Pinch Clamps Vs. Crimp Rings: Which One Is Better?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Determining the superiority of any particular fastening method or implementation type is challenging. Every aspect of plumbing has its proper time and location. However, crimp rings and PEX pinch clamps are no exception.  Connecting copper crimp rings and pinch clamps to ASTM-F1807 PEX fittings is simple.  Proceed to the later section without further elaboration if you are already acquainted with each of these connections. If you are not acquainted with the distinction, the following will explain it: 
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When working with PEX tubing in plumbing applications, several methods exist for branching off or continuing it. These are attaching a PEX conduit to a fitting (such as an elbow, union, or valve).

Consider using pinch clamps instead of copper crimp rings in this blog when installing PEX plumbing connections.

What Is Pinch Clamp Connection?

Like a crimp connection, a PEX pinch clamp consists of an interlocked piece of metal. It helps secure the joint. Like copper rings, the clamp is maneuvered over the PEX pipe’s terminus before the fitting is inserted. A raised part of the pinch clamp ring is visible (it does not form a perfect circle). This is where the clamp tool’s jaws will create the connection. The PEX tube and fitting are joined once all the required components have been aligned. This is gained by compressing the elevated section of the ring. It forms a minute pleat that extends from the tube’s profile.

Now that we have a basic understanding of each connection method. You can now analyze its merits and determine why a plumber might favor one.

pinch clamp connection
pinch clamp connection

What Is a Crimp Connection?

The connection above is established using a single crimp ring. The undivided piece of metal is slightly larger than the PEX tubing, which slides onto its end. The crimp ring tool has specialized jaws that wrap around the ring’s outer diameter. It provides a crimped connection by forcing the tool’s handles closed. It is also utilized to secure this ring to the tube. Moreover, it helps to connect the fitting and the piece of PEX. A gauge is necessary to ensure a correct connection following crimping.

crimp connection
crimp connection

Pinch Clamps Vs. Crimp Rings: Main Differences

Crimping and cinching aim to achieve a perfect connection between the following aspects.


The versatility of cinch tools confers many benefits. A single device is enough for many endeavors, and by not purchasing extra tool sizes, you can achieve cost savings. Also, cinching instruments are more adaptable to confined spaces due to their low effort requirement. Additionally, they are compatible with stainless steel and copper rings.

In the crimping technique, crimp tools establish connections only for a singular dimension of PEX fittings. Angled or straight models are available, with the former featuring shorter handles. Additionally, their flexibility permits their use in difficult-to-reach areas.

Specific iterations of crimp tools are compatible with split-inch and half-inch PEX. Dual-size tools are more challenging to operate than single-sized tools, although you will not need to buy more sizes. As an alternative, PEX crimp devices feature interchangeable joints. They accommodate pipelines of varying diameters.

pinch clamps vs. crimp rings
pinch clamps vs. crimp rings

Reliability and Accuracy

The PEX crimping method is dependable for creating leak-proof, secure connections. It also features a Go/No gauge to verify connections are sealed. Although lacking this specific characteristic, cinching tools are designed to stop operation. This only helps when the pipelines are sealed. The link adheres so tight that two ridges result, resembling those on a copper ring. Because the ring encircles the entire body, some users believe crimp connections are more secure.


As a professional plumber, you desire every job you perform to be flawless, effortless, and quick on the initial try. Because of its simplicity, the crimping technique is prevalent. No special skills are needed to operate crimping tools. It is appropriate for both novices and experts. Cinching is a technical process that demands specialized knowledge. However, removing the restraints is a simple task if an error occurs.


Copper rings are utilized in crimping. However, stainless steel rings are employed to secure works. Copper is more susceptible to corrosion than other materials, rendering it less enduring. Freezing water can damage the conduit system due to the copper material.

Advantages of Pex Cinch Clamp

The rings are constructed from stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion. Because it is a quick and long-lasting solution, it is more consumer-appealing. Moreover, it is a more straightforward repair method. It is compatible with rings made of stainless steel and copper.

It can reach essential areas within a confined space. This property supports the area of weakness. It enables concrete repairs in other critical locations. The cinch tool is size-independent. Many pex diameters can be utilized to establish a connection. Reusable fasteners are more icing. You can ensure that this renders the item functional!

advantages of pex crimps
advantages of pex crimps

Disadvantages of a Pex Cinch Clamp

Unfortunately, Pex Cinch Tools may also have drawbacks. Perfect connectivity requires exact calibration, which requires a trained professional to perform.

The cost may vary based on the prerequisite materials and the nature of the connection. A thinner stainless steel ring is present compared to its copper counterpart. It may deform when subjected to extreme pressure, resulting in discharge.

Advantages of Pex Crimps

Pex crimping is inexpensive and dependable in its precision. The “go/no go gauge” included in the packaging ensures an airtight connection. It can be inferred from the gauge’s condition. Additionally, it can provide rigidity to the conduit as a whole.

Engineers prefer this option due to its expedited repair process. Its user-friendly procedures and effective testing materials suit individuals of all experience levels. Stainless steel Pex crimp rings are an option for those who desire them.

Disadvantages Of Pex Crimps

The Pex crimping method is limited to specific dimensions, which may require many instruments and increase the cost. The copper composition of the Pex reduces its versatility and increases its susceptibility to corrosion.

Moreover, the connection’s strength may diminish as time passes. This may result in a rupture after discharge. Furthermore, some may find it challenging to operate in confined spaces, which is a disadvantage.

Which Pex Crimp vs. Pex Clamp Is Best?

pex copper crimp and pex clamp
pex copper crimp and pex clamp

Utilizing the copper ring that necessitates a Pex crimp achieves a more secure closure. It is advisable to use a Pex Crimp tool to achieve this goal. One distinct benefit that distinguishes the Pex Crimp from the Pex Clamp is this: The Pex Clamp can use either steel or copper crimp bands. It is universal and can be modified to accommodate pipes of any dimension. While this feature increases its versatility, it restricts clamping to the tab part of the crimping ring.

Although it functions and provides a decent seal, it is not as snug as the seal produced by the Pex Crimp tool. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The main factor is whether you prefer the Pex Clamp, which can be adjusted to suit pipes of any size. However, the Pex Crimp provides a more secure closure but is less versatile.


Both a pex clamp tool and a pex crimp tool are identical in function and can be utilized to seal pex pipelines. Besides, distinct distinctions exist between these two. The only metal that can be used with the pex crimp instrument is copper, which crimps the entire crimp ring. Various materials, like copper and stainless steel, can be clamped with the clamping tool. It can only secure a single fitting section.

The affordability of PEX has revolutionized the plumbing industry for professionals and homeowners. Workload and personal preference determine which method is superior: crimping or cinching. Crimp tools are superior for a more durable, secure, and reliable connection. However, PEX connectors offer greater flexibility without requiring more effort.

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