How to Use a Flow Meter on Heating Manifold?

In this blog post, you’ll read:Accuracy is another important factor. Sometimes, liquid chemicals or gases are in reacting form in chambers. In such cases, fluid flow measurement can either bring promising results or loss.
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Measuring liquid flow through certain pipelines and containers is challenging yet crucial. Industries need to measure these flows regularly. It is so important that even slight negligence can sometimes bring serious concerns. Accuracy is another important factor. Sometimes, liquid chemicals or gases are in reacting form in chambers. In such cases, fluid flow measurement can either bring promising results or loss. Therefore, we need a suitable device to perform this vital task. Such a device is a Flow Meter.

Manifold With Flowmeter
Manifold With Flowmeter

What is a Flow Meter?

A flow meter is an instrument that enables yd to measure the amount of fluids or vapors in a container or pipe. It is done by calculating their linear, volumetric, or mass flow rates. Flow meters come in various types to perform relative functions. Industrial applications highly demand flow meters for the successful execution of reactions.

Different flow meters work on respective principles. Depending upon their use, they have different structures and functions. Hence, the maintenance of each flow type differs from the other. Flow meters are equally effective in domestic as well as other industrial sectors. We can get the specifications of a particular kind and sort it for a relatable function.

waterflow for heating system
water flow for the heating system

Types of Flow Meters: 

Flow meters have the following most essential and well-known types that are excellent for hand water and similar fluids.

Magnetic Flow Meter: 

As the name indicates, magnetic flow meters work in a magnetic field. It measures the volumetric flow and speed of a liquid flowing across a pipe. The magnetic flow meter’s working principle is Faraday’s electromagnetic inspection law. As per this law, fluid movement in the magnetic field generates voltage.

The magnetic flow meter measures more voltage when liquids move at higher speeds. With the help of electronics, these voltage signals get converted into a volumetric flow rate. These flow meters have average accuracy and can work up to limited conditions.

Product:  Micro Magnetic Hydraulic Flow Meter.
Material: Plastic.
Medium: Water type flow meter.
Pressure: 0.35 MPa maximum.
Voltage:  5 to 24 VDC.
Function:  Flow Sensor.
magnetic flow meter specifications
magnetic flow meter plumberstar
magnetic flow meter plumberstar

Ultrasonic Flow Meter: 

Ultrasonic flow meters use ultrasounds to measure the liquid flow across containers. Working with the ultrasonic meter is quite interesting. It transmits signals toward the direction of flow. One of these signals goes at the downward stream while the other goes for the upward stream. Then, the velocity of particles of fluids is measured with the help of the difference in the time taken by the signal.

When the meter gets the velocity, it automatically uses it to calculate the volumetric flow of the fluid. We can also use this method to check the energy distribution between the hot and cold edges of the flow. One of the best-known ultrasonic flow meters is Clamp-on. It works by emitting signal pulses from outside of the pipe. It is reliable and suitable for large pipelines.

Product: Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter.
Material: Copper, Stainless Steel.
Size: DN 15- DN 1200.Pressure: PN 26, PN16, PN 6.
Working Temperature: – 40_160°C.
Medium: Liquid.
Ultrasonic flow mete specifications

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ultrasonic flow mete
ultrasonic flow mete

Vortex Flow Meter: 

The vortex flow meter has a sensor immersed in liquid. It releases vertices that measure the rate of flow of fluid. Vortices are the hinders that create swirls, just like in natural water streams. The sensor in the vortex flow meter keeps moving from every single flow. It works on the principle of frequency generation. The sensor releases frequencies and then measures the volumetric flow, directly proportional to the emitted frequency.

