Top 10 Floor Drain Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

In this blog post, you’ll read:The top 10 floor drain manufacturers and suppliers in China profiled by Plumberstar. From durable materials to innovative designs, these floor drain suppliers offer a variety of products to suit your preferences. Whether you are looking for commercial or residential floor drains, this list will guide you in making the right decision and finding the perfect solution for your floor drain requirements.
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When it comes to fine-quality floor drains, China is a popular destination for its remarkable manufacturing and reliable products. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the top floor drain manufacturers in China, who set new standards with high-class services.

From durable materials to innovative designs, these floor drain suppliers provide a wide range of products that meet your preferences. Whether you’re looking for commercial and residential floor drains, this list will guide you make the right decisions and find the perfect solutions for your floor drainage requirements.

1. Top 10 floor drain manufacturers and suppliers in China

The following is the list of the top 10 floor drain manufacturers and suppliers in China.

Top 1: Plumberstar

Plumber Star logo

Website –

Established – 2006

Products –

  • Custom floor drain
  • Brass fitting
  • Cast iron pipe
  • Brass valve
  • Custom manifold
  • Ball valve
  • Custom valves
  • Custom check valve
  • Electronic valve
  • Custom faucets
  • Custom pipe fitting
  • Custom water trap and more!

Established in 2006, an expert in manufacturing custom valves, faucets, and floor drains Plumberstar empowers retailers, wholesalers, and industries to thrive. Since its founding, Plumberstar has dedicated itself to solving heating, drainage, and plumbing operations for commercial and residential facilities alike. They have a strong team of over 180 workers, they use advanced tools and machinery to produce high-quality custom valves and floor drainage. At Plumberstar, they aim to satisfy their customers by delivering international standards products to global clients.



Website –

Established – 2016

Products –

  • Floor drain
  • Valve
  • Paper dispenser
  • Kitchenware
  • Basin Faucet
  • Hand dryer
  • Kitchen faucet and more!

Founded in 2016, YWLETO is dedicated to crafting a wonderful lifestyle. Their product range covers kitchen, bathroom, and floor accessories. With a focus on custom solutions for the mid to high-class market. They serve both national & international clients.

YWLETO has complete sale services systems for their clients and embraces a new retail model to optimize the buying experience. Their products are exported to over 100 countries globally. With a commitment to high-quality production and technical innovation, YWLETO aims to provide incredible services and cost-efficient, top-quality assured floor drain products to boost the quality of life for users. YWLETO also provides wonderful services to their customers and they aim to provide international quality products.

Top 3: YD Valves

YD Valves logo

Website –

Established – 1999

Products –

  • Floor drain
  • Faucet
  • Tubing
  • Safety products
  • Flush valve
  • Showerhead
  • Brass fittings
  • Ball valve
  • Angle valve
  • Hoses
  • Smart toilet seats and more!

Established in 1999, YD Valves specializes in producing premium quality fittings, floor drains, and valves. With over 2 decades of experience in the field, YD Valves has become a leader for buyers globally.

YD Valves operates its factory in China and employs nearly 300 skilled workers across several roles, including assembling, production, quality control, packing, research and development, and more.

The company is committed to high-class products, technical advancements, and remarkable customer service. At YD Valves they make sure to provide international quality products to their clients at affordable prices.

Top 4: Yingge

Yingge logo

Website –

Established – 2010

Products –

  • Floor drain
  • Basin waste
  • Bathtub waste
  • Bottle trap
  • Angle valve and more!

Founded in 2010 and based in China Yingge is a trusted name in manufacturing high-quality products. Their wide range of products includes floor drains, bathtub waste, bottle traps, angle valves, and more, all crafted with the best quality materials and available in several designs.

With a focus on health and supreme growth, Yingge has obtained ISO certificates through the joint ventures of its dedicated workers. Their products are extremely sought after and are delivered to several countries around the world with complete customer satisfaction.

