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In this blog post, you’ll read:This is an inquiry from the UK in 2019 before COVID-19. The customer asks us if we can provide an electrical &Motorized ball valve that works for the heating system. We got they are required brass check valve and butterfly ball valve as well this time, ask if we can send out 2 samples/each size; there are only needed 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.
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Electrical Ball Valve Inquiry

This is an inquiry from the UK in 2019 before COVID-19. The customer asks us if we can provide an electrical &Motorized ball valve that works for the heating system.

We got they are required brass check valve and butterfly ball valve as well this time, ask if we can send out 2 samples/each size; there are only needed 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.

electrical ball valve applications
electrical ball valve applications
electrical ball valve inquiry
electrical ball valve inquiry

We don’t prepare samples the first time. It’s due to the motorized ball valve having 2 working electric voltages; One is 220v-230v;24v and 12V, AC and DC are different options.

There are different working conditions.

So we need to check the applications of the motorized ball valve and other brass valves with the first task.

Standard electrical actuator ball valves are applications for air conditioner pipes, heating systems, and water tanks so that we can release the water with a flip of a switch from the driver seat without having to go under the van. It’s for controlling the fluid water automatic shut-off and turn on.

2 Way Electric Ball Valve
2 Way Electric Ball Valve

We understand that they are using it for water heating systems after communications and research it. It’s able used in residents and commercial buildings. So we recommended two options motorized ball valve for them.

  1. There is a normal one with economy type with reduced bore 220V-230V, AC. DN20 and PN 16, 3 wires with 2 control. The functions are the same, and it’s matched the HVAC system as well;
  2. The other one with a heavy-duty type,1.0MX4 wries with 3 points control, PN16 Running time 33-36 seconds, ISO5211-F03 valve platform, they are top-rated in Europe.
  3. Butterfly ball valve and check valve advise a heavy type ball valve with a full port. The ball valve with the aluminum knob, brass ball, and brass stem. And we will use CW617N stead of the standard brass; then it’s better for matching the Europe rules for valves; Vertical spring check valve instead of swing check valve because the applications request correct one, but there are not sure if using a brass core pin or plastic core pin inside.

We decided to dispatch more samples for confirmation after a few days of communications and video calling with the customer. even though we prefer that Heavy-duty electric ball valve. And full bore butterfly valve with 400WOG. And full brass vertical spring check valve, because they match a reliable quality with 2 years warranty. but we still try to send economy types for customer’s comparison

Electrical Ball Valve Solution

They tested samples and replied that they selected the heavy one as our prediction one month later.

Plastic Cover Electric Ball Valve
Plastic Cover Electric Ball Valve
samples quality

So we started to talk about pricing and quantity, package, lead time…

We are packing just with a regular white color box with brown cartons with a sticker. Lead time is a 45days. And we gave them a reasonable price, so there are confirmed within one week. But they are not satisfied with our lead time, they need us to produce it within 20 working days, and they need us to provide solutions for the airway, courier, and sea freight details.

We have a meeting for the lead time(production period) and try to solve the issue because 100-10000 units are within the same production period, but the customer required it urgently. Hence, our team led our production manager, coordinator, and QC manager for a support discussion. Finally, we found a solution because of one customer from Ireland. Still, the PO is currently under production, so we contacted the client and agreed to let us ship out 200pcs for the other customer and make it for replenishing it later, so we solved the 20 days lead time problem.

From Skill Builder

Then go ahead for the next one.

There are three ways to ship the customer.

  1. Sea freight  $450   45 days  Customer takes cargo from the seaport
  2.  Airy way     $900   10 days  Customer takes products from the airport.
  3.  DHL            $1300  7 days  Door to door service  (Same as sample)

We are taking a few days to confirm these details. The customer changed the quantity 3 times, so other information, package, and cost were amended within 12 hours each time and gave more information and specifications answer to them.

electrical ball valve applications
electrical ball valve applications

Electrical Ball Valve System Process

They choose 50% with sea freight and the balance ship by DHL courier, so we adjust some plans for it.

We got the 30% advance deposit in early November, so we made a plan for the project immediately, and the sea freight and courier cost isn’t stable due to COVID-19; It’s getting high day after day, so we don’t like any mistake and delay. Our valves are ready within 18 days, and we noticed the customer that we are preparing documents for loading and DHL courier; even though we paid more cost for the logistics freight, we were happy to support the new customer at the final.

motorized ball valves works
motorized ball valves works

Why can we get the valve order?

  1. We have more experience and professional technical ability to understand the customer’s request. Because the motorized ball valve is currently hot sales, it can make automatic control water than manual handle it. Even though it’s more costly than a typical manual operating ball valve, it’s convenient. This is a spare part for a heating system and air-conditioning; it takes 1-2% budget on the whole project, but it’s innovative and ideal for intelligent operations.
  2. Long-time free warranty, no need to worry about the quality, and can sleep well, the cost reduces maintenance costs.
  3. Easy installation, because we provide specifications step book and videos, even for an online tutorial guide if you meet any questions; It’s easy to use.
  4. Documents paper works, customs clearance, logistics, sea freight, courier, and airway are rich experiences and friends for help.
  5. The electrical ball valve is hot sales with 5 years in Europe. We are confident that we will pass all of the tests. Heavy body with original brass, ball and stem,2 way and 3 way both are okay, from 1/2”,3/4”,1” and 11/4” and the actuator’s using a synchronous machine which drives the gears steady, It’s suitable the control of water system; Electric and manual both operation are available with position indicator.

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