Differences Between PVC Ball Valves Threaded And Socket type?

In this blog post, you’ll read:PVC ball valves are used plastic stop valves. The valve contains a rotating ball with a hole in the center. The hole can be aligned or perpendicular to the pipeline by turning the ball a quarter turn. 
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PVC Ball Valves Threaded and Socket Comparison 

PVC ball valves are used as plastic stop valves. The valve contains a rotating ball with a hole in the center. The hole can be aligned or perpendicular to the pipeline by turning the ball a quarter turn. 

It is for the opening or blocking of the flow of fluids. PVC valves are durable, cheap, and used for various liquids. Water, air, corrosive chemicals, acids, and bases are liquids.

They are available with different pipe fittings, like solvents, flange, or pipe threads. The most common is a ball valve with sockets and a manual handle. The valve is removable for replacement, inspection, and cleaning. 

thread pvc ball valve 2
thread PVC ball valve 2

Why are PVC Ball Valves used?

Since the valves are beneficial for several different purposes in the following: 

full port of pvc ball valve
full port of PVC ball valve

· Industries

· Residential

· Manufacturing

· Plumbing 

The choice of the correct valve is an essential aspect for the valve installer. The selection of the suitable valve determines the success or failure of the entire process. A valve is often designed to control fluid flow through a system. The valve starts, stops, or throttles the flow to ensure a safe and efficient flow.

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Difference between PVC Ball Valves Threaded and Socket:

PVC Ball Valves have different types of end connections, depending on various factors: 

· PVC Ball Valve functions 

· Type

· Application 

You can select the right kind of end connections. The most common types of terminal connections are as follows: –

Gene Code

PVC Threaded Ball Valve:

Threaded Ball valve ends are required for the low-pressure piping system. This fitting is cheap and quick to install without any difficulty. Once the joints of these connections are assembled, it is suitable for the low-pressure piping system. These connections are welded around the joint when made in some cases. Although, this is not much in practice. It can cause problems in the efficient use of these valve end fittings.

thread pvc ball valve 1
thread PVC ball valve 1

Threaded PVC Ball Valve Fittings

PVC Threaded Ball Valve ends can connect small valves to pipes. They are helpful in applications that have small ball valves less than 4 inches in diameter. Larger sizes will be more difficult to seal, and they will be more likely to leak through the threads. They are easy to install, inexpensive, and easy to maintain and replace. 

The female valve has threaded ends that connect with a male threaded component. In most cases, the valve has male threaded lots or one male threaded end and the other a female threaded end. Threads are made according to the thread standards, which specify the thread parameters. 

Threaded PVC Ball Valve Fittings can be straight or tapered. Straight valves often need an O-ring that compresses. And to ensure a tight seal between the valve and the pipe. The tapered thread doesn’t need an O-ring to achieve an airtight seal. Both types of threads can use pipe tape or sealant between the male and female threads, which acts as a lubricant and provides a seal. It also prevents metal-to-metal contact from causing wear.

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PVC Ball Valve Socket or Welded Valve 

PVC Ball Valve Socket or Welded Valve are used when the absence of leaks is vital to the system. This is generally the case in high-temperature and high-pressure piping systems. It is also common to use solder connections with hazardous fluids. Qualified professionals should make welded connections. Valve welded connections have two types.

34 ball valve
34 ball valve

PVC Ball Valve Socket Fittings 

Socket welded valve end fittings are connected on steel valves or in applications. Thus, requiring high pressure and temperature in the piping industry. When it does not leak, it is installed so that used for longer and is not required.

This type of socket connection has a valve diameter more extensive than the diameter of the pipe. So, the tube can fit over the end of the valve socket. Welding is often done around the perimeter of the end of the valve connected to the pipe.

heavy hpvc ball valve
heavy PVC ball valve

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