Top 7 Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturers

In this blog post, you’ll read:Within the realm of industry, ball valves are considered true workhorses. They are like unsung leads, ensuring that everything runs properly, whether it is maintaining the cleanliness of the water or fulfilling the need of the energy production process. The demand for these small giants has increased, and the users want to operate more efficiently and securely. Every pound per square inch (psi) and every component of a trunnion is considered at this location. The standards that ASME establishes are more than recommendations; they are the rules we follow.
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The selection of the most suitable valve manufacturer is of the utmost significance. Having a variety of possibilities, such as stainless steel, it is essential to consider how long they will endure, whether they can follow stringent safety regulations and whether they are suitable for a wide range of applications. If you make the incorrect decision, you might end up ruining everything. Are you aware that the appropriate valve contributes to maintaining a clean environment? As we continue our examination of the most successful manufacturers of ball valves, it is essential to remember that a successful ball valve manufacturer is more than a business.

Best 7 Stainless Steel Ball Valve Manufacturers

1. Plumberstar

plumberstar profile
Plumberstar profile

Address: No. 7 Qinggang Industrial Zone Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, China

Plumberstar must be included in the list of firms in China that manufacture residential valves of high quality. Since 2006, Plumberstar has been offering a variety of plumbing and thermal options for purchasing household goods. When innovation and outstanding workmanship come together, Plumberstar can design individualized solutions for valve and pipe fittings adapted to your company’s requirements.

Furthermore, passionate workers put in a lot of effort to comprehend the client’s requirements, resulting in the delivery of products that are up to par with industry standards and set you apart from the competition. This organization handles producing valves using high-grade materials and distributing their goods around the globe.

Prime Products:

  • Electric ball valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Heating manifolds
  • Brass ball valve
  • Radiator valve
  • Brass check valve
  • Brass gate valve
  • 2-way and 3-way ball valve

For more details about Plumberstar’s ball valve, click here.

2. Velan Inc.

velan inc
velan inc

This corporation, established by A.K. Velan in 1950, started with a modest development rate that picked up speed. It is now one of the most successful businesses in the international market and has reached the highest point in its industry. It can manufacture various valves for various industries and purposes.

Each Velan ball valve is designed to perform a certain purpose. You must also investigate and choose the option that meets your system’s specifications. The company often produces Coker, memory seal, and secure seal ball valves.

3. Emerson


Emerson is an industry leader in providing critical solutions for the complex networks of contemporary facilities. Their cutting-edge work involves the development of ball valves that ensure accurate and long-lasting regulation of liquid flow in industrial environments. These valves speak for themselves and are not mere merchandise but emblematic of Emerson’s commitment to a more secure, sustainable, and streamlined world.

Emerson’s ball valves are resilient and adaptable to liquid flow management. They have the ideal ball valve for your application, whether you need a reduced-port one to regulate flow or a full-port one to ensure a clear path. Pneumatic valves contribute to automation, ensuring systems’ efficient and reliable functioning and thereby preventing disruptions.

Ensuring exceptional client service is a fundamental component of Emerson’s approach. Their team is available to provide you with the appropriate accessories and assist in developing a long-lasting solution, recognizing that every industrial endeavor presents challenges. Choosing Emerson entails selecting a reliable ally to safeguard your systems against reverse flow, among other benefits.

Quick Look at Emerson:

  • A pioneer in the development of industrial ball valves.
  • A wide range of valves, including globe, ball, and pneumatic varieties.
  • Devoted to providing exceptional customer service and long-lasting value.
  • Completely equipped with support for complete flow control solutions and every extra.
  • Devoted to producing valves that pass the durability and productivity tests.

4. Bürkert


Location (Headquarters): Huntersville, NC, USA

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Year Established- 1946

Established in 1946 in Germany by Christian Bürkert, the organization specializes in designing and producing foot warmers, oven controls, incubator controls, and oven controls. As the business became an industry leader in industrial motorized ball valves, it specialized in valve technology.

As a result of its endeavors, the organization has gained increased adaptability and a stronger focus on customer satisfaction. Given its status as a medium-sized enterprise, it has become acclimated to this intimacy. By leveraging its extensive global network of companies and optimizing its processes across all sectors, Bürkert facilitates the direct exchange of expertise and accelerates the development of joint solutions.

