What Is a Bibcock Valve?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Bibcock is a type of tap that is used to control the water flow of a water supply pipe or drain. To clarify, a bibcock is a wall-mounted water tap with a downward bent nozzle... that allows people to turn the water supply on and off. It is commonly used in outdoor areas or gardens, toilets, bathrooms
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Taps play a very important role in our daily lives. From various water taps, bib taps or bibcocks are the most popular and used by people. We may see and use it every day, but we don’t know much about it. This is why this article has been prepared for you to discuss in detail about the bibcock. So, let’s break it down.

Brass Bibcock?

Bibcock is a type of tap that is used to control the water flow of a water supply pipe or drain. To clarify, a bibcock is a wall-mounted water tap with a downward bent nozzle… that allows people to turn the water supply on and off. It is commonly used in outdoor areas or gardens, toilets, bathrooms, and sometimes in basins.


Bibcock is a branch of taps. However, there are different types of bibcocks are available… and each style has its characteristics. In terms of structure, we can divide it into three types. Those are one way, two way, and long body. Moreover, bibcocks can be divided into functionalitiescompressor/washer type, and slide type

Structure Of A Bibcock

There are many types of bibcocks available, but we are going to discuss the washer type. Certainly, this one is the primary and most used type. It consists of an inlet that connects with the main water supply line, an outlet that lets the water out, and a body. 

Firstly, if you look at a bibcock, you’ll see a handle connected with a rod or spindle and goes inside the body. This spindle has threads at its downward and a hole underneath. Right down of the handle, there is a packing nut and sometimes a coverThe nut keeps the handle and the tap body together. At the upper side of the body, there are also some threads carved. This is where the spindle sits inside the body. 

Also, there is a disc-type washer, and a small rod called a jumper. Here first, the washer jumps inside the jumper, then the jumper goes inside the spindle hole. Therefore, the washer cannot move. Just slide up and down. The washer sits on the valve seat.

Bibcocks have male threads on the inlet. But some have outlet threads too. The outlet thread helps you to connect pipes from outside.

Brass Bibcock
Brass Bibcock

How A Bibcock Works

Okay, so what does a bibcock do? It connects to the water distribution pipe and controls the flow of water… when you turn it on, water comes out, and water flow stops when your turn it off. Now, let’s see how.

You spin the handle anti-clockwise when you try to turn it on. For your every backspin, the spindle moves up through the thread and release pressure from the washer. When the spindle moves at a certain distance, it gives space for the washer to slide up. After that, the water pressure coming from the main pipe pushes the washer up from the valve seat. As a result, the valve seat opens, and the water is coming out.

And when you want to turn it off, you’ve to spin the handle clockwise. Therefore, the spindle goes down through the thread and pushes the washer down. Then the washer seals the valve seat and cannot move up for the spindle pressure. As a result, the water flow stops


You can use it for indoor purposes and outdoor purposes, and the media can be water, gas, or other liquids. In indoor, it’s suitable for kitchen sinks, toilets, and bathroom sinks or water supply. Similarly, it can help you provide an external water supply to your garden or outside your home. Moreover, it also does an excellent job in industrial areas and other open places.

Most Common Problems And Solution

The most common problems of a bibcock are thread brooks inside, washer is not working, and leakages. These problems occur when it’s getting old. Most of the time, you cannot repair it, and replacing it is the only solution.

How To Replace A Bibcock

Replacing an old bibcock with a new one is a pretty simple task. And installing a new one is also similar. If you follow these steps correctly, you’ll be able to install or replace a bibcock. The steps are:

· Firstly of all, turn off the water supply from the plumbing pipe system

· Now, grab the tap with your hands or a wrench and spin the whole thing anti-clockwise until it comes out.

· Clean the entrance of the water supply pipe as much as possible.

· Wrap some thread seal tape at the inlet thread. 

· Insert the inlet into the pipe and rotate it clockwise. Try to make it as tight as possible, and the nozzle should be downward

· At last, turn on the water supply and test it.

Difference Between Tap And Bibcock

Yes, tap and bibcock both do the same thing, also in the same way. But they are different. Tap means the root, but bibcock is like a leaf of the tap. Tap can stand alone, but the bibcock is always wall-mounted. The tap comes with a slide function most of the time, and the bibcock comes with a thread or washer function. 


Buying Guide

You should consider these points before or while buying a bibcock:

The main material for bibcock can be brass, plastic, stainless steel, or iron. You’ve to choose the right one depending on your needs and uses. Because the durability can vary on media. Remember, brass is the best and more reliable.

ü The range of finishes is chrome, matt, ceramic, or gold. Chrome plating is the best suit if the material is brass.

ü Water pressure is important. Try to measure your supply pipe’s water pressure first, then purchase it. Brass ones can endure 12 bar-16 bar of pressure.

ü Different sizes are available, like 1/2″ and 3/4″. Make sure which one fits your pipe.

Don’t forget about the price, lifetime, and warranty.

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To Conclude

Whether you use bibcocks indoors, outdoors, or in the industrial area, they will give their best. But you’ve to choose the right one to do your job. I hope this article will help you a lot about bibcock. To sum up, you can check our more plumbing resources and don’t forget to try our products. 

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