Top 6 Brass Valve Manufacturers in the World. Here is a Deep Insight.

In this blog post, you’ll read:Valve producers have, over time, grown on a vast scale. It resulted in millions of industries. When it comes to top brass valve manufacturers, one should be careful. To grow your business, it is vital to select the right supplier.
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Valve producers have, over time, grown on a vast scale. It resulted in millions of industries. When it comes to top brass valve manufacturers, one should be careful. To increase your business, it is vital to select the right supplier. Brass valves are durable and the most working product. Thus, it is vital to go for efficient manufacturers.

cnc workshops manufacturing
cnc workshops manufacturing

This article gives you a detailed insight into the world’s top 6 brass valve manufacturers. First, let’s check what a brass valve is.

What is a Brass Valve? 

Brass valves contain Brass as the main composing element. Copper and zinc combine their effects to give a more resilient product. Brass valves can serve in almost every application. They meet the standards of durable valves.

brass valves
brass valves

Types Of Brass Valves:

Almost all valves are present in brass material. Brass valves have a broad range of styles. Their types vary upon application. Yet, the most common types of brass valves are as follows.

Different valves
different valves
  • Brass Ball Valves apply to residential and industrial plumbing. They use a rotating ball to operate.
  • Brass Globe Valves are applicable in heavy industries and steam operations. The disk serves to open and close by sliding its position.
  • Brass Gate Valves are standard in oil, gas, and water plants. The gate in the valve either completely opens or closes the valve.
  • Brass check valves are also applicable in plumbing systems. They allow a straight flow and stop liquids from back-flow.
  • Brass Butterfly Valves are suitable for large pipelines and HVAC systems. It regulates fluids by the rotation of a disc.
  • Brass Pressure Relief Valves release extra pressure from a plumbing system. They apply to industries and steam plants.

Top 6 Brass Manufacturers in the World: 

Here is a complete analysis of the world’s top 6 brass valve manufacturers.



Emerson provides a wide range of valves for various industries. They contribute to oil and gas, chemical, and power plants. Emerson is famous for its high-quality brass products. Emerson produces the finest valves around the globe.

Emerson offers expert advice and guidance. It helps clients select the suitable valve for their application. The experts focus on flow rate, pressure, and temperature for valves. It makes selection easy and effective. Emerson also provides maintenance guidelines. Their services also guide installation keys. They have teams of plumbers for their valves who can repair and manage them.

Emerson offers valve automation solutions. It helps clients to get better at operations. It leads to achieving excellent performance. Their automation solutions include actuators, positioners, and controllers. Emerson provides valve testing services. It ensures that its products meet industry standards and customer requirements. They provide pressure testing, leak testing, and functional testing.

Emerson offers innovative training and education programs. It covers unique insights for professionals in the valve industry. The courses are on valve selection, installation, and automation. Emerson provides valve asset management solutions. It helps clients optimize their valve performance and reduce maintenance costs.

The company has predictive solutions. Emerson provides valve engineering and design service. It assists clients in creating custom solutions that meet their specific needs.


plumberstar manufacturer
plumberstar manufacturer

Plumberstar is a Chinese valve manufacturing company. It is home to incredible plumbing products. They manufacture brass valves, taps, fittings, and manifolds. The material for valves varies and is not limited to Brass only. Product quality and efficient delivery is their priority. Plumberstar produces durable copper, Brass, and stainless steel valves. They have a wide range of options for the customers. Die-casting, stamping, and sand casting are their top offers.

Plumberstar has excellent customization options for buyers. The buyer can select the material and structural designs. This best brass valve company allows you to choose the surface finishes. They ensure strict measures for quality controls. They manage quality under the supervision of qualified experts. Choosing Plumberstar can skyrocket your plumbing business.   

Installation plumbing parts monkey wrench construction brass plumbing fittings gate valve on fitting
installation plumbing parts monkey wrench construction brass plumbing fittings gate valve on fitting

Plumberstar deals with the most recent and efficient techniques. Their modern methods bring a reduction in production costs. It results in two main advantages as wholesale valve suppliers. First, it becomes cheap for the buyers. Second, it allows businesses to have large profit margins. The tailored products at Plumberstar help cut waste. It makes them more compatible for use.

The company also keeps a keen eye on customer satisfaction and care. They manufacture fine products. It saves one from the hustle of replacement and readjustment. It saves time and effort from running out. Besides, the company becomes cheaper for large orders and consignments.

Parker Hannifin Corporation:

parker hannifin corporation
Parker Hannifin Corporation

Parker Hannifin Corporation is a leading brass valve manufacturer. They have a reputation for producing high-quality products. The company has been in operation for over 100 years. Parker Hannifin Corporation is famous for its innovative designs and services. The company is ever-ready to deliver bulk valve orders.  

