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Motorized Ball Valve With Acuator

Which Valve Company Accepts OEM&ODM?

The OEM and ODM business models are spreading their beauty in the industry day by day. These solutions ensure satisfaction to both the designer and the manufacturer. And if you have any brass valve design or even an idea

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Valve Inspection

What Is Ball Valve

The Ball valve is arguably the most used and popular valve in the industry. And there are good enough reasons behind this. People love to use it because of its variety of unique types and benefits. You may see or use them every day in different applications but never recognize them

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Where is the check valve used for?

The check valve is an excellent invention for sending media without flowing backward. It will make work easier and more comfortable for you in many cases. In this post, you will learn where you can use check valves properly for different applications.

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brass valve

Pex Union Ball Valve – Most Explained Guide

The circumference of the ball valve is much more significant as it comes in many different types and shapes. The Pex Ball Valve is one of the variants of ball valves. Today in this article, we will share the most detailed and helpful guide of pex ball valves with you.

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Water Balance Valve

What is the Purpose of a Balancing Valve?

A perfect balancing is necessary for the heating or cooling system for the appropriate temperature in the rooms. Only a set of balancing valves can do it for you by regulating the system’s water flow. This article will help you learn about the balancing valve

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y strainer leakage

What is a Brass Y filter Strainer?

Every day lots of dirt and debris mixes in the water of our daily use and other applications, which is harmful. But you can stop these using Y strainers. In this article, you will learn about the functions, workings, cleaning, selection criteria… and more important information of a brass Y Strainer

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