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In this blog post, you’ll read:There are many types of valves in the world but only a few brass valves are useful for house... we would like to introduce you to a few keys information about it.
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There are 4 different types of brass valves by normal use.

There are different types of brass valves are available. Here are a few examples:

Ball Valve

Ball valves are probably the most used valves around the world. Common materials of ball valves are brass, stainless steel, bronze, PVC, etc… This type of valve is basically used for liquid type Media like water, gas, oil, air, etc.

The structure of brass ball valves is quite simple. It is composed of a body and a ball which is installed in the center of the valve body. The ball has a hole at its center, which allows the media to flow. The valve also has a collection of rounded seats which, when the ball is in the closed position, produce a seal. A lever-style handle is connected to the ball through the stem. The lever rotates at a 90-degree angle to control the ball.

When the lever is pulled to 90 degrees, the ball hole meets the entrance of the pipe and the liquid starts flowing. Again, when the lever is moved 0 degrees the ball turns and the mouth of the pipe closes. As a result, the flow stops.

In order to buy brass ball valves, some terms should be checked. Check the weight, brass quality, pressure endurance, lever and ball working well or not, etc… These points also should be taken care of while choosing the brass valve manufacturer.

Fix Valve
Fix Valve

Angle Valve

The Angle valve is a manually controlled valve whose outlet is angled at an empty opening angle at right angles. It is used to regulate the flow of water in the right direction. Based on the mechanical function and materials utilized… each angle valve is designed to withstand a certain amount of pressure.

Angle valves also have a seal, plug, and stem to operate the valve easily and efficiently. So, the mentioned points for “choosing” ball valves are also effective for angle valves. 

Stainless Steel Angle Valve
Stainless Steel Angle Valve

Check Valve

The Check valve is an interesting type of brass valves. The main purpose of the check valve is to prevent the backflow of the liquid. Because they only allow the media to flow in one direction and won’t let it come back. The inner pressure must be higher than the outer pressure to work the check valve properly… it is also known as cracking pressure.

The Check valve doesn’t need a handle, lever, actuator, or human help… they work automatically. There are different types, sizes and designs are available for check valves. The inner mechanism must work well inside the check valve.

Brass Check Valves
Brass Check Valves

Pressure Release Valve

Pressure release valves are designed for the safety of a system during an overpressure moment. It releases the extra pressure from the pipes… just like the pressure regulator does in a pressure cooker. This type of brass valves is used to control the pressure, temperature, and liquid flow.

The ability to pressure endurance is important for this valve. Also, don’t forget to try it before buying.

So, you have learned about some brass valves, you can look for the brass valve manufacturer now. Keep in mind the above important things and also check the below points. If you follow them both, you’ll get your precious brass valve supplier per sure.


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