Moreover, their infatuation with their field motivates them to seek innovative resolutions to unorthodox challenges and to broaden their market presence beyond the confines of specific niche markets. Market segmentation is one of the numerous instances in which Bürkert deviates from established norms. By implementing solution-oriented systems and other solutions, they can optimize the advantages they provide clients while focusing on their product-oriented offerings.

Products and services

  • motorized ball valves
  • Solenoid valves
  • Process and control valves
  • Microfluidic valves and pumps
  • Electromotive valves

5. iPolymer


Location (Headquarters): Irvine, California

Year Established- 1961

Certifications- ISO 9001:2008

Type of Business: Valve Manufacturers

International Polymer Solutions, a global provider of fluid management solutions founded on engineered polymer materials, has completed the acquisitions of BECO Manufacturing and TEQCOM Industries. Engineered polymer solutions for an extensive array of industries and applications have been the collective expertise of TEQCOM and BECO for the past six decades. Together with knowledge and design, they produce high-quality goods through a manufacturing process based on polymers.

Consistently, iPolymer has delivered products and services that have surpassed the expectations of its clientele. Using initiatives that pursue quality improvement, each employee is held accountable for performing their best on the initial attempt. IPolymer assesses the adherence of its products and services to industry standards.

Products and services

  • motorized ball valves
  • PTFE fittings & connectors
  • PTFE spray guns & devices
  • solenoid valves
  • pneumatic valves
  • manual valves
  • other flow devices
  • air cylinders
  • custom fluid handling fabrPlease view our complete blog on ball valve valve

6. Mogas


Location (Headquarters): Houston, Texas

Year Established- 1973

Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Certifications- ISO 9001:2015

Based on more than four decades of manufacturing and field experience, this organization designs valve solutions only for severe applications. MOGAS comprises support staff, forward-thinking engineers, manufacturing personnel, and industry veterans with years of experience. Their application-specific designs not only guarantee procedure integrity, operational dependability, and employee safety but also exhibit the cheapest cost of ownership. MOGAS valves have demonstrated their dependability in the most hostile environments.

An organization-wide dedication to excellence is ingrained in the corporate ethos. They can ensure efficacy due to the established MOGAS process and its associated advantages. The performance period must be guaranteed through years of continuous valve performance analysis, field reports, and data from around the globe.

Products and services

  • Customizable Isolation Valves
  • motorized ball valves
  • Oxygen Service Valves
  • Trunnion Valves
  • Vent and Drain Valves
  • Inline Repairable Valves
  • Custom-engineered Solutions
  • Switching valve
  • Control Valve Technology
  • MOGAS Pneumatic Actuators

7. Kerotest


Type of Business: Valve manufacturers

Location (Headquarters): Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Year Established- 1909

Certifications- ISO 9001:2015

Kerotest valves are among the highest quality on the market. ESOP firms advocate for quality and ensure that it is realized because all employees are granted the authority to deliver service of the utmost quality, products that offer the greatest value, and value for money.

Kerotest Manufacturing Corp. has established a global standing as a provider of valves and associated equipment to clientele in the oil & gas, nuclear fuel, and municipal water sectors, owing to its commitment to excellence and productivity. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the location of their establishment in 1909, continues to house their engineering, manufacturing, customer service, and headquarters. In 1989, for the production of Kerotest polyethylene ball valves and instrumentation valves, the organization established a manufacturing facility in Mansura, Louisiana. Their manufacturing facility in that location enables them to serve clients nationwide.

Products and services

  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Ball valves
  • Needle valves
  • Gauge valves
  • Insulators
  • motorized ball valves

Wrap-up: Where to Find the Best Ball Valves?

With this discussion of the leading ball valve manufacturers coming to a close, it is evident how crucial it is for the success and reputation of your business to select the right one. Working with individuals in the business-to-business sector is critical. These individuals should not only have valves for a wide range of applications, from essential to complex duties, with a single entrance point but also understand the importance of instrumentation and appropriate orientation, particularly for the most prestigious clients.

Consider a manufacturer that produces flawless single-inlet valves; these valves ensure minimal operational disruptions and enhance your brand’s reputationbrand’seputable contender in the industry. Choosing a manufacturer that prioritizes precise workmanship and innovative concepts is not an investment in a component; instead, it is a strategic decision that will safeguard the future of your brand and distinguish it positively.

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