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Ball valve components 2 pc body, a ball, a stem, and a handle, The function is for water or fluid flexible control of a plumber system. Ball valves are made from different materials, like brass, stainless steel, Iron, and HPVC. It’s the most basic plumbing fixture for controlling water flow.

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OEM&ODM Reliable 600WOG Ball Valve

Our Brass Ball Valve is machined from the finest brass to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. It features a two-piece design that makes it easy to install and use, and it has a 600WOG rating for maximum strength and reliability. Plus, its polished finish gives it sleekness; this high-quality brass ball valve is perfect for regulating the flow of liquid in your piping system. It can handle up to 600 pounds of pressure, which is ideal for home and industrial applications. Plus, the two-piece design makes construction and maintenance easy.

What Can Ball Valve Do?

A ball valve is a valve that uses a spherical disc to regulate flow. The sphere has a hole, or port, through the middle so that when the valve is turned one of two ways, fluid can flow through. Ball valves are popular because they are easy to use and maintain, and they can be fitted with different types of ports to accommodate different fluids and pressures.

Our brass ball valve lets you effortlessly control the flow of liquid or gas through your pipes. With its user-friendly design, this handy tool is perfect for everyone from plumbers to DIY enthusiasts. Whether you’re fixing a leaky faucet or setting up a new home entertainment system!

General Applications For Ball Valve

The ball valve is a simple device that can be used for various purposes. It consists of a metal ball that is placed inside a cylindrical container. When the valve is open, the ball can move up and down freely. When it is closed, the ball blocks the flow of fluid.

This versatile device has several applications. It can be used to regulate the flow of water in plumbing systems, control the air pressure in pneumatic systems, and isolate sections of piping in process systems. In addition, it can also be used as an emergency shut-off valve.

The ball valve is made from brass, making it durable and resistant to corrosion. It also has a low friction coefficient,

General Process Fabricate for Valves

General Hot-sales Angle Valve

The Brass Ball Valve is perfect for hot sales! Its durable construction and easy-to-use design make it a must-have for any serious seller. With its precision ball valve, you’ll be able to control the flow of your product with ease. So don’t wait – pick up a Brass Ball Valve today!

Brass Gas Ball Valve

This Gas Ball Valve is perfect for use with natural gas and propane. It is made of quality brass construction, ensuring durability and long life. The ball valve design makes it easy to turn on and off, making this the perfect choice for your home or business.

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Butterfly Water Ball Valve

The brass ball valve is perfect for controlling the flow of liquids and gases in your home or office. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, this ball valve is a must-have for anyone who needs to quickly and easily control the flow of their fluid supplies.

Brass Vertical Electrical Ball Valve

1. Our electrical ball valve is an excellent choice for any application that requires reliable and durable flow control.
2. This ball valve is made of high-quality materials and features an easy-to-use design.
3. It’s perfect for use in various industries, including automotive and aerospace.

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Our angle stop valves are with high-grade materials and finish treatment and suitable for different countries' pipeline applications. our feedback will get in touch with you in 24 hours

Estimated Cost Analysis For Angle Valve

Remarkable technology at remarkably affordable prices! Maybe you’ve had enough of the colorless, tasteless water that’s zapping your energy? Notice black droppings in your toilet bowl? These are signs that something is amiss — which happens to be both easy and inexpensive to fix. To keep your home safe, healthy, and comfortable for generations to come, turn to the Plumberstar team with confidence!

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Our ball valve offers a superior and efficient means of regulating fluid flow through your pipeline. Manufactured with precision and care, our ball valve is designed to provide a tight seal while ensuring minimal resistance to fluid flow.

Step 1: Project Design (7 days)

1. Drawing design of the ball valve is so exquisite, fascinating, and amazing that everyone will be impressed by it at first sight!
2. Made of top-quality materials, this ball valve ensures excellent durability and functionality. It is a wise investment for you!

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Step 2: Raw Materials Purchase of Angle Valves (3 days)

1. The forging technology of the ball valve is one of the most important technologies in modern times.
2. The ball valve has various advantages, such as good sealing performance, reliable performance, and convenient operation.
3. It is widely used in water systems, gas pipelines, petrochemical pipelines, etc., and plays an important role in controlling the fluid flow.

raw materials

Step 3: Forging and Casting Angle Valve (within 10 days)

You were introducing Plumberstar, the forged tech for the angle valve. Engineered to perfection, this top-of-the-line product offers superior performance and unmatched durability. Whether you’re a professional plumber or a DIY enthusiast, Plumberstar is the tool you need to get the job done right.

The Plumberstar is the perfect tool for fixing leaks and other plumbing problems! It features forged tech that makes it easier to use than traditional angle valves.

Bras Forged

Step 4: Bulk CNC Manufacturing (25 days)

1. Our ball valve is made of a high-quality CNC machine, ensuring precision and durability.
2. It is easy to install and operate, perfect for home or industrial use.
3. Our ball valve is both stylish and functional with its unique design.
4. It is available in various sizes to meet your needs.

Step 5: Assembly (10 days)

The ball valve is a type of valve that uses a spherical disc to regulate flow. It is open when the disc is parallel to the flow and closed when perpendicular. This simple design means that it can be operated with just one hand and doesn’t require extensive training. It also has a low resistance to flow, making it perfect for use in critical applications.

valve assembly

Are you looking to add valves and copper fittings for your plumbing system?

