5 Best Brass Ball Valve Manufacturers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Being a seasoned plumbing manufacturer, I have faced many challenges regarding brass ball valves. These small parts play an important role, ranging from residential plumbing systems to large-scale industries. If you are looking for a trusted name in the manufacturing industry then we are here to help you in this regard.
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All About Brass Ball Valves

Brass ball valves are important in plumbing, from household use to industrial hydroelectric power plants. They help in regulating the fluids through a pipeline or a system.

Brass ball valves are popularly used due to their convenience and manageability. They offer corrosion resistance and are cost-effective compared to other expensive metals.

brass ball valves
Brass ball valves

Working Process of The Brass Ball Valves

Brass ball valves include a rotary ball with a bore and a stem. It includes a handle that is attached to the stem, the turning of which allows the ball to open or close the valve.

Where These Brass Ball Valves Are Used?

Brass ball valves are mainly used in plumbing to control water flow, fluids, and gases. They are also used in industrial settings, including chemical plants and refineries.

5 Best Brass Ball Manufacturers

These tiny little magic tools are not ordinary because we see them everywhere, whether in our households, inside our houses, in garden hoses, in industrial settings, or commercially.

So, buying from reliable manufacturers is important; otherwise, it will affect the whole process of fluid transport.

Find the best manufacturers of brass ball valves and other related products below.

  1. NIBCO

Type of Business: manufacturers of flow control solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential uses

Established in:  1904

Headquarter: Indiana

Some of the products of NIBCO are globe, gate, and check valves. They also manufacture reliable PVC and brass fittings.

If you are concerned about customized valves for industrial applications such as the pharmaceutical industry and food processing that require high standards, then Nibco would be a good choice.


Why Choose NIBCO?

Regarding trust, NIBCO is the name that appears in mind due to its manufacturing expertise, which makes it considered the latest in technology. They also excel in fire protection systems across the globe, which include residential and industrial use.

  1. AVK Group

Type of business: valves and accessories manufacturing

Location: Denmark

Established in 1941

avk group
Avk group

AVK group consists of 100+ companies worldwide. They offer manufacturing of valves, hydrants, and other accessories for gas and water distribution, fire protection, and treating sewage. They supply products to various industrial sectors.

If you are concerned about the quality of products and want them to meet international standards, then AVK is here to solve all your problems and meet your demands.

They excel in producing reliable, quality products having lifelong service.

  1. Plumberstar

Type of business: drainage systems, including plumbing and heating for commercial, residential, and industrial facilities.

Location: China

Established in: 2006

Plumberstar grew from a small business at a local workshop in China to a global leader in valve and pipe fitting and manufacturing.

They are popularly known for their innovation, which started with the basic pipe fitting business and moved to more complex projects worldwide.

They are top-tier bronze and gate valve manufacturers. They are also expert in manufacturing parts, saving you from the hassle of contracting them separately.

It is specifically made to design all your needs, including premium faucets, filters, fittings, and so much more under one roof.


Why Choose Plumberstar?

Apart from offering quality, precision, and durability, they work on maintaining their quality assurance and are CE, CSA, ISO9001, and BSCI certified, which makes them trustworthy and reliable.

  1. SIO

Type of business: Industrial valve manufacturer and supplier

Location: Ningbo City, China

Established in 2009


SIO started in 2009 by serving and producing high-quality industrial valves. They deal with various ball valves, including brass, cast iron, and forged steel. SIO is a trusted and reliable name that offers environmentally friendly products customized to meet clients’ needs.

Clients manufacture a wide variety of ball valves. Their ball valves are grouped according to the type of material which they are made from, for instance, duplex steel, forged steel, brass, and cast iron.

An important characteristic of SIO:

The safer low levels of lead used in SIO’s Products make SIO a safer voice for use in the food industry.

  1. Emerson:

Type of business: Initially started as a manufacturer of electric motors and fans and eventually grew to become a global technology solution hub.

Location: founded in 1890

Established in: USA


Emerson has proved itself to be a customer-focused business with strong connections and is working on forward-looking ideas to meet the high day-to-day demands of its customers.

They work with innovation to make the world a healthy, safe, innovative, and sustainable place.

Some more valves that Emerson offers:

  • Nuclear valves
  • Propane valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Steam traps
  • Vent valves

Why choose Emerson?

Emerson is ranked and included among the top leading companies internationally and in the United States. Due to its focus on customer orientation, Emerson has gained the trust of its clients worldwide.

Which brass ball valves should you choose for your needs?

Brass ball valves are durable and look great in home decor. They are popularly used in the plumbing industry due to their resistant nature, which makes them ideal for long-term use.

Not all brass ball valves are manufactured identically, so their selection should depend on the specific needs and preferences. Choosing the correct type of valve is the key, as it will increase their effectiveness.

The brass ball valves are divided into the following categories based on these specific needs.

  1. Full Bore Brass Ball Valves:
full bore brass ball valves
Full-bore brass ball valves


These valves are ideal for areas where there is a need for maximum water flow due to their larger capacity and flow. These valves have larger openings and are suitable for high water demands such as main water lines etc.

2. Standard Port Brass Ball Valves:

These valves have smaller openings than full-bore brass ball valves and, therefore, offer a little bit of flow restriction. They are suitable for areas with medium water flow demands.

They can be appropriate for use in sinks, toilets, and showers as these areas deal with medium water flow demand.

standard port brass ball valves
standard port brass ball valves

3. Micro Brass Ball Valves:

Micro brass ball valves are suitable for small spaces as they offer limited water flow compared to other valve types. They are used in irrigation systems and aquariums. Micro brass ball valves are compact and easy to install.

4. Three-Way Brass Ball Valves:

Three-way valves are used to split the water sources from a single one to three different routes. These valves are commonly used in swimming pools involving water transfer to the pool and spa.

5. Lead-Free Brass Ball Valve:

Lead-free brass ball valves are an ideal choice if homeowners are concerned about the health aspects of lead. For instance, a noticeable quantity of lead mixes with the water in old brass valves, which can introduce different health hazards.

Final words:

The manufacturers discussed in the above article are reliable names and prove trustworthy when buying suitable, top-quality brass ball valves.

However, based on your choices and preferences and ease of process, you can choose.

Our effort to guide you in buying the right type of valve will help you make the correct decision. It is also important to understand how these tiny little ball valves function and which type to select to make the whole process hassle-free. I hope this read will be of great help to you.

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