What Is the Brass Y-Strainer?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Brass Y-strainer is vital in pipelines to protect control valve and flow meters. Also, other process equipment from damaging effects. It lowers maintenance return and helps to enhance system efficiency.
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Brass Y-strainer is vital in pipelines to protect control valve and flow meters. Also, other process equipment from damaging effects. It lowers maintenance return and helps to enhance system efficiency. All strainer sizes have significant safety against foreign particles in a piping system. Self-aligned screen is accessible for provision and rinsing purposes.

Brass Y Strainer can fit with filter elements in a horizontal or vertical direction. It is yet, showing a descendant that provides material to collect at a lower mesh point. It also comes with a blow-off connection for automatic cleaning.

bronze y strainer
bronze y strainer

How does Brass Y-Strainer Work?

The filtration leg fixes the head pipeline in the Brass Y-type strainer at an angle. The shape is such as ‘Y’ and called Y Strainer. Brass Y Type strainer utilizes gas, liquid, and steam in high-pressure pipelines. Yet, it can use in a vacuum or suction state.

Brass Y-strainers have a low dirt-holding capability due to the need for rinsing more often. It is not a problem with steam systems. They are yet excluding where significant levels of rust are present. Yet, soon after commissioning, where an enormous amount of waste can add.

In applications where a massive amount of waste is present, the blow valve will fit into the strainer cap. The filter used steam pressure to clean without the closing process.

y drain strainer
y drain strainer

How to Install the Brass Y-Strainer?

Proper installation instruction for Brass Y-strainer is as below: ​

Step 1: Locate the filter to line up the pipeline under the flow direction. Yet the shaft tag was imprinted on the filter’s body.

Step 2: Arrange the other end of the male connector to use in screw up and associate with the strainer.

Step 3: The pipeline where the strainer fit manages in non-expansion, twisting power free. And should be a non-oscillating system.

Step 4: Make sure the fitting is in place. And the cover cap is or shows downward before initiating the system.

Step 5: Once begin the strainer via padding liquid from the system. Make sure that the bottom cap is closed and without discharge. Begin the procedure to remove unexpected shock to the filter and piping system.

bronze y strainer
bronze y strainer

What is the mesh size in the strainer?

Brass Y-strainer wouldn’t be capable of doing its work without a mesh filter that size. Pick the strainer filter that is similar to a job need. Thus it is vital to know the basal of screen and mesh sizing. There are two reading terms. Such as micron mesh screens utilize to tell the size of the outset in the strainer. Yet to decide which waste of size passes the filter and moves in the system.

Mesh size specifies the number of openings in the mesh beyond one linear inch. For example, a ten mesh screen means 14 outlets across 1 inch. And alike put in place to a 120 mesh, meaning the opening hole is tiny. In which there are entire 120 openings per inch.

The lesser the mesh number, the smaller the sizes of particles. That permit is passing with the strainer. ​A micron is a unit of length utilized to check a small piece of debris. And a micrometer computation is one-thousandth of an mm. Or it can be about twenty-five thousandth of an inch.

bronze y strainer
bronze y strainer

Can Brass Y-strainers mount vertical?

​​The Brass Y strainer can fit in an adjustable way. That can be in a vertical or horizontal place with a screen filter element. And cover cap conditioning downward. For the vertical fitting, the flow must be down into the entry. Yet, the strainer screen filter can gather solid stuff in the strainer at the base.

Brass Y-strainer uses liquid running. In contrast, sand and gravel are two usual kinds of waste that create an ample warning to application. ​​​​​Brass Y-strainer links to the main system pipe at a sloping angle in a Y form. The Y-shape utilizes pressurized lines, liquid or gas, steam,, and suction systems.

Often rinsing need as the strainer has reduced dirt holding capability. Although as compared to the basket-type strainer. Screen cleaning does by opening and closing the valve without a demounting filter.

bronze y strainer china
bronze y strainer china

How Do You Clean a Brass Y-Type Strainer?

The strainer screen rinses by closing the line and removing the strainer cap. When the strainer utilizes under a guarded medium, flush rinsing the filter—yet done by loosening the bottom lid. The fluid must pipe to a defended release point during mending or conservation. Yet, to save the complete system operation.

The disruptions between inspection and conservation depend on the check state. The pressure drop over the element should examine. And write down to serve screen rinsing. For calculating pressure, fall over the constituent.

Two pressure gauges are encouraged to fit at both. Yet, they are at the inlet and outlet of the strainer to have a better measure of pressure reading. Small amounts of contamination can be cleaned by flushing the bottom cap. Yet, if the flushing is enough, remove the screen by lifting out the bottom cover. ​

y strainer leakage
Y strainer leakage test

Applications of Brass Y-Strainer

Brass Y-Strainers are instruments for the automatic detachment of irrelevant solids. That is from liquid, gas, or steam lines using a wire mesh strainer. They use pipelines to protect

  • control valves
  • meters
  • steam traps
  • regulators.
  • steam traps,
  • pumps and other process machinery.

Dimension of Brass Y-type Strainer?

¼” 48330.1
3/4″6342 0.2
1 ¼91630.56
1 ½102700.68

How Do They Differ from Other Strainers?

Brass Y strainers are used in equipment or applications that need to run without stopping. Consider back to the instance of using gasoline stations. Or also machines dispensing juice. These aren’t things that run without interference for days at a time.

Machines needing this type of performance would likely have a basket strainer. These strainers build to resist the continual movement of liquids. And can go prolonged without being interchange. Y strainers have much superiority over basket-style strainers.

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