8 Best Metal Parts Suppliers. Everything You Need to Know.

In this blog post, you’ll read:Metal parts are any component or piece made of metal we use in various machines, tools, and products. Metals like copper, brass, and iron create these parts because of their durability. Metal parts can have many structures and sizes. They range from small bolts to large machinery parts. They fit with other elements to form a system. For example, a car's engine has many metal parts. Each one has a specific function that works together to power it.
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What are Metal Parts?

Metal parts are any component or piece made of metal we use in various machines, tools, and products. Metals like copper, brass, and iron create these parts because of their durability.

Metal parts can have many structures and sizes. They range from small bolts to large machinery parts. They fit with other elements to form a system. For example, a car’s engine has many metal parts. Each one has a specific function that works together to power it.

One of the benefits of using metal parts is their strength in tough conditions. This means they are ideal for use in extreme conditions. They are also immune to corrosion and have a long lifespan.

Metal parts are vital in every industry. We use them in production, transport, and aerospace. They are important in making the products and systems we need daily.

Common Metals in the Plumbing Industry:

Industrial background from metal parts produced in metal industry
Industrial background from metal parts produced in the metal industry

The most common metals in plumbing are copper, brass, and various steel grades. The plumbing industry needs metal components for pipes, fittings, valves, etc.

  • Copper is a popular choice for plumbing because of its thermal conductivity. It is corrosion-resistant and malleable. It applies to water supply lines, fittings, and valves. We can join copper valves with fittings. It makes them easy to install.
  • Brass is another common metal in plumbing. It is special for valves and fittings. It contains copper and zinc, which gives it good corrosion resistance and power. Brass fittings are applicable with copper pipes, which can join using compression fittings.
  • Bronze is an alloy of copper having 3-20% tin and small amounts of other metals. It has been in plumbing for centuries due to its properties.

We use Bronze for valves, fittings, and water meters. It is an ideal material for these components because of its non-rusting. These properties are essential for maintaining water quality and preventing leaks.

Bronze has a unique property of resistance to dezincification. Bronze is great for cooling systems and heating systems. It is a good conductor of heat to transfer it from one location to another. Bronze fittings and valves are applicable in hydronic heating systems.

  • Steel is in plumbing for applications from gas to water supply lines. Industries use different steel grades depending on the required properties. For example, galvanized steel pipes with zinc give protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Stainless steel is another type of metal in plumbing for industrial applications. It has excellent corrosion resistance in harsh environments for pipes, valves, and fittings.

Besides these common metals, other metals, iron, lead, and aluminum, were in plumbing. Due to their limitations and health concerns, they are less in use these days. That’s why their alternatives are getting a place in the market.

Metallic Alloys in the Plumbing Industry:

Alloys are two or more metals combined for a product with enhanced properties. Alloys are common in plumbing because they provide superior performance in various applications. Below are some of the alloys in plumbing.

  • Brass Alloys: Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper used in fittings, valves, and faucets. It is famous for its corrosion resistance. It has the strength and ability to form different shapes. Brass fittings often combine with copper pipes, which can join using compression fittings.
  • Bronze Alloys: Bronze is an alloy having copper along with tin. It sometimes uses other elements in its composition. We use it in plumbing for valves and fittings due to its strength. Bronze fittings apply to water supply lines where reliability is essential.
  • Stainless Steel Alloys: It is an alloy having iron, carbon, chromium, or nickel. It possesses corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Stainless steel can bear harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. For example, the shell of some smart door locks installed outdoors is made of stainless steel. This ensures that the lock will not be affected in extreme weather.
  • Copper-Nickel Alloys: Copper-nickel alloys contain copper and nickel. They also have elements like manganese and iron in traces. They are applicable in plumbing for seawater applications. They are suitable for marine plumbing, such as ships and offshore structures. It is because of their resistance to high salt content.
  • Lead-Free Alloys: Lead has been in plumbing for many years. It has been out due to health concerns. Lead-free alloys are common in plumbing applications. It includes silicon, bismuth, or tin. They are best where we need lead-free materials, such as potable water supply.

