What is a 3-Way Motorized Ball Valve?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Ball valves are more common among commercial users. It is because of their inexpensive and reliable nature. The 3-way motorized ball valve is one such product. Here is a detailed article on 3-way motorized ball valves.
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Ball valves are widespread in use. They serve the fluid control function. A disc is present inside the valve that resembles a ball. This disc is responsible for the flow of liquid. Their versatile nature makes them best for industrial use.

Ball valves come in many structures and sizes. They have numerous applications. Ball valves are more common among commercial users. It is because of their inexpensive and reliable nature. The 3-way motorized ball valve is one such product. Here is a detailed article on 3-way motorized ball valves.

3 way actuator valve
3 way actuator valve

3-Way Motorized Ball Valve: 

A three-way motorized ball valve is one type of ball valve. As the name indicates, it has three ports that can control fluids for three locations. The use of an electric motor actuates motorized ball valves.

The function of the motor is to open or close the valve. It rotates the ball or disc inside the valve, which causes the start or stop of flow. We mainly install them where we can control the flow with a remote. They give precise flow control. Therefore, best for use in industries. Motorized ball valves are available in many different shapes and sizes.

Product: 3-way Electric motorized ball valve.
Material: Brass.
Voltage: 24V, 220V, 230V, 50/60 Hz.
Size:  1/2-1-1/4
Pressure: PN16-PN20
Power: 60W.
Mode: Electric, Manual, along with position indicator.
Media: Water.Connection: Threaded BSP, NPT.
Medium Temperature: 15°C to +95°C
Applications: Household usage.

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3 port ways
3 port ways

Types of Motorized Ball Valve: 

Besides 3-way, motorized ball valves do have other types. They serve different functions. It makes them applicable to many other locations.

  1. 2-way Motorized Ball Valve: This motorized ball valve has two ports. They work by allowing it to stop fluids across two ports. Usually, they work like a shut-off valve or regulatory valve.
Product: 2-Way Electric control Ball Valve.
Material: Brass.
Connection: Threaded.
Torque: 2Nm.
Size: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2,
Pressure: 1.0 MPa
Working Temperature: 2-100°C
  • 4-Way Motorized Ball Valves contain four openings, and control fluids flow across four ports. They can let the fluid pass from one port to the other. We can also stop the liquid flow from a particular port in this type of valve.
Product: Pneumatic Actuated 4-way Ball Valve.
Connection: Threaded. Size: 1/2-3, DN15 to 80.
Pressure: 1000 Psi.
Working Temperature: Normal Temperature.
Applications: Heavy Duty Industrial usage, commercial usage.
  • Multi-port Motorized Ball Valves: Multi-port valves are generally standard for industrial use. They have more than four openings to handle many streams. They can redirect or stop the flow of a port. They also regulate or shut off the fluid supply.

 3-way motorized ball valves are available in many different materials. Each material has other properties. Some of the best-selling motorized ball valve materials are below.

3 way motorized ball valve
3 way motorized ball valve
  1. 3-Way Brass Motorized Ball Valves: The valves made up of Brass are easy to operate and install. Brass is softer than other metals. Thus, it makes sealing easier. Brass motorized ball valves are best for water operation. They offer a high range of corrosion resistance. Brass is an economical option and serves for a longer time.
  2. 3-Way Stainless Steel Motorized Ball Valves: Stainless Steel is well applicable in houses and commercial uses. It has durable and versatile nature. Stainless steel can endure a good range of temperature and pressure changes. 3-Way stainless steel motorized ball valves are corrosion-resistant. They cost a little higher than brass valves.
  3. 3-Way PVC Motorized Ball Valves: PVC ball valves are versatile and reliable. They have high endurance against high temperatures and pressure. One can install them quickly without the help of a plumber. PVC motorized ball valves cost less and require less maintenance. Yet, saltwater exposure can cause corrosion in PVC valves.
electric two way valve body
electric two way valve body

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Functions of a 3-Way Motorized Ball Valve: 

A 3-way motorized ball valve contains three openings. One is an inlet; the other is an outlet, and the third can be either. It can also be an exhaust port that releases the pressure from within the valve. The inlet valves bring liquids or gases into the valve. At the same time, the outlet takes fluids out.

