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In this blog post, you’ll read:Throughout the typical water supply process in our daily lives, many valves are utilized to regulate the water. The Gate valve is one of the most popular among them. That is why; we are here today to share all the helpful information about Brass Gate Valve
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Throughout the typical water supply process in our daily lives, many valves are utilized to regulate the water. The Gate valve is one of the most popular among them. That is why; we are here today to share all the helpful information about Brass Gate Valve. So, stay tuned.

What Is Brass Gate Valve?

The brass gate valve is a mechanical device that controls the liquid flow in an open or shut position. In addition, it requires a small space and a few turns of the handwheel to react in maintaining the fluid stream. The gate-type internal mechanism earns this valve the name “Gate Valve.” 

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Inside Out Of A Brass Gate Valve

The ordinary brass gate valve does not have a critical structure. You can easily catch its components at a glance. Here’s a simple discussion:

Firstly, at the top, there’s a wheel or handwheel. This is what you’ll need to turn to control the gate valve. Secondly, right below the wheel, you’ll notice a packing nut. The packing nut will allow you to set the wheel turning hardness. 

Furthermore, a stem with threads below… connects the wheel, packing nut, and bonnet together and runs down to the valve body. When the valve needs repair, you can easily remove these parts by unscrewing the bonnet. 

After the stem goes down, it connects to this valve’s most important thing: the disc. This disc acts as the gate to this valve. Moreover, packing rings and gaskets are installed inside the valve to ensure reliability and good sealing.

Lastly, you can consider the remaining part below as the valve body. Two female threaded ports are on either side of the valve body for water flow. And sometimes, you’ll notice some engraves on the body, such as 1/2, PN16, and others. These carved writings on the valve will help you to know better about that valve.

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Brass Gate Valve Functions

A brass gate valve’s ultimate goal is to stop the water flow in a pipeline completely… and restart the flow when necessary. Let’s see how.

You can assume this valve works on the gate principle from the name. When the gate or the disc is open, water will flow. On the contrary, the water flow will stop when the gate is closed. And the opening and closing of the gate depend on the handwheel rotation

When the valve is closed, a couple of turns of the handwheel will move the gate up with the help of the stem. This will open the path for water to flow. And back turns will make the gate down and seal the valve. As a result, the flow of water will be stopped.

How And Where To Use

Hopefully, you understand the brass gate valve function and how to use it. Yes, I just need you to turn the handwheel. It will probably take up to six complete turns of the wheel to fully open or close the valve. However, it’s quite challenging to determine the valve state if the stem is a non-rising type. So, you better take a count of it. 

One more exciting thing about the gate valve is that it allows the media to flow from both directions. In addition, keep in mind these two things to avoid great problems:

1. If the valve is not operated for some time, it can be stuck in position. In this case, any type of exerting force will snap the valve. So, all you’ve to do is loosen the packing nut and try to turn the wheel gently.

2. Sometimes, the valve will not close properly because of some grit or sediment inside. In this situation, open the valve and then close it again. Repeat this a couple of times while the water flow is running. Doing this will flow out any grit or sediment and free up the gate.

Brass gate valves are primarily suitable for water supply systems such as house plumbing. However, you can use it in other fields like Manufacturing, Automobile, Marine, Pharmaceuticals, Oil, Gas, and others. 

gate valve drawing
Gate valve drawing

Pros And Cons

The brass gate valve has some fantastic benefits. However, it has some disadvantages too. Here’s a summary:


  1. Requires less space for installation.

2. Slow opening and closing prevent the risk of water hammer.

3. Full bore structure allows fast media flow.

4. Provides low-pressure drop and a very good shutoff.

5. Very durable structure at low cost.

6. Requires almost no maintenance.


× Manually operated. 

× Requires multiple turns to open or close. So, not efficient for immediate closing.

× Difficult to determine the open or closed state.

× Not so good for throttling services.

How To Buy Brass Gate Valves

Since brass gate valves are very important for your pipeline, ensure you get them for the best quality from a reputed manufacturer like us. We, Plumberstar, are the leading brass valve manufacturer in China. And we can ship worldwide. Here are the characteristics of our brass gate valves:

Ø High-quality brass material. (CW617N, H58-3) for body and stem. 

Ø Durable Cast Iron handle.

Ø Finishing is sand-blasted, chrome-plated, or anything you want.

Ø Application for water, oil, steam, and gas media

Ø Temperature endurance up to 130oC

Ø Working pressure endurance is 200WOG and 125WSP.

Ø The thread connection is both females. NPT and BSP type.

Ø Port dimensions with thread sizes available is 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″.

Ø Non-rising stem.

Ø Adjustable packing nut.

Ø Solid wedge disc.

Ø 100% tested before shipping.

Our top-quality brass gate valves can meet all kinds of needs of all clients. However, if you have any rare requirements, we are always here to help you out.

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In conclusion, hopefully, you’ve got all the information about brass gate valves to buy and use. Using them will allow you to take easy control of the water supply in your house. However, we’ve mentioned many essential things in this post… are need to be considered while using this valve. 

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