Top 9 Metal Parts Suppliers.

When considering metal parts suppliers, it’s vital to look at factors such as their industry reputation, quality of products, customer service, and global reach. Here’s a list of some well-regarded metal parts suppliers up until 2022. However, verifying and researching the latest information for the most accurate and updated data is crucial.

Penn Stainless Products, Inc:

penn stainless products
penn stainless products

Penn Stainless Products, Inc. is a company that supplies metal parts of stainless steel and nickel. It started in 1979 and is present in Pennsylvania. Penn Stainless has been in the business for over 40 years. It is famous for providing great metal products.

  • Penn Stainless offers stainless steel products like sheets, plates, pipes, etc.
  • They offer nickel alloy products like pipes, tubes, fittings, and flanges. Penn takes Large-scale plumbing projects.
  • The company serves chemical plants, plumbing, food, and pharmaceuticals. They cater to small and big suppliers and provide custom services.
  • It stands out from other suppliers because of its vast inventory. They have over 30 grades of stainless steel and nickel alloys in stock. It allows them to fulfill orders of any size.
  • They also have processing abilities of saw, plasma, and waterjet cutting. It enables them to provide practical solutions to their clients.
  • Quality is essential to Penn Stainless, and its products meet the highest standards. They have had ISO 9001 certifications since 1999. it shows their dedication to quality management and continuous improvement.
  • They also have a professional team to provide customer service and technical support. Penn Stainless Products, Inc. is a trustworthy supplier of metal parts.

Indium Corporation:

indium corporation
indium corporation

Indium Corporation is a company that supplies metal parts to a variety of industries. The company started in 1934 in Clinton, New York.

  • Indium Corporation offers metal parts such as solder, fluxes, and alloys. These products are applicable in the aerospace, motors, and electronics industries. The company provides innovative solutions to complex challenges.
  • They have ISO 9001 standard certifications. It ensures its products are up to the mark. They also have a team of experts who provide technical support and help to their customers.
  • They also rank responsible sourcing and work with suppliers. It ensures that their materials have ethical and reliable sources.
  • Indium has an improvement program that improves its products and processes. One of the unique aspects of Indium Corporation is its focus on customer education.
  •  They offer a range of resources for this purpose. These include webinars, technical papers, and videos. It helps its customers stay up-to-date on industry trends.

Indium Corporation is a leading supplier of metal parts to various industries. Their sustainable practices are excellent for the environment. Customer education by Indium Corporation makes them a top choice. They are the right fit for businesses that want reliable metal parts suppliers.



Plumberstar is a reputable metal parts supplier. With their dedication and customer satisfaction, PlumberStar has become a reliable name.

·They offer a vast selection of metal parts for plumbing systems. With PlumberStar, you can trust that their metal parts meet tough industry standards.

They understand the importance of durable plumbing solutions. Their metal parts can stand the demands of residential to commercial projects. PlumberStar lets you have confidence in the performance of its products.

Plumberstar takes pride in its precision production processes. They use advanced technology and modern machinery. It ensures the accuracy of their metal parts. It’s guaranteed that its components fit into plumbing systems. It results in providing reliable connections.

It emphasizes the care of its customers. Their dedicated team provides exceptional services. They support you throughout your purchasing journey. You don’t need to worry whether you need products, technical help, or inquiries.  

They know the importance of environmental responsibility. You can trust that your metal parts are with care for the environment.

Plumberstar provides the reliable components you need for plumbing installations. Visit their website today to discover their vast range of metal parts.

Yijin Hardware:

yijin hardware
Yijin hardware

Yijin Hardware is a company that supplies metal parts to industries. Yijin Hardware has become a trustworthy supplier in the industry. It is because of their expertise in the precision of making [products.

  • Yijin Hardware offers screws, fasteners, nuts, bolts, and Pipeline accessories. These parts apply to almost all industries requiring metals.
  • State-of-the-art technology. They have CNC machining and automated production lines. It adds to the accuracy and working of their products. This allows them to complete small and large orders. They do so by maintaining the standards.
  • Quality is of utmost importance to Yijin Hardware. They have strict quality control measures throughout manufacturing. It lets its metal parts meet the industry’s strict goals. Every component undergoes inspection by its team for reliability and functionality.
  • Their customer service team is responsive to addressing queries and customer care.
  • They install saving practices and cut energy consumption. By doing so, they contribute to protecting the ecosystem.

Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals, Inc:

ulbrich stainless steels & special metals
Ulbrich stainless steels & special metals

Ulbrich Stainless Steels is a leading metal parts supplier. Ulbrich Stainless is famous in the industry due to its vast knowledge.

  • Ulbrich offers sheets, strips, wires, and precision components. These materials apply to aerospace, medical, and electronics.
  • They manufacture their metal parts with details. It helps them win the trust of their buyers. They make each component up to customer expectations.
  • Ulbrich Stainless is an expert in its technical capabilities. They use innovative techniques to produce metal parts. It lets them serve customers with more precision.
  • One of the strengths of Ulbrich is its commitment to quality. They source their products to meet industry standards.
  • They use state-of-the-art equipment. The company uses new techniques to produce high-quality metal parts.
  •  Customer satisfaction is very important to Ulbrich. It ensures a positive and reliable experience for their customers.
  • Ulbrich Stainless takes environmental responsibility. They are reducing their ecological footprint. They stick to regulations. Through their efforts, they contribute to a green and safe future. Ulbrich is a big name in metal suppliers.

Feng Yu:

feng yu
Feng Yu

Feng Yu is a metal parts supplier famous for reliable services.

Feng Yu offers a vast selection of metal parts. It includes screws, bolts, and custom-made components. These parts are useful for the plumbing, construction, and machine industries.

They use modern machinery to make compatible products. They have skilled technicians. It helps them manage quality control processes. It guarantees that their products perform well and meet customer expectations.

Feng Yu understands that every customer has unique needs. Their experienced team understands project goals and delivers custom metal parts.

And values customer satisfaction above every other thing. They strive to exceed expectations. They offer excellent service and customer technical support. Feng Yu’s dedicated team is always ready to assist you. They serve as product guides and buying processes.

Daido Metal Co., Ltd.

daido metal
daido metal

Daido Metal Co., Ltd. is another big supplier of quality metal parts. Daido Metal has become a reliable partner due to its excellence in innovation.

  • Daido Metal specializes in providing top-notch metal parts for various industries. Their products meet standards for giant industries. They apply to automotive, aerospace, and machinery making.


·  Daido Metal understands the importance of durability in these applications. Their metal parts prove the demanding conditions they are applicable. Daido prepares its metal parts with care and attention to detail.

daido metal co., ltd
Daido metal co., ltd

Daido Metal understands that each customer has unique requirements. That’s why they offer custom solutions to your specific needs.

They understand your goals and provide suitable solutions. The Company offers metal products that fit your systems. Their products ensure optimal performance.

At Daido Metal, customer satisfaction is very important. They work hard for customer expectations by delivering impressive services.

Their team of professionals keeps guiding you throughout the buying time. You can expect a seamless and positive experience. Daido is the ideal choice for all your metal parts needs with benefits.

Sage Metal Parts:

sage metal parts
Sage metal parts

Sage Metal Parts is another standing-in metal parts supplier.  As a leading supplier, Sage provides top-notch products.

Sage specializes in supplying metal components. They stand the rigorous quality standards. From screws to specialized parts, their products serve many applications.

Precision is vital in making metal parts. Sage Metal Parts understands this well. They have cutting-edge machinery. It ensures the accuracy of their components. Under strict control measures, Sage Metal Parts guarantees optimal products.

And this Metal Parts recognizes that every customer has unique requirements. The products by Sage lead to seamless and efficient operation.


Metal parts are a primary need for making every industrial product. They are in great demand for making metallic products. Metal supplying business is rising every day. It is important to know the top metal parts suppliers. If you hesitate to contact one, first understand their products.

The above article covers the details of the 8 best metal parts suppliers. You don’t have to worry about studying hundreds of companies. Besides, you can rely on one of these. Your business can grow well with keen interest and knowledge in this industry.

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