Who Is The Leading Brass Valve Factory In China – Plumberstar?

In this blog post, you’ll read:China has the most significant production market in the world. Also, the number of brass valve factories in china is huge. But the universal question "Who is the best?" always remains. Well, the exact answer is the Plumberstar factory.
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China has the most significant production market in the world. Also, the number of brass valve factories in China is huge. But the universal question “Who is the best?” always remains. Well, the exact answer is the Plumberstar factory. This is not just a tale; we will prove it through this article. So, stay tuned.

Plumberstar Company Profile

Plumberstar has gained enough reputation to claim the No. 1 position in brass valve manufacturing. Here is a short description of our company:

Our Experience and Expertise

In the first decade of the 21st century, no company in China could supply customers with good-quality brass valves. So, we decided to take that responsibility. And we are committed to providing top-class brass valves and superior service to all. 

From 2006 to the present, for 15 years, we have been serving honestly all over the world. Plumberstar Factory is an expert in designing and making valves with Brass. And we are not just after producing the valves. Also, we are working on the development of brass valves.

Plumberstar Factory Location

Plumberstar is a Chinese valve-making factory based in China. The proper address for our factory is Qinggang Industrial Zone, Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, China. You can find our factory through the zip/postal code; the code is 318053. 

We will be glad if you come to our factory and have a cup of tea. Welcome you visit us, our factory and workshops.

brass butterfly air valves
Brass butterfly gas valves

Global Network

Although our factory is in China, our network is not limited only to China. The quality of our products and our best service has won people’s hearts from different regions. Therefore, we are ruling on the top position.

We are proudly supplying our brass valves to 33 countries around the world. The top regions are the USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Spain, and Japan. However, we can send our products anywhere on this planet.

Presence On The Internet

No reputable company wants to hide its existence. In addition, they invest more in their marketing to expand their brand name. Since this is the internet age, online advertising is more beneficial than other methods. And our company is one step ahead in taking advantage of that.

Our official website address is jiaxinmetals.com. We regularly post articles here to help you. The main topics of our posts are different plumbing ideas, tutorials, and the latest news on valves. Also, you can follow our social media networks, such as FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Linkedin… to know our latest offers and releases. 

Why Plumberstar Is the Best Brass Valve Manufacturer

It would help if you concluded by observing the matter yourself without believing anyone’s words. So, here are the reasons why Plumberstar is the leading brass valve factory in China:

Excellent Product Quality

Our success is our quality valves and heating manifold, and We know that people do not care much about money. They want quality valves. Therefore, we chose Brass as our primary material. 

This is because Brass is a rigid material and best suited for all valves. Also, Brass helps the valves to endure more pressure and temperature than other materials. In addition, we use chrome plating, nickel plating, and sometimes only polishing as the finish. This makes our valves more durable and efficient.

gas ball valves from plumberstar
gas ball valves from Plumberstar

Produces All Types Of Brass Valves

Producing only a few types of valves is enough to fulfill all the needs. Every application has different characteristics and particular needs. Also, no company can outperform its competitors with a few products, right? 

In the Plumberstar factory, you will get this century’s latest models of brass valves. For example, ball valve, check valve, angle valve, radiator valve, motorized & thermostatic valve, etc. In addition to these brass valves, we manufacture brass bibcocks, fittings, and heating manifolds.

Heating Projects
Heating Projects

Top Engineers and Latest Technology

Skilled engineers innovate great ideas, the latest technology helps the ideas implement, and good tools keep the quality perfect. This is what happened in our factory. If you have any thoughts, our experienced engineers will help you make that happen. Moreover, Plumberstar uses the technology and tools one step ahead of other factories. 

Hassle-Free Warranty Service

The quality of the valves made by our company is excellent. Also, the defect rate is 0.459%, which is about 0. However, we still offer a worry-free 12-month warranty on all our products. Most customers forget the warranty because there is no need for that. But we are offering this for unwanted cases and to take the trust to another level.

Low Lead Time

We have experienced and fast-hand workers with multitasking tools that help in quick production. That is why we have a low lead time of only 4 weeks. Even if the work pressure is low, we can serve much faster than that. Also, we send our customers free samples within 1-2 weeks as per their requirements.

Affordable Price

Yes, Plumberstar makes quality brass valves but not wallet breakers. You can compare Plumberstar’s valve prices with other makers and take your decision. Although the price depends on many factors if you compare the prices according to the valve quality… you will see a significant difference.

cost checking
cost checking

Professional Packing And Shipping

We know the value of your trust and investment. So, we do not let anything go wrong. Therefore, we ensure top-level packaging to protect the valves before shipping. And we always prefer sea freight as our primary shipping to send the valves efficiently. 

Satisfying Customer Service

Plumberstar is not one of those suppliers that do not communicate with you properly after the sale. You will get all the necessary papers and full support from us after the sale. And we try to resolve emergency issues within Five working days. Our 24/7 online customer service is always ready to hear from you. 

Above all, do you think we deserve the No. 1 place? You would say “Yes.” Plumberstar has all the characteristics to be the leading brass valve factory in China. So we are. And we are committed to maintaining our responsibility by providing the best service worldwide.

The Leading Brass Valve Factory In China – Plumberstar

China has the most significant production market in the world. Also, the number of brass valve factories in China is huge. But the universal question “Who is the best?” always remains. Well, the authentic answer is Plumberstar factory. This is not just a tale; we will prove it through this article. So, stay tuned.

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