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In this blog post, you’ll read:Bronze valves are special valves made from a type of metal called bronze. Bronze is a mixture of copper and other metals like tin, zinc, and lead. They are best in places with lots of water. They can also handle other liquids that might cause damage to products.
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Bronze valves are special valves made from a type of metal called bronze. Bronze is a mixture of copper and other metals like tin, zinc, and lead. They are best in places with lots of water. They can also handle other liquids that might cause damage to products.

One reason bronze valves are so helpful is their corrosion resistance. This means they will only rust or wear out in severe and harsh conditions. Bronze valves fit in places like boats and ships. They can withstand salty seawater.

Bronze Valves: The Heartbeat of Industry and Infrastructure

Bronze, an alloy derived primarily from copper, possesses several inherent qualities that make it a favored material in the world of valves. Its strength, coupled with excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, makes bronze an ideal choice, particularly in applications that demand longevity and performance under challenging conditions.

Types of Bronze Va ves:

Gate Valves:

Bronze gate valves lift a barrier (or “gate”) out of the flow path. These are particularly useful for applications requiring full flow or complete shutdown. Given their simple mechanism, gate valves require less maintenance and are less prone to failure.

Globe Valves

With their spherical bodies, globe valves are easily recognizable. Their design permits the precise regulation of flow. Inside, a movable disc-type element and stationary ring work with contr l flow, making it ideal for throttling and frequent operation.

Ball Valves:

Within the robust bronze body of a ball valve lies a spherical disc or “ball.” This ball has a hole through its center. When aligned with both ends of the valve, flow will occur. When it’s rotated 90 degrees, flow is cut off. This simplicity in design means rapid shut-off is possible.

Check Valves:

As guardians of flow direction, bronze check valves ensure media flows in only one direction, preventing potential system damage from backflow.

Butterly Valves:

Characterized by their quick op ratio, butterfly valves consist of a disc positioned in the center of the pipe. A rotation of the actuator turns the disc either parallel or perpendicular to the flow.

Plug Valves:

Plug valves use a cylindrical or conically-tapered “plug” to stop or star flow. Rotating the handle or wheel turns the plug, controlling the flow passage.

Where Bronze Valves Make a Difference:

  • Potable Water Systems: Bronze’s inherent resistance to leaching makes bronze valves the go-to system that distributes drinking water. The health risks linked to other materials leaching into water systems make bronze an undeniably safer choice.
  • Steam Operations: The superior thermal conduct activity of bronze allows it to withstand the high temperatures of steam applications without compromising performance.
  • Desalination Plants: Bronze valves can combat the corrosive effects of seawater, making them indispensable in desalination plants where seawater is transformed into fresh water.
  • Cooling Towers: The continuous water circulation in cooling towers presents an environment where corrosion is a genuine concern. Bronze valves stand resilient in these conditions, ensuring consistent water flow.
  • Fue Handling Systems: In industries where fuel handling is essential, the safety and reliability of bronze valves become paramount. Their resilience under pressure ensures that fuels are transported safely.
  • Historical Renovations: Maintaining the original look and feel is crucial in restoring historical landmarks and buildings. Given the longevity of bronze, many older systems have bronze valves that need replacements of the same material.
  • Bev rage Production: Bronze valves play a pivotal role in beverage production lines, ensuring consistent flow and maintaining the quality of the beverage.

By integrating the unique attributes of bronze into the functional designs of valves, industries gain a component that performs consistently and stands the test of time. Whether under the weight of high-pressure steam, the salinity of seawater, or the demand for potable water delivery, bronze valves rise to the occasion, ensuring op rations flow smoothly.

Bronze valves Plumberstar
Bronze valves Plumberstar

Another reason bronze valves are great is that they are easy to make. Bronze is a soft, natural metal. We can shape and mold bronze into different forms. It eases the creation of any bronze valves. Some standard bronze valves include ball, gate, and globe valves.

Each type of bronze valve has its unique purpose. For example, ball valves are a great choice to control liquid flow. We use gate valves to stop the flow of liquid completely. Check valves to prevent backflow. The globe valves regulate the flow of fluids. Bronze valves are a beneficial type of valve. Their resistance to corrosion makes them a resilient choice.

Here is a list of the top 8 Bronze valve suppliers around the globe.

1. Velan Inc. 

velan inc.
Velan nc.

Company Overview:

Velan Inc. is a global leader in the production of bronze valves. They supply industry and household valves. The company started in 1950. Its headquarters are in Canada. It has production plants in many regions. Velan has a vast network around the globe. They have many service and sales locations. There, the company provides customers with insights and guidance.

