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Nǐ hǎo (Hello)! This is Kevin, hailing from Taizhou, Zhejiang. He’s an accomplished professional with a rich mechatronics and product structure design background.

His expertise spans a plethora of industrial and home components and fixtures used in plumbing and sanitary ware. These include wash basinsbrass valvesstainless steel partsheating valveswaste stoppers, and, last but not least, faucets!

He excels at using 3D CAD software and SolidWorks for structural and material analysis. Thus, he’s either writing for Plumberstar and Hofensanitary or improving our product designs for our customers!

Experience and Industry Focus

I have thrived wonderfully as a Marketing Director since 2012. Ever since, I have successfully guided over 400 customers in choosing suitable valves, fittings, heating systems, floor drains, sewers, elbows, bathroom cabinets, and faucets for their residencies or commercial and industrial systems.

My in-depth knowledge of the plumbing and sanitary ware industry and easygoing personality have allowed me to become a trusted advisor in the plumbing and hardware sectors.

Hobbies and Joytime Activities

In my spare time, I enjoy writing blogs sharing technical insights and installation techniques, which help customers better understand product guidelines, structures, functions, and materials.

Passionate about high-quality products and living a tasteful life, I love having meaningful interactions with people worldwide, mainly from North America, Europe, and Oceania.

Get in Touch With Kevin!

With a love for dogs and a penchant for engaging in conversations, Kevin finds joy in his professional and personal life.

His genuine communication and dedication to customer satisfaction have earned him loyal clients and significantly contributed to his company’s success in the global market.

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How to Fix Ball Valve Stem Leaks

Discover how to maintain and fix ball valve stem leaks in your plumbing system. This guide covers the main causes of leaks, including improper installation and stem damage, and provides steps for effective repairs and prevention. Learn from top ball valve manufacturers and ensure your system’s longevity and efficiency. For more tips and valve options, visit Plumberstar.

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What is C x C, Sweat x Sweat, and Solder x Solder Valve or Fitting?

Choosing between brass and copper fittings for your plumbing needs can be challenging. Brass fittings, made of copper and zinc, are versatile, cost-effective, and suitable for various applications. Copper fittings excel in heat and electricity conduction, ideal for high-pressure systems. Both materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. This guide will help you decide the best fit for your project.

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Competitive Analysis Between Ball Check Valves versus Backwater Valves

Ball check valves and backwater valves both serve as one-way valves but differ in applications. Ball check valves, used in systems like irrigation and plumbing, prevent reverse flow using a ball mechanism. Backwater valves, essential in sewage systems, stop sewage from backflowing into clean water sources. Proper selection and maintenance ensure optimal performance, with backwater valves offering additional layers of protection for drinking water.

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How to Choose a Valve Manufacturer?

Choosing the right valve manufacturer is essential for a successful business. This decision is one of the pillars of your victory. Many people get perplexed while deciding, and it is normal. We will give you a proper guideline through this article.

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What are Valve Actuators?

A valve actuator is a type of mechanical device that opens and closes a valve’s flow passageways as required. A manual operator or an external power source (such as electricity, compressed air, or compressed hydraulic fluid) can initiate the machine’s movements. Its design determines whether it best suits on/off flow control or flow throttling.

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3 Misinterpretations Regarding Stainless Steel Plumbing Products

Stainless steel is a top choice in plumbing for its durability, corrosion resistance, and recyclability. However, common misconceptions include all stainless steel fittings being the same, it being rust-proof, and non-recyclable. Understanding the differences in grades and proper maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Stainless steel products offer long-term cost savings despite a higher initial cost.

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