Are we looking for a valve to handle both hot and cold water?  This durable valve can handle temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for any plumbing project. Plus, the ball valve’s easy-to-use design makes it a snap to install. So don’t wait – order your ball valve today!

The Basic Knowledge About Valves and Manifolds

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Washing Machine Shut-Off Valve

A washing machine shut-off valve is a device that controls the flow of water to a washing machine. It is typically installed in the water supply line that connects to the washing machine. It allows the user to turn the water on or off as needed.

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What is a CF8M Ball Valve?

It is important to have the right equipment for fluid control in industrial settings. One such piece of equipment is the CF8M ball valve. This valve is used for control mechanisms in liquid and gas flow systems.

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The Common Pitfalls While Purchasing Ball Valve

Don’t let the name deceive you – this valve is made of brass, not lead! But just like its namesake, this valve can be a real pain in the neck. If not installed and used correctly, it can quickly become clogged with debris and sediment. So before you purchase your next ball valve, be sure to read up on how to use it properly – or else you could end up with a big mess on your hands. Make sure your plumbing projects go off without a hitch with this trusty brass ball valve. This valve is built to help you avoid any pesky problems, like leaks or pressure buildup. Plus, it’s easy to use – turn the knob to adjust the water flow!

A few traps here that you have to avoid while purchasing angle valves—lighter weights instead of a heavy one, Iron stem instead of the brass stem.H56-4 instead of lead-free brass, No salty spray test, and water pressure and leakage test,

Do you hate getting those little pieces of metal in your mouth? Well, now there’s a solution! The Brass Ball Valve is the perfect alternative to traditional ball valves. With its sleek design and easy-to-use functionality, the Brass Ball Valve is perfect for any project. Plus, it’s made of brass so you know it’s tough enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

Problem solved! Get a plumber mate dishwasher today. Plumberstar’s patented valve is designed to provide maximum water flow through the pipes, widening the pipe diameter for easy passage of debris and easier removal of clogs. Its high-impact resistant rubber construction will keep wearing down your under-sink drain without scratching it or any dishes that may be coming out that drain at any point in time.

Factory Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Plumberstar?

We know that you don’t mess around when it comes to plumbing. That’s why we’ve created the Plumberstar ball valve- the toughest, most reliable ball valve on the market. With our patented triple-seal technology, your plumbing will stay leak-free for years to come. So why choose our ball valve? Because when it comes to plumbing, you can’t afford to compromise.

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Are you looking for a dependable ball valve? Look no further than Plumberstar. Our ball valves are made from high-quality materials and are backed by our quality guarantee, so you can be sure they’ll last longer and work flawlessly every time. Plus, our great prices make them an affordable option for any budget. So don’t wait – order your Plumberstar ball valve today!

The FAQs About Ball Valves

Please note that are common questions from most customers. Could you please feel free to contact us if any further questions or are confused about ball valves?

A ball valve is a plumbing device that controls water flow in and out of a pipe. It's composed of a ball-shaped handle that rotates to open or close the valve. This allows for precise water flow regulation, making it an essential tool for both homeowners and professionals.

Introducing the Plumberstar ball valve - the best way to keep your plumbing running like a star. A 3 years warranty backs this top-of-the-line product, so you can be sure that it will last for years to come. The Plumberstar ball valve is perfect for any home or business with its durable construction and easy installation. Don't wait - order yours today!

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize your sink is clogged and the water is slowly rising? Well, never fear, Plumberstar is here! Our ball valve can clear any clog in minutes so that you can get back to your day. Plus, our low minimum quantity means you can always have one on hand when disaster strikes. So our MOQ from 100-3000pcs available else

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Ball valves are a type of valve that has been around for centuries. They have been used in various industries, including water, oil, and gas. In this blog post, we will be discussing how ball valves work, the different types of ball valves available, and what to look for when purchasing a ball valve.
Ball Valves: How do they work? As stated earlier, ball valves are designed to control or stop the flow of fluids or gases through them by rotating one way or another with a top handle. Ball valves come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all function similarly. The inside part can be threaded so it can screw onto pipes, while the outside has an opening where you need to put your hand

Ball valves are one of the most important components in a plumbing system. They allow for easy flow control and can even be used as shut-off valves during emergencies. However, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye. The size of your ball valve will depend on the amount of pressure you need it to withstand, but generally speaking, they come in a few different sizes:1/4",3/8",1/2".3/4",1",1-1/4",1-1/2" 2", 3" and 4",6" and 8."

Different ball valves have different sizes, and the valve you need will depend on how much water is going through it. For example, you're looking for a small valve that can fit into tight spaces like plumbing under sinks or in bathroom cabinets. 

There are different treatments for the finish of the ball.

  1. sandblasted finish
  2. Original brass finish
  3. sandblasted with nickel-plated
  4. Sandblasted with chrome-plated
  5. polished finish
  6. polished with chrome-plated
  7. special treatment finish

There are many reasons why you might need to buy a ball valve. Maybe you’re remodeling your kitchen and need to install a new sink, or perhaps you’re a plumber who needs to replace an old ball valve. Whatever the reason, it’s important to choose the correct ball valve for the job. And that’s where Plumberstar comes in. We offer a wide variety of high-quality ball valves at affordable prices so that you can find the perfect one for your needs. Plus, our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you choose the correct valve for your project. So why wait? Visit our website today and browse our selection of ball valves! Order now!

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