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Hello, my name is Kevin, from Taizhou, Zhejiang. I graduated from mechatronics and engaged in product structure design, such as washbasin, brass valve, stainless steel parts, heating valve, waste stopper, sanitary ware, faucet, etc. I am proficient in 3D CAD software, Solidworks, structure, and analysis of materials and products. I have been a marketing director since 2012, and I will want to write some blogs in my spare time. We have helped more than 400 customers understand and buy more information about the correct valves, fittings, heating systems, floor drains, sewers, elbows, bathroom cabinets, and faucets.

My hobbies are chatting with people and keeping dogs. After work, I like to share more information and technical installation of plumbing and hardware products, improving my professional skills. This shared information helps customers better understand guidelines, structure, functions, selection, raw materials, etc.

For my consideration, I like to live a tasteful life with high-quality products. I also want to share my skills and information and hope to communicate with foreign friends. My current business includes not only Chinese business but also many overseas businesses. Now, most of my customers come from North America, Europe, and Oceania. I’m glad to communicate with them. My sincere communication makes customers very happy. They are willing to accept my services and place orders with the company, which is also a reward for my work.

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Bronze valves Plumberstar

Brass Vs. Bronze Ball Valves

Gold or Bronze: That is a typical question when looking for plumbing or industrial valves. Copper makes Brass valves and bronze valves are made mostly of copper. Their unique qualities and traits make them good for various uses.

This article compares brass and bronze valves, including their composition, color, price, melting points, and other features. We’ll also explore the significance of a brass ball valve manufacturer in making good-quality products.

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best 3 way valve

2 way Vs. 3-way valve FAQs

A 3-way valve features three ports and is used to divert or mix fluid flow between two different paths, providing flexibility in fluid distribution in various industrial applications.

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Plumbing products with Blue PVC pipe fittings and valves

Angle Valve Vs Ball Valve: Exploring Your Options

Valve selection is fundamental whether you are building a new system or modernizing an existing one. You can control the water temperature and pressure in your house or business by adjusting the various valves. Let’s take a closer look at two typical plumbing options, angle valve vs ball valve so that you can make an informed choice.

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copper types of manometers

What is a Differential Pressure Manometer? A Comprehensive Guide on Different Types of Manometers.

Manometers are devices that record pressure and its changes within a system. These devices are essential in industries that deal with the force of fluids. They provide users with a quantitative measure of pressure. It can be significant to control various reactions and processes going on. Differential pressure manometers are one such efficient type of manometers. Here are the different types of manometers and their differences.

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Worker Checking Pipes and valves in Factory

What Are Dual Plate Check Valves? A Comprehensive Guide on Types, Working, and Applications.

A check valve is a device that regulates the liquid flow in one direction and prevents backflow. They are essential to serve safety purposes in different industries. The dual plate check valve is a vital check valve type. This article will provide a comprehensive guide on double plate check valves’ types, working, and applications. Let’s start by understanding what are dual plate check valves.

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brass plumbing fittings

Top 11 Brass Fitting Manufacturers in the USA

Brass fittings are significant in plumbing, and one cannot do away with them. Brass, being a resilient metal, gives extra properties to the functionality of fittings. They are more familiar with handling water due to their corrosion-resistant properties. Brass fittings are excellent for connecting metal pipelines due to their easy-to-solder nature.

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