10 Best Metal Parts Suppliers. Everything You Need to Know.

In this blog post, you’ll read:Metal fabrication involves shaping and cutting metal into parts, tools, and machines, essential for industries like automotive and power. Techniques include welding, lathing, and milling. Key manufacturers like Plumberstar offer a range of high-quality, durable metal pipe fittings and components. For reliable plumbing solutions, Plumberstar ensures industry standards and precision, making them a top choice for both residential and commercial needs.
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You can make metal parts, tools, and machines if you shape and cut metal. This is called fabrication. Common metal fabrication methods include welding, lathing, broaching, grinding, milling, and honing. Many companies that manufacture metal also offer a wide range of other services. The food and beverage industry, as well as the car and power businesses, depend on metal forging.

Hot or cold metal bending methods are used to make small, precise, large, heavy pieces out of strong metal, like engine connecting rods and hand tools. Heavy-duty, complicated machines are needed for modern industrial forging. Like cast and connected parts, many forgings are shaped after they are forged.

1. Plumberstar:


Plumberstar is a trustworthy organization that sells metal parts. Because it works hard to ensure its customers’ satisfaction, The manufacturer has become a trusted name. A huge range of metal pipe parts is available from them. For Plumberstar, you can be sure that their metal parts meet strict industry standards.

They know how important it is to have plumbing solutions that last. Their metal parts can handle the needs of both home and business jobs. Plumberstar gives you confidence in how well its products work. The metal parts manufacturer is proud of how precisely it makes things. It uses cutting-edge technology and new machines. It makes sure that its metal parts are accurate. It promises that its parts will work with water systems. This leads to trustworthy relationships.

It focuses on taking care of its clients. Their hardworking team offers top-notch services. They help you every step of the way as you buy something. There’s no need to stress if you need goods, technical help, or just want to ask a question. They know how important it is to take care of the earth. You know that the people who make your metal parts will be kind to the world.

Plumberstar sells the high-quality parts you need to build plumbing. Visit their website to see all the metal parts they offer.

2. Runpeng Precision Hardware

runpeng precision hardware
runpeng precision hardware

Runpeng Precision Hardware has been making metal parts for many businesses since 1994. These include aircraft, automobiles, automated machinery, medicine, and electronics.

With 9500 square meters of space in Shenzhen and Dongguan, Runpeng has the advanced technology and strong capital to focus on mold creation, mold production, die casting in zinc and aluminum alloys, pressing, CNC machining, CNC punching, and plastics injection.

Runpeng is dedicated to ensuring that its customers’ production is dependable and effective. The company has some high-quality machines, including automatic die-casting machines, plastics injection machines, forging machines, CNC milling machines, numerically controlled lathes, drill and tap machines, other production tools, and CMM inspection instruments.

3. Yijin Hardware

yijin hardware
yijin hardware

Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. is a renowned company in Shenzhen, China, that manufactures metal tools. Its top goal is to ensure customers’ happiness by offering the best goods and services.

Professionals for more than 20 years, they make unique metal parts using CNC cutting, fast samples, pressing, die casting, and other methods. The company can make metal parts from specifications, samples, or 3D models, and they follow the tightest standards, such as GB, DIN, JIS, or ANSI.

Numerous businesses use their metal parts, such as lock parts, OA parts, military spare parts, electronic spare parts, and precise metal parts. In addition, in order to protect the safety of products during transportation, some precision metal parts and electronic spare parts will be packaged in paper tubes.

This can protect the safety of products to the greatest extent. This kind of packaging is also widely used in cosmetic paper tube packaging, mailing tube packaging, etc. Their purpose is to protect the internal products.

Customers can be sure that all of their items are of good quality and can get their favorite straight warehouse prices. Yijin Hardware Co., Ltd. wants to solve customers’ problems by offering a one-stop service.

4. Feng Yu

feng yu
feng yu

Ever since 1971, Feng Yu has been a well-recognized manufacturer and vendor of pressing dies for high-quality metal part production. With more than 50 years of experience, we are deeply knowledgeable in working with precision metal. Feng Yu offers complete service for your every need, from designing, standards, and finishing the product’s surface.

Feng Yu’s metal pressing method is both cheap and quick; it is also very precise in shaping coils or sheets of metal into various parts.

The most important point at Feng Yu is customer satisfaction. The experts there will help customers produce parts with the highest standards, starting from rough sketches of the designs.

5. Sage Metal Parts

sage metal parts
sage metal parts

Sage Metal Parts has everything you need in one place for all of your industrial metal parts needs. The company has an ISO 9001:2008 certification and is very good at making metal parts that need to be made in more than one way. Some of the things they do are welding, cutting, drilling, turning, and putting things together.

