Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucet Tap Guide

In this blog post, you’ll read:Fear of weather damage to outdoor faucets can be resolved with freeze-proof faucets. These advanced faucets prevent pipe bursts and leaks in cold temperatures. Featuring long barrels and compression valves, they keep water from freezing. Though more expensive, they offer long-term benefits, including protection from freezing and preventing backflow. For proper installation and maintenance, consult a professional or follow detailed DIY steps.
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Fear of weather? Why? Are you afraid of broken water pipes due to the blow of the Arctic vortex in your community? Outdoor faucet taps are more susceptible to break and might result in a big, uncontrollable leak when the weather warms and the water unfreezes. The same applies to cold freezing temperatures when outdoor faucet taps burst due to freezing ice.

Don’t worry; the only solution to your problem is a freeze-proof outdoor faucet tap. Modern technology provides a protective shield to frost-proof faucets from cold weather. That’s why frost-proof spigots live longer than a regular outdoor faucet. However, it is expensive but worth your money. Standard spigots are more likely to grow and crack in colder areas.

freeze proof outdoor tap
Freeze-proof outdoor tap

How Does a Freeze-Proof Outdoor Faucet Tap Work?

The freeze-proof outdoor faucet works like magic; it contains the latest technology. You may also know it as a frost-proof outdoor faucet tap. Structurally, it consists of an extra-long barreled compression spigot. For good results, you should install it on your lawn side. It would also help to swap all your garden spigots for freeze-proof yard hydrants. And you will be happy to eliminate the outdoor faucet tap burst.

Benefits of Outdoor Faucet Hot and Cold

Hot and cold outdoor faucets share the following benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of pipe bursting
  • Extend inside home during extreme weather
  • Prevent backflow of contaminated water
  • Eliminate the need to bleed off water during harsh climate changes

Difference Between n Taps and Faucets (Outdoor Faucets)

The length of a common outdoor spigot is only 4 inches from the spout to the water connection, and it features a compression valve, too. The supply pipe of a faucet hanging on the side of the house is the most susceptible to freezing and outdoor faucet tap bursts. It is very close to the wall and will break on expansion.

Do you know the antifreeze spigot, also known as a freeze-proof spigot? Faucet manufacturers always tell you to avoid confusion while purchasing one. You will get the compression valve at the supply end of a tube, which is only 24 inches long. Expert outdoor freeze-proof faucet manufacturers design the faucet handle and valve connection using a lengthy rod that doesn’t freeze.

Different outdoor faucet types have different outdoor faucet handles. However, each outdoor faucet handle type and valve have an extended rod connection. The water connection is located well inside the home, where it is less likely to freeze, and the air is warmer.

Likewise, a freeze-proof yard hydrant has a similar construction to a freeze-proof exterior faucet. A lengthy tube separates the valve from the handle. Place the hydrant upright and bury the water connection far below the frost level to prevent freezing.

outside water faucet
outside water faucet

Freeze-Proof Outdoor Faucet Replacement Parts

The compression valve operates similarly in a freeze-proof exterior and standard outdoor faucet. A screw mechanism compresses a stopper with a rubber washer against the water inlet port. The outdoor faucet won’t turn on if the handle rotates clockwise. Finally, it stops the water flow.

On the flip side, the handle’s anticlockwise rotation maintains water flow through the valve. You can also say that the faucet is on now. The freeze-proof outdoor faucet replacement parts are

  • a male pipe thread connection
  • copper pipe size ½ or ¾ inch
  • the spout
  • the handle
  • the rod
  • the stopper
  • a replaceable rubber washer
  • the valve
  • tap 51

Faucet manufacturers and suppliers install a vacuum breaker on outdoor faucets to restrict backflow. Now, where is the water shut off for outdoor faucets? Hofen Sanitary recommends installing a separate valve in the water line right before the faucet for an emergency shut-off option.

We wshutoffare a list of utilities we need to install or replace a frost-proof outdoor faucet.

Tools Required

tools required
tools required

Nothing special; you can complete your job with your regular home tools.

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Corded drill
  • Pipe wrench
  • Soldering torch
  • Tube cutter

Materials Required

If you are not related to plumbing, you may find purchasing all the listed items difficult. If you feel any difficulty, you can contact us via our website Contact Us link.

  • Anti-siphon sill cock
  • Copper fittings
  • Copper pipe
  • Dielectric fitting (optional)
  • Flux
  • Lead-free solder
  • Pipe hangers
  • Pipe tape
  • Shutoff
  • Silicone caulShutoffo Replace an Outside Water Faucet?

Firstly, we will discuss how to change the tap faucet. You may install the faucet on the wall siding of your home, and it needs a hole of about 1 1/8 inches in diameter. Big holes support the valve mechanism efficiently, and faucet wholesalers and dealers support this size too.

Now push the tube in until the faucet is flush with the wall sides. Once you have done with it, screw the faucet’s collar. Well, I am done! It’s time to connect the water line with the outdoor faucet.

Before purchase, ask your faucet manufacturer if your faucet has a brass connector or copper connector. In both cases, you need a dielectric union if your plumbing is galvanized steel. It’s effective against corrosion because direct connections may corrode the steel.

reduce the risk of pipe bursting
Reduce the risk of pipe bursting.

Also, note that the angle of the faucet tube should be towards the spout or downward. It will ensure that when you turn off the water, the water will flow out of the spout, leaving no water in the tube to freeze. Indeed, you don’t even need an outdoor faucet repair top cap.

The latest frost-free hydrants work well in a vertical position but don’t have this latest of complete water dripping out of the outdoor faucet hot tape.

In a Nutshell

Homeowners can benefit from two features of frost-proof outdoor faucets:

Even though they cost more than regular spigots, they will last longer and operate better. Last, a vacuum breaker is necessary if you live on a slab or have a cold entry point. However, it would help if you also get professional assistance from Hofen Sanitary manufacturers on how to keep your pipes safe from freezing.

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