What Is the Brass (wye) Y Strainer Valve?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Y Strainer is also referred to as Y filters or Y Strainer Valve. Yet, it is designed to separate foreign matter from pipelines. Yet, it maintains pumps, meters, sensors, valves, and other mechanical devices
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What is (Wye) Strainer?

Y Strainer is also referred to as Y filters or Y Strainer Valve. Yet, it is designed to separate foreign matter from pipelines. Yet, it maintains pumps, meters, sensors, valves, and other mechanical devices.

Y (Wye) strainers, besides using a holed or wire mesh straining screen, eliminate solids from flowing gasses, steam, liquid, or piping systems. Yet, it protects equipment from a simple low-pressure cast threaded filter to a large high-pressure distinct alloy unit. Besides a norm cap design, we have the right product for use.

These brass strainers have a mesh sieve element to filter out the dirt elements of a fluid. Clean fluids are vital for solenoid valves. Clean fluids raise the life of the system. And reliability and, in particular, solenoid valves. Note the thread type and size. Depending on the use, thread sealant might have to be used.

criteria for selecting bronze y strainer
Bronze y strainer

Why Use a Brass Y Strainer?

It is the most usual type of process strainer used. Yet, it plays a crucial role in guarding automatic equipment. Thus against corrosion, sediment, pipe, and debris. All the strainers are offered for process flow. Yet, it plays well in pressurized systems like gas or steam lines. They also find use in suction-type states (or vacuums).

Brass Y strainers are most used when the filter is fixated. You need to be either vertical or horizontal inside a pipeline. Also, they offer low resistance to the way of fluids. So, in a very low-pressure fall within a sealed piping system. Pick a Y strainer for high-pressure uses. There is a little concentration of external material likely due to the procedure flow.

The key to a successful fixation is the choice of the correct mesh cloth or stainless steel wire.

How to Clean a Brass Y Strainer?

The Strainer screen is cleaned by closing the line and eliminating the strainer cap. When the filter is functioning under a secure medium, flush washing is done by loosening the bottom lid. The fluid must pipe to a safe release point through repairs or care to defend the whole system operation.

The break between maintenance and inspection depends on service situations. The pressure falls across the element. Yet, it should be checked and noted to help with screen cleaning. To measure pressure drop across the component, two pressure gauges uplift to be fit at both inlets.

Yet, the strainer outlet has a suitable dimension for system pressure analysis. Small amounts of pollution can be washed by flushing the bottom cap. Yet, if the washing is not enough, eliminate the screen by raising the bottom cover.

y drain strainer
Y drain strainer

How Do They Differ from Other Strainers?

Uses of Brass Y filters tend to be in equipment or applications that need to run without stopping. Consider back to the instance of using in gasoline stations. Or also machines dispensing juice. These aren’t things that run without interference for days at a time.

Machines needing this type of performance would likely have a basket strainer. These strainers are built to resist the continual movement of liquids. And can go prolonged without being interchanged. It has much superiority over basket-style strainers.

Working on Brass Y Strainer

Strainers work in different kinds of systems, including liquid and steam chambers. Yet, when buying a brass y strainer for steam service. Thus, always notify your supplier so they can know the type of y strainer that will work for you. In most instances, you will provide special housing for steam works.

The filter screen obstructs the flow as liquid flows through it. At the same time, it is collecting the debris from the liquid before allowing the process to continue. This obstruction causes the pressure of the fluid to drop, which is referred to as a pressure drop in the strainer. The draining plug is made up of two metal plates. That forms a seal that prevents the liquid from flowing out of the chamber. It keeps the filtered and unfiltered fluid from blending.

The mesh on this can trap any impurities from the liquid. Yet, it stops them from streaming to the other portion of the framework. This is how the strainer prevents dirt from entering the primary system portions. It works in high-velocity systems where the pressure is up to 6,000 psi.


SizeLHMesh Diameter

Benefits of Brass Y-Strainer

The flexibility of the brass Y-strainer permits you to use it in various ways. In particular, either vertically or horizontally. This is not the case with basket strainers, which can only operate in a horizontal position.

  • Very easy to function and durable.
  • They are maintainable and cheap because parts are easily swappable with another one of the same kind.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low care is needed.
  • Fire friendly.

Cons of the Y Strainer

Cleaning of the brass Y strainer requires an interruption of the whole system. This leads to frequent downtimes. It gives the duplex basket strainer an upper hand because one basket can keep running while the other is getting cleaned.

The small screen cannot adapt to a high concentration of impurities. At the same time, making it is suitable for systems with very minimal filtration work.

y strainer leakage
y strainer leakage test

What is the Design of the Brass Y Strainer?

As its word indicates, a Y filter is shaped like a “Y ” and used as a strainer or filter particulates from liquid, gas, or steam. This mechanical straining process is made possible via a filter element that comprises mesh, perforated metal, or a wedge wire testing part. The most typical type of testing part is a wire mesh.

Some also have “blow-off valves. However, it makes the cleaning process easier with more large dirt blowing. The strainer itself has a compact, Y-shaped plan. The brass Y shape has more convenient outpour features than a T-shaped filter because the liquid streams via the filter with less shift of direction.


Whichever kind of strainer you choose, you must take care of it by cleaning it out often. Once a week is an excellent activity when cleaning a filter. This will also relate to a pool pump.

In contrast to other industrial strainers, it needs little care, making it your supreme type of strainer. Yet, keeping tabs on the pressure in the system is crucial to confirm that the strainer does not get blocked. Yet, it is clean by eliminating the screen. It means that the system has to end during cleaning. Let us look at how you can confirm that your brass y strainer is in top condition to do its tasks.

Brass Y- Strainer Selection Criteria

There are diverse types of Brass Y strainers on the market to meet many industry needs. As you study which one is ideal for you, keep the following standards in mind:

  • Port size
  • The temperature in your atmosphere
  • The pressure level in your atmosphere
  • Preferred fixation placement
  • The remains you need to strain
  • Ease of care

There is no one-size-fits-all brass Y strainer that meets every want. That’s why knowing what your user wants is vital before moving onward.

bronze y strainer
bronze y strainer

What is the Main Function of Y Strainer?

The brass y strainer aims to remove unwanted particles from steam, gas, or liquid. At the same time, they are using a straining element made of wire mesh. Yet, it uses this mechanical process in pipelines. It supports and protects everything from pumps to steam traps. It is sometimes built with “blow-off valves.” Indeed, to make the cleaning process more wieldy.

The most significant benefit that comes from the y-type strainer is its flexibility. Depending on the users’ preference, it can be fixed vertically or horizontally. At the same time, this strainer type is already a cost-effective option. However, the size of y strainers can be reduced to save even more money. This also prevents the use of excess materials.

How It can be customized is endless compared to other types of filters. Yet, this design must be appropriate for the application of this system to be successful. To attain the correct results, always know the application you are working with before buying a y strainer.

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Is brass Y Strainers cheaply priced?

Yes! This strainer is also a cheap substitute for other types of strainers. This made it even more cost-effective as you scale down in size. Since they defend only constituents, they are a worthy investment.

How Should I fix the strainer?

It has shafts from the inlet to the outlet. It is vital to fit them in this alignment for proper filtration.

What type of Housing matter should I select?

Reliant on your media brass Y strainer housing matter and seal material must be chosen. Confirm you recognize their chemical resistance of them to select the proper one.


The brass Y filter is the most open kind of strainer found in utmost piping systems. In contrast to other industrialized strainers, the brass y strainer is very easy to fix. And you can start your system faster with this strainer. It also arises in diverse kinds of materials.

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