How To Fix a Leaking Frost-Proof Faucet

In this blog post, you’ll read:Even high-quality frost-proof faucets can fail, often due to leaks. Common issues include faulty washers, air gap leaks, and improperly installed hoses. Repairing these issues yourself is possible by turning off the main water supply, inspecting and replacing damaged washers and O-rings, and cleaning vacuum breaker caps. If problems persist, consulting a professional faucet supplier may be necessary.
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Even when purchasing a frostproof faucet from a great faucet supplier, there is still a chance that your faucet can fail. Before you call in a plumber, you want to check for the fault yourself. Understanding and finding the fault in the face will make it much easier to repair.

Understanding why frostproof faucets fail

There are many reasons why frostproof faucets fail. According to faucet manufacturers, the first failure is leaking frostproof taps. Ano’s common problem is when a hose is left of the spigot, preventing it from draining. It can also cause problems when a frostproof tap is installed with a slope backward into the home. A low-quality faucet can also cause easy failure. Desi n flaws made from flimsy material can easily leak or fail.

When air gap leaks

One of the most common reasons for leakage is when the air gap leaks. The built-in air gap prevents water from being tapped into the building. The reason for this problem is the flapper valve that needs to be replaced. It is important to know that not all faucets have a flapper valve. If that is the case, you must search for other reasons for the leakage.

washer fails
washer fails

Washer fails

Once a frostproof faucet leaks water in small amounts all the time, then it might be because of a broken washer. Befor you return the faucet to the factory, you might want to replace the washer first. Before replacing the washer on the faucet, you must turn off the main water supply at home.

Finding or buying another washer of the same size is essential. You can find it at a faucet manufacturer in India or any hardware store. Replace and turn on the water again. The frostproof faucet is supposed to stop leaking.

Repairing a leak in the Frostproof faucet

There is no reason why you need to phone a plumber to repair your frostproof faucet for a leak. It is easy to repair it yourself.

  • Always turn off the water at the main water supply.
  • Find and remove the handle screw on the tap. Removing it is easy; you lift the handle straight up and off.
  • Remove the hexagonal retaining nut by using an adjustable wrench.
  • I am replacing the washer and O-ring.
  • Replace the faucet and turn on the main water again.
frost proof faucet
frost proof faucet

Searching and repairing other frostproof faucets

Besides a faulty or broken washer, other problems can lead to a frostproof faucet leak. The best way to do this is to find where the leak comes from. The tools you will require to start searching for the fault and repair it include:

  • A 4-in-1 is most recommended
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Vacuum breaker parts
  • Washer from a bathroom faucet supplier

The first thing to do is to fasten or tighten the retaining nut. Most of the time, the leak is caused by the nut underneath the handle. That isn’t tightened enough. When you tighten the nut, you must be careful not to crank it too hard.

If this isn’t the problem, you will need to investigate further.

Turn off the main water supply.

frost proof hydrant valve
Frostproof hydrant valve

If you haven’t turned off the main water supply at home yet, you might want to do it now. The main water supply needs to be off so you can repair the faucet without wasting water. Open other taps to remove all the water still in the pipes.

Remove the faucet stem and look at the washer.

After you have looked at the retaining nut for any breakage, you need to remove the faucet stem. Some rings and washers on the stem can also be damaged or broken. It would be best to reinstall the handle to remove the faucet stem more easily. You are turning the handle to unscrew the stem so that it will come out.

Replace the washer and assemble it back in order.

replace the washer
Replace the washer

Look at the end of the faucet stem. Some O-rings and washer assemblies are attached. Make sure that it is all in good condition and not broken. If broken, you need to find an exact match and replace the washers and O-rings. To prevent leakage, you need to install the right size washer assembly. You might need to look further to see if there aren’t any broken washer assemblies.

The vacuum breaker cap can also cause leaks.

vacuum preventer
Vacuum preventer with hose bibcock

Remove the vacuum breaker cap. When you push the cap off, the parts underneath the cap will be visible. There, you’ll find parts that might be filthy or broken.

Cleaning and reinstalling parts of the vacuum breaker cap

Unscrew the parts underneath the breaker cap. Clean it thoroughly and place it back correctly. It is easy to see if the parts are filthy or broken and need to be replaced. Put everything back again, ensuring you know when each part is reinstalled.

Turn on the water and see if the problem is resolved or not.

Turn on the water supply again and see if the problem is resolved. If there isn’t any leakage, yousuccesin’tyy stopped the frostproof faucet. When you turn on the water, it leaks, so you mightknow it’ss time to call the faucet suppliers. It’ss a professional repair.


Even if you buy your frostproof faucet from a high-quality faucet factory, you might have a leaking faucet. Repairing it isn’t hard, and most people can do it. All you need to do is remove the faucet and replace the parts you see as damaged or broken.

The replacement will be successful when the faucet isn’t leaking anymore. If it leaks, you don’t want a plumber to look at the tap and consider repairing or replacing it completely.

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