The primary function of a 3-way motorized ball valve is to control liquid flow from a pipeline. It can open or close the fluid flow. The exhaust port helps remove excess pressure from the valve. The valve can also divert the flow from one oath to the other.

The 3-way motorized ball valves perform another unique function. They can cut off the water supply from one section. Fluids can flow from another chamber without any disturbance. It is very beneficial if someone has to do maintenance work. 3-way motorized ball valves save from the problem of the complete shut-off. Instead, the flow from the defective side can be shut. These functions make 3-way for valves a favorite product.

0302 e
3 way motorized ball valve

Working of a 3-Way Motorized Ball Valve: 

3 -way motorized ball valve has an electric motor that rotates the ball within the valve body. The ball has a while in the center. This while aligns with the Inlet and outlet port. In an open position, it lets the fluid pass across. While in a closed position, it cuts off the supply.

The motor either contains a controller or a remote that sends a signal to open or close the valve. A stem lies in the center of the valve that connects the motor and the ball. The branch also rotates when the motor rotates, causing the ball’s station to. It then changes the aligning position of the valve, causing it to open or close.

The water flows from the inlet and outlet if the alignment is with the openings. It blocks the fluids if it aligns with the valve body. A sealing surface lies on the ball. It tightly closed the valve when in the closed position. This element prevents leakages.

The working mechanism of a 3-way motorized ball valve is simple yet effective. It is a highly reliable product. The versatile nature of this valve makes it best for piping systems.

solenoid ball valve with 3 way
solenoid ball valve with 3 way

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Applications of 3-Way Motorized Ball Valve: 

3-Way Motorized ball valves are applicable for water, oil, and gas operations. Industries use them primarily. They can undergo relative heat and steam conditions in industries. Motorized ball valves are also a household product. Commercially they are of great importance.

  • 3-Way Brass Motorized ball valves are corrosion-resistant. They are heat resistant also. Brass has distinct properties that make it best for industries. These are widely used in HVAC and other manufacturing.
  • PVC valves are exceptional for use in pipeline systems. They go well for irrigation and commercial pipelines. They can endure pressure and temperature changes.
  • Industries use Motorized ball valves to carry out chemical reactions. They can stop, divert, or the fluids coming from pipelines.
  • Water treatment plants also use 3-way motorized ball valves. They control the flow of water towards the distribution system.
  • In reaction chambers, these valves regulate and control the flow of chemicals.
  • Motorized ball valves can also transport oil and gas. They can easily handle such fluids.
  • Irrigation systems use 3-way motorized ball valves to distribute water through multiple streams.
  • Fire sprinklers and water heaters also use 3-way motorized ball valves to manage the flow across.
quality 3 way ball valve
quality 3 way ball valve

How to Install a 3-Way Motorized Ball Valve?

Installation of a 3-way motorized ball valve requires plumbing knowledge. As it has an electric motor, wiring is an essential element. The general steps for installation are as follows.

  • The process begins with shutting off the water supply. You can turn it off if you have a shut-off valve to a particular location. It is essential to stop fluid flow.
  • Next, select the correct location where you have to mount the valve. Choosing a side where the electricity supply is easy to access is better.
  • Cut the pipe from a specific location using a pipe cutter. You can mark the exact space and cut it where the valve will install.
  • Place the 3-way motorized ball valve and connect it with the inlet and outlet pipes. Make sure there is no leakage by turning on the water supply.
  • The next step is to connect electric wires to the valve’s motor. It is essential to read and follow the instructions from the manufacturers. Every product can have different wiring instructions.
  • Generally, the wire from the main supply has to connect to the terminal side of the motor. Sometimes, an extra wire is tied for the signals or controls.
  • If the valve has a manual operation, check its functioning manually. Otherwise, test the valve using the remote control. Follow the instructions on the package.
  • Now turn the water supply on, which was cut at the beginning of the process.

The process is not very tricky, but it’s better to call a plumber if you are unfamiliar with wiring.

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3-Way Motorized ball valves are multi-purpose valves. They are highly applicable in every industry. The applications, types, and working are discussed so you know the product before purchasing. You can also make a self buy-guide before choosing the product.

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