Parker Hannifin’s brass valves are easy to install, durable, and reliable. They consist of high-quality brass materials. They can withstand harsh conditions and temperatures. The company’s brass valves also offer high performance and efficiency. It helps businesses save on energy costs.

Parker Hannifin offers design and engineering services. It helps clients create customized solutions. They meet all the specific requirements. Their services include product development, prototyping, and testing. Parker Hannifin provides manufacturing services for its products. It includes machining, assembly, and testing. Their SCM services ensure that customers receive products on time.


nibco company
Nibco company

NIBCO started as a small manufacturer of brass valves and fittings. It is now a brand with a presence in over 50 countries. The company has an efficient quality control procedure. It ensures that all its products meet industry standards. NIBCO’s brass valves undergo rigorous testing. It ensures they are fit to serve the market. The company also offers a warranty on its brass valves. It gives customers peace of mind knowing they spend on a quality product.

NIBCO’s brass valves meet the needs of various industries. It includes applications for plumbing, HVAC, and industries. The company offers dynamic categories of brass valves. These offers come in different types. These valves are present in various dimensions to meet specific needs. NIBCO brass valves also come with options in surface finishes.

One of the features of NIBCO brass valves is their quick maintenance. They come with features such as quarter-turn handles and threaded ends. The valves are also easy to maintain. They have simple repair kits to fix any issues. NIBCO is also committed to environment-saving operations.

The company has started many techniques to lower its environmental impact. Their major proceedings include using recycled materials in their products. They also reduce energy consumption in manufacturing processes. It helps them promote saving practices. Besides, the company’s brass valves are lead-free. It makes them safe for use in potable water applications.

nibco valves
nibco valves

Besides high-quality brass valves, NIBCO also offers a wide range of other products. These include copper fittings, PEX tubing, plastic valves, and pipe hangers. The company’s products apply to various industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial applications. NIBCO’s commitment to quality has made it a trusted brass valve supplier.

Kitz Corporation: 

kitz corporation
Kitz corporation

Kitz Corporation is a Japanese company. It specializes in manufacturing valves. They also produce fittings and fluid control systems. Kitz Corporation has a presence in over 70 countries. It operates several production and development centers around the world. Kitz Corporation offers a wide range of competent brass valves. The company’s brass valves meet the standards of the market. They stand out in oil and gas, chemical, and HVAC.

Kitz Corporation’s valves are available in vast categories. They serve many operations. One of the strengths of Kitz Corporation is its standard quality. They manufacture versatile products for household and commercial uses. Kitz Corporation has a control program that ensures product quality. Valves undergo various tests for reliable and lasting performance.

One of the great features of their valves is a high level of customization. The company offers customized solutions for specific requirements. Kitz Corporations’ engineers work with customers. They design and manufacture valves that go with customer choice.

Kitz Corporation also contributes to innovation and research. The company has many research and production centers. Their engineers work there to develop new products and improve existing ones. It has led to the development of the KITZ Trunnion-mounted Ball Valve. It is a high-performance valve that can withstand high pressures and temperatures.

Kitz Corporation also offers a range of other products. It includes stainless steel valves, bronze valves, and plastic valves. They are applicable in treatment plants, HVAC, etc.

Mueller Industries:

mueller industries
mueller industries

It is a leading manufacturer of tubes, brass valves, and fittings. The company has become a famous brand in the industry. Mueller Industries is in over 20 countries. It operates several manufacturing plants worldwide. The company has a long history of developing new technologies. It keeps bringing innovations to the market.

Mueller Industries invests in research and development. It develops new and premium standards of quality. Mueller Industries offer a range of valves. The valves are available in different shapes and sizes for many applications.

The company’s brass valves can bear harsh conditions. Besides, they can perform great over a long period. The company tests its valves on various stages. They make no compromise on the quality and performance of their products.

Mueller Industries also offers other plumbing products. It includes copper tubes, fittings, and fluid control systems. The company’s products are applicable in almost every industrial application. Their brass valves are a fit for plumbing, HVAC, etc.

The company has introduced a new standard of comparable products. It is ruling the market because of innovative ideas. Customer care is their priority. They understand demands and fulfill their requirements in the first place. All these factors add to their success.


Brass valves have thousands of manufacturers. But quality is the key to selection. The above six are the top brass valve suppliers. They offer great services and have excellent feedback. These are the best brass valve wholesalers. You can check their websites and product specifications. It will assist you in selecting the most influential supplier. You can get customized prices for extra profit if you have a business.

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