At Yingge, they believe in the concept of feeling drained and feeling water. This approach drives them to continuously enhance their management and entire quality control system to better serve their customers. They are committed to delivering high-class sanitary ware items that improve the experience of drainage and water, ensuring client satisfaction.

Top 5: ACRO

ACRO logo

Website –

Established – 2001

Products –

  • Floor Drain
  • Brass Fittings
  • Faucets
  • Water meters
  • Spare parts
  • Hoses
  • Showers
  • Valves and more!

Established in 2001, ACRO is a professional name that designs, crafts, and supplies floor drains, hoses, showers, valves, faucets, brass fittings, and more by providing comfort, safety, and water quality in industrial, residential, and commercial applications.

With over 2 decades of experience in the industry, ACRO has consistently delivered desirable and innovative products to its clients. At ACRO, they make sure to provide quality products with international standards.

They operate the business with a client-centric approach and focus on providing custom solutions. ACRO has founded a longstanding connection globally, built on premium products, technological expertise, and solid commercial support. ACRO is prepared for mutually beneficial ventures with international partnerships and ready to solve every concern a client might face.

Top 6: IFAN

IFAN logo

Website –

Established – 1993

Products –

  • Stainless steel Floor drain
  • PEX fittings
  • Plastic fittings
  • Brass fitting
  • Plastic pipe
  • Brass faucet
  • Pipe tools
  • Sanitary fittings and more!

Founded in 1993, IFAN has been a major player in the plumbing sector. With a sprawling workshop covering over 120k square meters of area and dedicated 600-plus workers, they are committed to delivering quality products and wonderful services to their customers.

IFAN has made huge investments in advanced pipe production and injection Molding equipment from worldwide sources. This advanced technical support and the production of pipe fittings, pipe, floor drainage, and important copper inserts. At IFAN they use high-quality materials to craft international standard products.

They deliver products to various countries all around the world and provide 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed to their clients. Their commitment to quality is mainly reflected in certifications and satisfied them with every assistance they need.

Top 7: MEIAO

MEIAO logo

Website –

Established – 2016

Products –

  • Floor drains
  • Stainless steel products
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Wate faucets
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Bathroom accessories and more!

Established in 2016, MEIAO is a professional manufacturer specializing in handmade kitchen and stainless steel and sink products. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, MEIAO has become a leading player in the market.

MEIAO operates its factory in the elegant environment of Guangdong, China. They had convenient transformation facilities for customers visiting. Their stainless-steel floor drains adhere strictly to global product quality standards, ensuring reliability and durability. Their products have earned a great reputation in over 80 countries globally, emphasizing connection and regular innovation and staying current with technological advancements.

Top 8: Better Drain

Better Drain logo

Website –

Established – 1990

Products –

  • Brass floor drains
  • Stainless steel floor drains
  • Linear drains
  • Accessories and more!

Founded in 1990, Better Drain is a direct and pro company specializing in sink accessories, Stainless steel floor drains, and linear drains. With 30-plus years of experience in the market, they know how to satisfy their customers by providing high-quality services at affordable prices.

They deliver products to various countries around the world and make sure every customer is satisfied with their services. They provide excellent after-sale support which can help to make long-term relationships with the customers.

At Better Drain, they use premium quality materials to craft high-quality products and ensure international quality standards with their ISO certifications.

Top 9: Yuyao Sanyin

Yuyao Sanyin logo

Website –

Established – 2005

Products –

  • Floor drain
  • Showerhead
  • Angle valve
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Waste pipes
  • Hoses
  • Faucet
  • Dispenser and more!

Established in 200, Yuyao Sanyin is a well-known company in the sanitation market. Since its founding and headquartered in Zhejiang province China, the company has quickly grown to become a top player in sanitation accessories and a wide range of products.

Their mission is to deliver high-quality floor drains, hoses, faucets, waste pipes, dispensers, and more to enhance the daily lives of several people. They envision becoming an international leader in innovative bath and floor solutions. They use highly quality materials to craft products and all these products are meticulously made and crafted to meet global standards, including ACS, Watermark, and CE.