Company Services:

Velan offers a wide range of bronze valves. They also provide customized solutions for customer demand. The company’s bronze valves offer exceptional resistance to corrosion and erosion. This makes them the perfect solution for harsh environments.

Velan’s bronze valves use high-quality material in their making. They undergo tests before coming for sale. The applications for Velan’s bronze valves vary. We can use them in oil, gas, power plants, and water treatment.

Velan is dutiful to sustainability. They are very dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint. They apply energy-efficient operations. They reduce waste to save the environment. They use various steps for the removal of ecological impact. It also includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Vel n has received many awards for its responsible practices. The company was one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers in 2020. Velan has also received various awards for its innovative solutions. It includes API 641 certification for its Low-Emission Valve Packing. They also received the Valve World Excellence Award.



Company Overview:

Dezurik is another world-famous brand for bronze valves. The company started in 1928 and has headquarters in the USA. They manufacture valves in the USA and Canada. It manufactures products for water and wastewater treatment. Their products apply to power generation. Their product is also available for chemical processing and mining.

Compa y Services:

Dezurik offers a wide range of bronze valves, actuators, and controls. The company’s values are applicable for severe applications. They can handle corrosion and high-temperature fluids. Various industries use D zurik’s valves. It includes water treatment, chemical processing, and mining, etc.

Dezurik has a keen eye for innovation and technology. They have a dedicated team of researchers and developers. It keeps working to create new plumbing products. Dezurik also offers valve automation and control solutions. It includes a diagnostics system and the E2 control valve platform.

casting process for bronze
Casting process for bronze

Dezurik produces high-quality water control products for its customers. I keep focus on durability and performance. They co-duct test and inspect their valves before re-shipping them to buyers. Dezu ik also offers excellent customer support. They give technical help, field services, and training programs.

The company uses Valve Guardian technology. It reduces fugitive emissions from valves. Dezurik also strives to reduce waste. It makes their manufacturing effective. They have received many awards for their quality and customer service.

2020, the company received the Top Project of the Year by Environmental Leader. Dezurik is also famous for its commitment to safety. They received the Governor’s Safety Award several times.

3. Plumberstar:

plumberstar manufacturer
Plumberstar manufacturer

Company Overview:

Plumberstar is a valve manufacturing company present in China. They specialize in the production of bronze valves. The company started in 2006, and its headquarters are in China.

 Company Services:

Plmberstar offers bronze valves with a great variety. The company’s products are available for use in almost every application. They use plumbing, heating, gas, and water systems. Plumberstar has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. They have advanced machinery and equipment. The company’s production processes ensure high precision. They keep a focus on meeting customer requirements.

bronze valves from plumberstar
bronze valves from Plumberstar

Plumberstar delivers high-quality products to its customers. They make no compromises on their services. It covers all operations, from raw material to final testing. Plumberstar products are up to international standards. A few of them include ISO 9 01, CE, and RoHS.

Plumberstar provides exceptional customer service with a team of professionals. The company offers fast and reliable delivery. They also present flexible payment options for customer satisfaction. Plumberstar has a global presence, with customers in more than 50 countries.

The company’s vast network enables it to serve customers worldwide. They keep an eye on providing standard products that speak up for their worth. Plumberstar explores new processes to improve its products and services. It has helped it to stay ahead in the valve manufacturing industry.

4. Flowserve:


Com any Overview:

Flowserve is a global leader in supplying industrial valves. It also offers pipeline accessories and flow control products. The company started in 1997 and has headquarters in Irving, Texas, USA. They have manufacturing facilities and sales offices around the world. Flowserve’s products apply to various applications, such as oil and gas. They are also suitable for chemical plants and water management.

Company Servies:

Flowserve offers a range of valves for actuation and control systems. The company’s valves offer high performance and reliability. Flowserve’s valves have applications in heavy-duty industries and plants. They have a dedicated research team working on new products. The company has developed ed the Durco Guardian seal technology. It reduces emissions and extends seal life.

Flowserve offers valve automation and control solutions. It includes the Logix Digital Positioner and the PMV Positioner. Flowserve provides a global network of service locations. They offer training programs to ensure customer convenience. Flowserve also focuses on aftermarket support with a range of services. It includes repair, spare parts, and upgrades.

Flowserve has received many awards for its products and corporate responsibility. In 2020, they received the award for America’s Most Responsible Company.

5. AVK International:


avk international
Avk international

Company Overview:

AVK International is a global company of fittings and flow control solutions. They design, manufacture, and supply bronze valves. The company started in 1941 in Galten, Denmark. It opens under the AVK Group. It has over 100 companies worldwide and more than 11,000 workers.