Sage Metal Parts includes CNC machining, metal pressing, die casting, and aluminum extrusion, among other services for making metal parts.

6. MDM Metal Industrial Co., Ltd

mdm metal industrial
Mdm metal industrial

OEM ODM services and precision cutting are more than just a job at MDM Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. They’re what they love to do.

Located in the busy Chinese city of Shenzhen, their state-of-the-art facility offers great prices, expert craftsmanship, and unmatched knowledge to ensure that goods are delivered on time and within budget for various industries, such as flight, electronics, furniture, and more. With ten years of experience, MDM Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is an expert in making parts by melting and injection casting metal. MDM Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. is very happy to offer high-quality products and services at a price that most individuals can pay.

7. Duco Machinery

duco machinery
duco machinery

Ducoo Machinery Co., Ltd. has been making creative metal parts in the West Straits Economic Zone of Xiamen since 2003.

The company has a team of skilled engineers, designers, and manufacturers who can do everything from designing and developing products to making them, putting them together, testing them, and providing services after the sale.

The company has a full set of cutting-edge machines and tools that allow it to make exact, high-quality parts and components for many different businesses.

With an experienced staff, cutting-edge equipment, and a dedication to quality, Ducoo Machinery (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is set to become a world leader in the production of metal parts and a reliable business partner for companies worldwide.

8. Fine Technology

fine technology
fine technology

Fine Technology is one of the world’s top sources of custom metal parts. The company performs various metal casting, forging, and manufacturing services, such as CNC machining, metal injection molding, and plastic injection molding.

Their highly talented workforce can make custom solutions for various fields, including auto, industrial, medical, and technology. Fine Technology is dedicated to offering high-quality, inexpensive goods to its clients.

Their professional, experienced, and skilled team is up and ready to help customers search for the best option in metal parts that will bring their goods to life. You can be assured of the best services with Fine Technology for your metal parts needs.

9. JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd

jn sinter metals
jn sinter metals

JN Sinter Metals Co., Ltd. has been the trusted company for research and development, making high-quality powder metal parts and metal injection casting parts for over 25 years.

The company has obtained the newest technology, inspection tools, and a strict quality assurance program by unwaveringly committing to innovation, accuracy, and quality. This guarantees excellent results and higher output. More than 150 customers in 20 countries and regions have chosen to do business with this company because of its great image.

The company’s goal and purpose are to make customers content and help society grow. This is based on its values of honesty, trust, and making things better for everyone.

10. Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.

johnson bros. metal forming
Johnson bros. metal forming

The Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. manufactures various products, including channels, profiles, moldings, angles, tubing, rings, rims, railings, brackets, Z bars, and clamps, in both standard and custom configurations. Gaskets, plates, panels, fins, track covers, slats, strips, and flashings are among the additional products. Services for roll forming and fabrication are provided. It is utilized by the military, agricultural, architectural, beverage, conveyor, ceiling, electrical, textile, and woodworking sectors.

Selecting The Ideal Metal Parts Manufacture

Finding a trustworthy metal parts manufacturer for a project can be difficult.

Define Your Requirements

Before you can find a good producer, you need to know what the job needs, like the material, accuracy, number, and any other specifics.

Knowing exactly what you need will help you find possible makers who can meet your standards.

Evaluate the Manufacturer’s Capabilities

Now, look into what the possible makers specialize in and what they can do. Check to see if they are qualified to do the job and have the right tools, knowledge, and experience to give the metal type and production method that you need.

Check Their Reputation

It is important to assess a manufacturer’s reliability. Read customer reviews, case studies, and other information about them online.

Ask for references and talk to ex-customers to find out what they think. Also, find out if they have any titles or awards showing their knowledge.

Quality Assurance

Quality is very important when making metal parts. Because of this, ensure the manufacturer has a good process for ensuring the quality is good.

Ask about their quality control methods, how they do exams, and their testing methods.

Cost and Time to Get

It is also important to consider how much the process will cost and how long it will take to choose a seller. Ask for a full quote that includes both the cost and the time frame.

Ensure that the product’s quality and value are in line with its price and that the delivery time is sufficient.

Service for Customers

For a connection to work, you need to stay in touch with a company. When you’re looking for a reliable metal part manufacturer, pay attention to how quickly and clearly they can be reached. Having someone you can go to for quick answers to questions and concerns is very important.


Metal components manufactured in China are internationally recognized for their exceptional quality. With its extensive resources and skilled labor, Chinese manufacturers have consistently delivered high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

Deciding on the extensive selection of metal parts manufacturers in China can be tough. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top 10. If you have more questions or requirements for residential valves, please contact Plumberstar.

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