At their facilities covering over 6 thousand square meters, they employ over 50 skilled workers who use advanced tools. Their design team introduces ten exclusive products yearly, staying ahead of market trends. They deliver products to various countries around the world.

Top 10: Hofen

Hofen logo

Website –

Established – 2004

Products –

  • Custom floor drain
  • Pop up drain
  • Custom bottle p-trap
  • Water faucet
  • Bathtub drain kit
  • Grid drain strainer and more!

Founded in 2004, Hofen is a basin waste factory with nearly 2 decades of experience. Their focus lies in designing and crafting top-quality floor drains, bathrooms, and kitchen accessories. They specialize in waste basin drains, various types of floor drains, p-traps, bathtubs, and other drain kits. As a top name in China, they provide complete plumbing solutions to their customers globally.

Their commitment to excellence expands to custom solutions, ensuring that their products make every customer satisfied. Whether you need ODM or OEM, they cover you with their products. With a defect ratio of only 0.33 in 2019-20, they prioritize reliability and quality.

2. Things to consider when choosing floor drain manufacturer and supplier in China

Choosing a floor drain company and supplier in China needs careful attention and consideration of several factors to ensure sure reliability, quality, and sustainability of the products for your unique needs. Here are the important aspects to consider before choosing one for you –

  • Quality Standards – Assess the company’s adherence to global quality standards such as ISO certifications, which ensure consistent quality management and eco-friendly responsibility. Look for authorized certifications specific to floor drains and other products, such as CE tags, indicating compliance with international standards.
  • Custom Solutions and Product Range – Search the company’s product range to make sure they provide floor drains in several materials, sizes, and configurations to suit different sectors. Consider a company that provides custom solutions to tailor products to your project requirements.
  • Construction and Material – Consider the materials applied in the crafting of floor drains, such as brass, PVC, or stainless steel, and brass their durability, corrosion resistance, and ultra-suitability for the intended surroundings (e.g., commercial, residential, and industrial).
  • Functionality and Design – Look for floor drains with beautiful designs that prevent clogging problems facilitate smooth cleaning and ensure the right and smooth drainage system. Consider functionalities such as trap seals, removable grates, and anti-smell features to improve hygiene and functionality.
  • Capacity and flow rate – Check the capacity and flow rate of the floor drains to make sure they can efficiently handle the expected rate of wastewater without any issues or overflow problems. Consider factors such as outlet size, pipe diameter, and flow ratio provided by the company you pick for your products.
  • Maintenance and Installation – Prefer a product that is easy to install with minimal maintenance, consider factors such as access to sealant needs, plumbing connections, and cleaning process. Pick companies that provide clear and easy installation guides and provide full support services for maintenance and repairs.
  • Success Rate and Reputation – Check the company’s success rate and reputation in the industry, including feedback from old domestic and international clients from completed projects. Look for companies with a rich history of reliability, client satisfaction, and responsiveness.
  • Affordability – While price is an important consideration, prioritize company name over cost alone by evaluating important factors such as product quality, durability, and long-lasting performance. Consider the full cost of ownership over the lifespan of the products you want to buy, including replacement costs, installation, and maintenance. Don’t pick a company that provides cheap products at a lower rate.
  • Customer Support – Always consider the level of customer support and service provided by the company, including responsiveness to every question, technological assistance, and every after-sale service that a customer needs from a reliable company. Pick a company that provides warranties replacement parts and ongoing assistance for your project requirements. Customer support is the thing that can describe a company and its services to clients.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, selecting a floor drain company and supplier in China needs some important things to keep in mind, including product quality, international standards, range of products, material they use, design, flow rate of the drain, reputation, price, installation guide, and complete supplier support.

By considering these aspects and conducting research, you can make the right decisions that make sure that the procurement of top-quality drains meets your individual needs and business requirements and provides ultra-smooth performance over time.

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