What is a Brass PPR Insert?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Joints with PPR pipe fittings without any inserts can easily cause leakage. It is important to set a decent joint for better performance. And you can maintain this only using brass inserts with PPR pipe fittings. Today in this article, we will cover everything important to know about brass PPR inserts
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Joints with PPR pipe fittings without any inserts can easily cause leakage. It is essential to set up a decent joint for better performance. And you can maintain this only using brass inserts with PPR pipe fittings. Today in this article, we will cover everything essential about brass PPR inserts. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

What Is Brass PPR Insert?

The brass PPR insert is a mechanical threaded nut or adapter. It is used with random polypropylene copolymer (PPR) plastic pipe fittings… to create a secure connection between the pipes without a leak or damage. This insert type is primarily suitable for PPR pipe fittings and plastic objects.

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Different Types and Sizes

The PPR inserts have a large form variety. Although, most of the time, it depends on the manufacturer and the client’s requirements. You can distinguish them by their knurl structure. The most common knurl shapes are straight, unidirectional, and diamond

These brass inserts range from 3/8″ to 3″ in diameter to 3/8″ to 5″ in length. And thread sizes range from M2 to M20 according to ISO standards (depending on the type). However, you can adjust the size varies according to your requirements.

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Structure Of A Brass PPR Insert

The shape of a brass PPR insert is usually like a barrel or long-rounded. Mostly it comes in a female manner, but the male structure is also available for some particular needs.

It has two ends. One end with spread metal is the head or inlet section. This part always stays above and has a round or hexagonal shape. In addition, you will see different design patterns on the outer body. These designs are known as knurls. Some inserts have diamond-shaped teethed knurls; some have line patterns… and some come with normal thread knurling or combining those designs. It depends on the manufacturer, installation process, and the purpose of that insert. 

However, the inside of the inserts is mostly the same. You will always find the standard threads there for joining the PPR fittings. 

Brass Insert

Why And Where To Use It

Joining the PPR fittings to the pipes using the heating process without inserts worked well for some time. But after a while, the joints began to weaken due to the media-flowing pressure. As a result, you will notice leakages or cracks in the joints.

For this particular situation, brass PPR inserts are the best choice. Using them will let you make the joints more securer and more efficient. These adapters ensure durable joints and protect pipes from damage. Also you can apply these to other plastic objects too. In addition, they are very durable to reuse from one joint to another

If you come to use them, you can use them in any PPR fittings such as equal or female tee, elbow, union, reducer, socket, coupling, and more. And you can use these brass insert attached fittings for the applications like potable water supply lines, heating, air conditioning systems, electrical and instrumentation lines, chemical transportation, agriculture pipes, etc.

brass insert
brass insert


Some will think there is no need for the PPR inserts as the typical joint also works well. But they may not know that PPR pipe fittings’ specific joint sometimes becomes risky. However, the advantages of the inserts will make them rethink their thoughts.

v Makes the joints secure and sturdy.

v Offers unlimited reuses.

v Ability to withstand unfortunate conditions.

v Sturdy construction and longer life.

v Corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.

v Easy to use, easy to install, and negligible maintenance.

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How To Choose Correct PPR Inserts

Choosing the fitting PPR brass inserts for your application is very important. Here is how you can do it:

Till now, you have found that brass is the primary material. However, you can get these inserts in any other material, such as stainless steel and copper. But brass is always the better material for this. In addition, if you are willing to use this in your potable water supply, you must choose lead-free brass for safety.

Most of the PPR inserts come with their original body finish. Variations in the finish are also available, like chrome plating, nickel plating, sandblasting, and more. Although, no one will notice the finish that much. But it’s essential for protecting the insert surface. 

We have already discussed the size ranges. Also, the internal thread design is available in NPT, BSPT, BSP, and ISO standards

Knurling is available in straight, diamond, and helical or unidirectional shapes. 

Both male and female-type structure is attainable for particular situations.

You can use this in both hot and cold situations. The temperature endurance ranges from -10oC to 120oC.

These are the features. They are available for brass PPR inserts in the market. Choose the proper combination according to your application needs. However, sometimes you will not find a perfect match for your requirements. In this situation, you must get custom-made inserts from a professional manufacturer. Well, Plumberstar can do it for you if you want.

ss brass insert
ss brass insert

Why Choose Us

Plumberstar can provide you with any Brass Inserts, including the PPR ones. Here is why you should choose us:

1. Plumberstar is the leading brass insert manufacturing company in China.

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You can contact us with your questions regarding the brass inserts. We will address your issues and provide the best-fit inserts for your needs. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

In conclusion, PPR brass inserts are mandatory for PPR fittings. You must purchase the inserts separately if you have bought the fittings only. But don’t skip them because they will work as lifesavers for you, your system, and your property.

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