Guide Relief Valve&Strainer?

In this blog post, you’ll read:The Pre-filter strainer is of Household filter and cleaning for Using, Washing and drinking Water Indoor & Outdoor, Filter the impurity and more large dirt, sand, and rust particles before they reach the rest of your plumbing system
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Brass safety Relief Valves

Selection from a wide range of pressure relief valves that can release pressurized fluid through a helper exhaust pathway. The relief valves are designed to open at a specific pressure to help protect water pumps, water heaters, or other needed equipment from exceeding pressure limits.


What’s a Pre-filter strainer?

The Pre-filter strainer is for the Household filter and cleaning for Using, Washing, and drinking Water Indoor & Outdoor, Filter the impurity and more large dirt, sand, and dust particles before they reach the rest of your plumbing system, including more useful as your special appliances.

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