Company Services:

AVK International offers standard-quality bronze valves. They provide different structures and materials for their products. They design valves for wastewater and gas distribution. Their products also serve in HVAC systems. AVK International offers couplings, flange adaptors, and clamps.

The company’s products meet international standards such as ISO, EN, and API. Hey, undergo strict testing procedures. AVK International has Resilient Seat and Gate Valves. It provides superior sealing and durability. AVK Internat offers trustworthy customer service and support. It makes AVK a credible choice.

AVK International’s EPS is aimed at reducing environmental impact. AVK International has a global presence. It has production and sales offices in more than 100 countries. The company’s network enables it to serve customers with tailored solutions.

AVK Intern nal also has a strong focus on local manufacturing. It is manufactured in Denmark, France, the UK, and China. AVK national has received many awards for innovation. They are also contributing to saving the ecosystem. In 2020, Ethisphere Ins te awarded them the World’s Most Ethical Company award.

6. Powell Valves:

powell valves
Powell valves

Company Overview:

Powell Valves is their big name in the production of bronze valves. r bronze valves are up to the mark. The company started in 1846 with headquarters in Ohio. It has production plants in North America and Asia.

Company Services:

Bronze valves are the top pick from Powell valves. The company also offers valve accessories like actuators, positioners, and switches. Powell Valves has a keen focus on continuous improvement. Their product met the standards of ASME, API, and ANSI. They have Triple Offset Butterfly Valves. It provides superior sealing. This product cuts down the cost of maintenance.

Their maintenance services ensure that customers get a lot of benefits. Ll Valves also has a strong focus on safety. They aim to reduce workplace accidents. They have a global presence. Their sales offices are present in North America and Asia. The company’s extensive network helps to serve customers worldwide.

Powell Valves has manufacturing facilities in the US, China, and Canada. Powell Valves meet international standards of ISO 9001 and API Q1. It shows how dedicated and eager they are for customer care.

The company has also received several awards for its products and services. It includes the Supplier Recognition Award from Bechtel Corporation. They also have the Frost & Sullivan Global Control Valve Award. These factors make Powell reliable for buying.

7. Metso Corporation:

metso corporation
Metso Corporation

Company Overview:

Metso Corporation is a Finnish multinational company. They are famous for industrial products and bronze valves. The company started in 1999 in Finland. They operate in more than 50 countries.

Company Services:

Metso Corporation offers crushers, valves, feeders, grinding mills, and pumps. Their products improve productivity and profit. Metso Corporation has sustainable products. They keep adding efforts that protect the environment from hazards.

The company’s sustainable solutions include waste reduction and energy efficiency. Their steps to use renewable energy sources are remarkable. Metso Corporation produces excellent bronze valves. Their valves serve industrial operations.

Metso Corporation is a famous name for digital solutions. They come with services that leverage data. It plays a significant role in improving customers’ processes. Their digital solutions include Metso Metric. It provides real-time data on equipment performance. Metso Outotec HSC Chemistry is a software package that simulates mineral processing.

Metso Corporation offers technical services and maintenance support. Metso Corporation’s global presence has its centers in over 50 countries. Metso Corporation has production facilities in several countries, including China, India, and Brazil.

Metso Corporation has certified international standards. These include ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company has also received several awards for its products and services. One is the Red Dot Award, and the other is the Mining Magazine Award.

8. Crane Co.

crane co
crane co

Company Overview:

Crane Co. is an industrial company that operates in several segments. The company started in 1855 in the USA. They have a significant presence in more than 100 countries. They cater to bronze valves with exceptional quality.

Company Services:

Crane Co.’s fluid handling segment offers a range of products. These are valves, pumps, fittings, and related services. Industries apply these products for a range of processes. For instance, chemicals, plants, oil, water, and gaseous treatments. They also produce products related to the aerospace industry. These include valves, actuators, and fuel systems.

The company’s sustainable initiatives include reducing waste and emissions. They use renewable sources of energy in their duties. The reason for Crane Co.’s credibility is its on-time responses to customers. They provide training programs to ensure customer satisfaction.


In conclusion, bronze valves are an essential component in carrying out processes. We use them for plumbing, marine, and industrial equipment. Choosing the right supplier is crucial for the reliability of your valves. They should match your needs and specifications.

This article highlights the top eight bronze valve suppliers around the globe. Each one has its unique working and strengths. You can decide by exploring the features of each supplier company. It can help you find the best bronze valves for your needs. For every kind of application, there is a bronze valve supplier that can meet your needs. You can make a practical choice for your business by considering certain factors.

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