Vortex flow meters further have two types. Insertion vortex meters fixed in the liquid with retractor and piping. They are excellent for measuring flow in large bodies and pipes. Multivariable meters can measure up to five different characteristics with one connection. These are Temperature, pressure, density, mass flow, and volumetric flow rate.

quad vortex flow meter
Quad vortex flow meter
Product: Digital Vortex Flow Meter.
Material:  Stainless Steel, Brass.
Size: DN 15- DN 500.
Output: 4 to 20 mm accuracy: +0.2_0.5 %
Applications: Water  Diesel, Fuel oil, Natural Gas.
vortex flow meter specifications

Mechanical Flow Meter: 

Mechanical flow meters are the most straightforward and reliable flow meters. It is the favorite and primary type of flow meter. It usually has a propeller or shunt design. A mechanical flow meter measures the flow by rotating the turbine through one of the above designs. An automated flow meter’s working principle depends upon the turbine blades’ rotation. The speed of water across a pipe turns the turbine to rotate. Then, the volumetric flow is measured by calculating the rotation of the blades.

Mechanical flow meters can get clogged when dirty or polluted water percolates. It can block the turbines. It also does not work well when less water flows through a pipeline.

mechanical flow meter
mechanical flow meter
Product: Mechanical Flow Meter.
Material: PPS.
Connection: BSPF 1. 
Pressure: 20 Bar.
Working Temperature: – 10 to +50°C.
Working Voltage: 2.3 to 3.3 Voltage.
Flow Range: 10L_100L/min.
Applications: Gasoline  Diesel  Kerosine oil.
Mechanical Flow Meter

How to use a Flow Meter on a Heating Manifold?

Underfloor heating systems use manifold that serves some necessary functions. They provide a smooth and equivalent flow throughout the water distribution. Manifold flow meters work by calculating the flow of liquid across each loop. These flow meters are hard to install; therefore, only a professional should fix this instrument to make it functional.

Manifold flow meters assure that a house or a building has an even distribution of heat. It tells the heat level at specific points, which we can use for the same effect. The use of a flow meter on the heating manifold is quite evident.

The working of the manifold is such that air enters the body through the intake. It travels to the plenum of the manifold flow meter. The closure of intake valves creates pressure. This pressure in waves pushes the air back to the runner. Similarly, the intake valve opens up and reaches back to the cylinder through the plenum.

flowmeter data
flowmeter data


The flow passing through a specific chamber can be calculated by rotating the black stem. It changes the opening area of the flow meter. The complete rotation will cause the flow to cut off.

The impact plate connects with the copper pipe. A push lever tightly holds the impact plate. It records and displays the action based on heat distribution on the scale.

The design of the manifold flow meters is reliable, and the product has a good lasting time. They offer effective installation and have a good maintenance level. These flow meters come with a thermostat that controls Temperature. They have the property to self-diagnose and save you from any procures.  


How to Choose a Flow Meter?

A good flow meter for heating manifolds or other purposes fits the applications. Following are the points that one should remember before buying a flow meter.

  • Figuring out the best pressure and temperature ranges is necessary. Operating values and working values are required to know. You should know if the flow meter can undergo specific changes in Temperature or pressure. Also, what factors can cause disturbance in the flow working due to their deviation?
  • For piping and installation, the buyer should know about specific details. Information about direction, size, material, valves, regulators, and other length-related information should be known.
  • About the concerned area, you should know about the presence of any magnetic or vibratory fields. Specific heat hazards are apparent or not.
  • The characteristics of fluid are also necessary to know. Viscosity, vapor pressure, operating temperatures, etc., are essential. It is also important to know about the nature of the fluid and its composition.  

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Maintenance of Flow Meter: 

The first thing in the care of the flow meter is to select the right product for installation. The poor and inaccurate devices will create trouble. The piping for installation of the flow meter should be clean. Internal parts like the impulse line plugs should have no contamination.

If the flow meter has moveable parts, it needs regular inspection. Filters are a good solution. They prevent waste products from creating foul smells. Pressure sensors also require time inspections. In the case of ultrasonic flow meters, a change in refraction angles can cause the operation to stop. Therefore, it needs to be appropriately treated to avoid serious problems.

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flowmeters from plumberstar
flowmeters from plumberstar


Flow meters are an essential product for industrial operations. Manifold flow meters work by regulating the heating systems of various locations. They come in great variety and have reliable functioning.

A flow meter should be bought by preparing your buying guide because every application differs from type to type. Selecting the wrong product can cause a loss of time and effort. This article aims to provide you with all the essentials on flow meters, especially the flow meter on heating manifolds.   

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