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Closet Flange – Solution

I was lucky to receive an email from the NIBCO Buyer in 2018. which is ahead company of our industry; Jennifer is a friendly buyer. They needed toilet accessories and toilet flange for the US market.

We provided a quote with two classic flanges according to NIBCO’s request within 24 hours. With an updated electronic catalog and presentation. Our offer is based on experience in the US market.

We immediately provided drawings for reference. And informed them that we would use C37700 brass raw materials instead of regular brass after they confirmed the quotation. She was very satisfied with us. After a week of communication,



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At this point, the customer needed samples and informed us of their DHL collect account. Of course, we were happy to provide free samples. Still, the two samples were made of copper, so they were pretty large and heavy, so it was fair for the customer to bear the courier cost. Still, there was a big problem, and the customer needed 12 samples, 6 of each. We usually don’t have that many in stock, so we needed to make new samples. The production department has been very busy lately, working overtime almost every night.

Mr. Kevin quickly approached the production manager and scheduler to solve this problem. I asked and got the answer from them that it would take 20 days for the samples. This was not a good answer for the client, So Mr. Kevin directly approached the boss, told him the details, and analyzed the situation again. Finally, the new samples were ready within seven working days with the boss’ coordination and help.

The customer’s laboratory was very busy. It was full of projects within 3 months, So it was suspended when the samples approached the customer’s side. We talked about some details of the brass ring and the specific content elements of the copper material during the period. It took about 1000 hours or 45 days to pass various functional, life, torque, and pressure tests.

toilet flange drawing  

toilet flange drawing

Client’s Request and Solution

We got bad news from them, and one sample failed the test. And the previous efforts were not useful. It’s frustrating because one of the products in the copper material contained excessive lead, which led to the project’s failure. We were discouraged from learning the news for the first time. Although when Jennifer asked us, “what to do by the next”?

We immediately confirmed that we would re-make samples and take care of all steps. And please let them give us one more chance.

We have been follow-up the project for about 2 years. Of course, there included engineers and third-party factory inspections, the details of how not to elaborate. We will do our best to serve customers all the time. And we stand up to customers’ views to think about the whole project—the spirit of not giving up until the purpose.

brass flange 
brass flange


General Applications For Closet Flange

A closet flange is a fitting that is installed on the floor of a bathroom and connects the toilet drain to the sewer line. It is also responsible for supporting the weight of the toilet. There are many different types of closet flanges, but they all serve essentially the same purpose. If your home`s toilet drain is not connected to the sewer line, you will need to install a closet flange in order to do so. Consult with a professional plumber if you are not sure how to do this yourself. A broken or damaged closet flange should be replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage to your plumbing system.

Factory Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Plumberstar?

Choosing the right plumbing products can be a daunting task. it can be hard to know which ones are best for your needs. That’s where Plumberstar comes in. We offer a wide range of plumbing products that are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. From faucets to fixtures, our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A closet flange is a fitting that secures the toilet to the floor. It is attached to the outlet pipe of the toilet and screwed into the soil pipe beneath the floor. A closet flange also provides a surface for attaching the wax ring that creates a watertight seal between the toilet and the soil pipe. If your current closet flange is damaged, corroded or just doesn’t seem to be doing its job anymore, it might be time for a replacement. Plumberstar offers an easy-to-install and affordable replacement for your old or damaged closet flange. Choose from our variety of colors to perfectly match your existing plumbing fixtures. Order yours today!

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A closet flange is a fitting that attaches to the outlet of a plumbing fixture and provides a base for the attachment of a toilet or other fixture. It may be made of metal, plastic, or cast iron. The flange sits on top of the drain pipe and is held in place by screws that attach it to the floor. A gasket creates a watertight seal between the flange and the fixture. The closet flange should be installed before the toilet is set in place. When properly installed, it will provide a smooth surface for bolting the toilet to and will keep moisture from seeping into the floor around the drain pipe.

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