What is a Thermostatic Mixer Shower?

In this blog post, you’ll read:A thermostatic mixer keeps the precise water temperature for the extent of your shower. The shower temperature will stay the same even if anybody cleans the bathroom or activates the kitchen tap.
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A thermostatic mixer keeps the precise water temperature for the extent of your shower. The shower temperature will stay the same even if anybody cleans the bathroom or activates the kitchen tap. However, it safeguards you from any unexpected changes in the water supply to the shower.

Materials of construction:


From plastic, many showers kinds and handsets are made. This is very reliable, durable, secure, and challenging. Regular water and soap wash are sufficient to clean up your product. Yet if your shower has the hype of deposit and soap layer, a mixture of dish soap, white vinegar, and water will remove the dirt.

plastic shower
plastic shower


Brass is often used for taps, showers, and bathroom fittings because of its shiny, gold-like look. Brass is a material recognized for its stiffness and workability. Brass is created from a mixture of copper and zinc. Due to the absence of iron, the substance itself won’t rust. However, it may react with oxygen and take on a green patina due to copper oxidation.

Yet, cleaning with natural ingredients like baking soda and lemon juice will help to neutralize the product. However, make it simple to remove the patina. In contrast to typical Brass, brushed Brass is treated to give it a more matte look. It is strong and has a beautiful, modern design.

 Stainless steel:

Iron and carbon combine to create stainless steel. It is a strong and priced metal utilized for various uses. Since it doesn’t rust, it’s an excellent material for showers. It also uses taps, kitchen sinks, and accessories like shower caddies. Chromium in stainless steel prevents oxidation.

Yet, it also increases corrosion resistance. It uses warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to wipe all over the stainless steel surface. This is the most acceptable method for cleaning it. To eliminate stains and keep the material shining, you can also use a small amount of lemon juice, vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda. Stainless steel is a superior material to choose from because it doesn’t need a lot of maintenance.


A handful of goods are made from PVC, a durable plastic used in electronics, building, and construction. It is a flexible, explicit material that may be colored to match any requirement because it is clear. Due to its water resistance, this inexpensive material is perfect for bathroom usage. It is combined with other materials, such as ABS, to increase its endurance.


That type of shower preserves your selected water temperature despite any act. Thermostatic showers work with three focal kinds of water systems. These are famous in homes with combi- boiler systems. Even mains-fed water systems are infamous for their ease.

Yet, other human activities can interrupt the flow of water. Tend to be more reliable is the gravity-fed water system. But even with them, thermostatic shower valves are seen as a valuable, more caring feature.



No significant shocks and no danger of scratching from a swift temperature rise should make the temperature fall. Yet, if you’ve already chosen, the water temperature remains the same for the extent of your shower.


Thermostatic mixers will sustain the already chosen water temperature. You will adore your shower, and it leaves you calm down. If you want to turn off the water (say, to shampoo your hair), the thermostat will detect the same temperature when you turn it back on.


You can reserve energy and water, too, by installing a thermostatic mixer. A thermostatic shower mixer will compensate for itself over a short time, yet cheers to its effectiveness.

Saving Water

Using a thermostatic mixer shower, we can achieve conditions to resist different water use. By utilizing this system, it is likely to save between 40% and 50% of water. Add the finish of the month, and you will observe a clear difference.

Specifications of Thermostatic Mixer Shower:

Maximum Inlet Pressure (Static)5 bar
Minimum Operating Pressure (Dynamic)0.2 bar
Maximum Unbalanced Pressure Ratio(without flow regulator)5:1
Outlet connections-BodyG ½
Temperature Stability+_ 2 C
Maximum Inlet Temperature85 C
Minimum Temperature Differential to ensure Fail-Safe between Hot and Cold Supplies10 C


Manually or digitally controlled thermostatic shower mixer:

shower head filter
Shower head filter

Thermostatic showers that are digitally controlled add easiness. These are accessible in many choices to select their aesthetics and design. How you change your attachment with existing fixtures depends on you. You can choose a standard or up-to-date finish and design.

All producers also infuse some distinctive bonus features in their showers. From the means, digital showers take cold and hot water and combine them. They are yet giving you a better command of the temperature of the water.

One drawback is that you won’t have access to hot water if your boiler malfunctions. With thermostatic mixer showers, each outlet’s volume can be adjusted using a separate valve. At the same time, the main thermostatic valve regulates the temperature. These are not inexpensive alternatives.

However, these showers offer a soothing experience if you can afford them. Yet, enjoy the thought of a bit of luxury in the bathroom.

Electric showers may be the best option if your home has appropriate water pressure because it may be more costly. Also, they are environmentally friendly. Yet, thermostatic varieties can offer a wonderful at-home spa experience if you remodel the bathroom and want extra luxury.

How does a thermostatic shower work?

Thermostatic showers heat the water in advance and mix it with cold water through a valve to the specified temperature.

The valve will also immediately respond to all deviations in water temperature besides blending the water. It will regulate the mixed water to return to the already fixed temperature. This is the advantage that makes the thermostatic shower most durable and manager-friendly.

It shuts down if the cold water supply fails. This is done to avoid harming the user by burning hot water. This incorporated security system marks thermostatic showers as likable and more productive among available other kinds.

Trying to FIX a Thermostatic Mixer SHOWER

Testing of Thermostatic Mixer Shower

All TMV-authorized valves must be checked against the results of the actual set temperature. The following performance checks must be performed when commissioning or testing is due.

  • Check the outlet’s mixed water temperature.
  • Perform the cold water supply isolation test by cutting off the cold water supply. If the water continues to flow after five seconds, ensure the temperature is under 43 C.
  • The valve is functioning, and no further service is necessary. Unless there is no appreciable change in the specified outlet temperature and the fail-safe shut-off is operational.


Thermostatic mixer Shower fixtures will last for 15 to 20 years on average. Although they will often be used, they can last long if taken care of properly.

Thermostatic Showers: Are They Simple to Maintain?

It is simple to replace and adjust valves on your own, including the unique cartridge valve that regulates and stops the flow of hot and cold water. However, careful investigation is advised because some parts, such as valves, could not be repairable if broken. It’s usually preferable to call in an expert if you’re unsure.

The filters, cartridges, and other components inside the valve may become dirty. This is due to the changed quality of the world’s water. However, this may restrict flow and cause the valve to operate inefficiently.

Please take the thermostatic cartridge out of the housing so you may clean the filters.

1. Close the hot and cold inlet isolating valves to stop the water flow.

2. Remove the cover while holding the screws and remove the handles. Then, remove the temperature control ring and handle.

3. Use a wrench or other similar tool to remove the cartridge.

4. Thoroughly rinse the filters to get rid of any dirt, then soak them in vinegar or a descale. Do it as entirely as you can.

5. Use a moist towel to scrub the thermostatic cartridge’s housing. Additionally, the cartridge’s O rings need to be lubricated.

6. Reassemble the cartridge, correctly making the temperature control ring point at 12 o’clock.

7. Finally, check to see that everything is snug and secure. The isolating valves can now be used to turn on the water supply.

8. Verify that you are satisfied with it at this point. Check the water’s temperature, and if necessary, calibrate as previously mentioned.

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