve

What’s a Thermostatic Radiator Valve?

A thermostatic radiator valve is a mechanical device that controls the flow at ambient room temperature. As the room heats up, the TRV starts decreasing the flow. When the room cools down, the TRV allows the flow to rise. A thermostatic radiator valve can control single & multiple heat emitters in a zone.

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Gear units Flanged ball Valve

 Flange Ball Valve Tutorial

 Flange Ball Valve is a pipeline system. It cuts and distributes the direction of the media flowing in the pipeline. A 90-degree rotation with moderate torque is enough to close the valve. Metals like copper make flanged ball valves solid and durable. Flange valves have various applications due to their designs and materials. It is one of the few ball valves that ANSI values at the end and face.

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